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A new webseries dedicated to forgotten gems of gaming that are still affordable and easy to find today.
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Joe Walker

27 backers pledged $912 to help bring this project to life.

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Good morning everyone!

As of this moment we are $140 away from the goal with 14 days to go. Using my special maths machine, that means if we can get $10 a day we'll hit the goal. CAN WE DO IT?

I think we can. If you know anyone who would find this kind of project interesting, please pass the word along to them. This project is going to live or die by word of mouth so let's get out there and HIT THE STREETS.

One question I've gotten a lot since I opened this Kickstarter is "what makes your project any different from other game review shows?" The answer to that is pretty simple: professionalism and scope.

I say professionalism because, while I absolutely love AVGN (and he is, in fact, a huge inspiration for this show) I don't want to do something with lots of swearing and negativity. I want to do a more positive show, because video games are all about having fun, right? Despite how Episode Zero came out, I'm not going to be a boring stick-in-the-mud host either. The show will be fun to help get across the fun of these old games.

The second thing is scope. How many times have you looked up "retro gaming" on YouTube and you see Mario, Zelda or Mega Man? Everyone already knows and loves those games. How many of you had heard of, let alone played, Trog! before the pilot episode? This is what I want to bring to people; fun games (with a LARGE emphasis on easy to find and inexpensive games) that have never really gotten the recognition I feel they deserve. I've been playing video games for twenty-four years now (that's longer than some of you have been ALIVE!) and between random gifts from family and always having easy access to game rentals at local video stores I've played a LOT of unknown games over my life. I really want to help you find these games.

I've written about video games in some capacity for about three years now and the one piece of feedback that I always seem to get, and what means so much to me, is that my passion for video games is very apparent in my writing and discussions with people. I will be pouring that passion into this project. I love, love, LOVE video games and all that they are (heck, I met my wife on an Animal Crossing message board!) and I'm dedicated to making sure that The Backlog will be a show built on that passion and enthusiasm.

Oh yeah, make sure to check out the show's website ( and tell me what you think. I'm actually extending the Tapestry of Heroes to ALL donators, so if you're reading this you've already earned a spot with your name, website and a small picture to be a permanent part of the site as appreciation for helping me get this project off the ground.

That's all I've got for now. Thank you so, SO much for all of your support thus far. Knowing that you all believe in the project has filled me with even more determination and vigor to make it the best possible product I can make. I've gotten your messages, I've seen your tweets and tumbles and they mean the world to me. Two more weeks to go; let's make it happen.