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A new webseries dedicated to forgotten gems of gaming that are still affordable and easy to find today.
A new webseries dedicated to forgotten gems of gaming that are still affordable and easy to find today.
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Recent updates

Episode 3 is go!

This time I go over Chex Quest, the breakfast-based first-person shooter packed in with boxes of Chex cereal in 1996. Enjoy!

Also, this will be my last update to this Kickstarter page. I really appreciate all of your support in making this show a reality and I hope you've enjoyed what I've produced so far. I'm just getting started and I've still got a lot more I want to do!

Since I won't be updating this page anymore, if you want to keep up with the show you can check out the show's website (, "like" the show on Facebook (, subscribe on YouTube ( or follow me on Twitter ( Or do all of the above!

Thank you again so, so much for your support. It means the world to me. You'll keep in touch, won't you?


Two is better than one!

Episode 2 is ready for your eyeballs!


So I put the first episode up sans the song. Theme song to debut in the second episode! But the first episode is up! Right now! ON THE INTERNET! GO LOOK AT IT!

Almost done!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted an update so I figured I should fill you in!

Episode One is done. Finito. Ding-dong-diddly-done. Those who have seen it have said it's much better than Episode Zero (not that that would be difficult to do or anything) and I can't wait to show it to you. I've added a couple of neat things that I think you'll enjoy.

The only thing holding back the release right now is the opening song... my friend who wrote it has run into a few problems when she's gone into the recording studio, but she's said it will be done by next week at the latest, so I'm hoping to have Episode One posted to YouTube by next weekend.

I can understand the problems she's running into, though... it took me forever (and another $60!) to find a video editing program that can handle the HD video files output by my camera and the capture device. Everything's moving along smoothly now!

In the meantime I'm going to start work on Episode 2, so that should be out very shortly after the first episode. I thank you all very much for your support and patience, and please look forward to the show's launch very soon!

Ironing out the kinks


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