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The Anderson Monarchs are talented scholars and gifted athletes who are creating a level playing field for girls everywhere.
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Eugene Martin

337 backers pledged $27,554 to help bring this project to life.

Request and thanks...3 days left

Thanks, how to increase your bid & reviews update

Hi, this is a message exclusively to backers.  This is an update and request to backers for help.  Three days to go and we need help but before I ask I wanted to alert you to a cool new review.  Shadow and ACT has just covered us:

and I've found out that Womensnewsreport will send out a plea for help as well.  It's good to stop and acknowledge the wonderful communities (and media) that are rooting for us, in addition to acknowledging and thanking you for helping us to get this far.  We are entirely grateful that you have chosen to back us and know that we could not succeed without you. Now for the request for help from the backers. 

 We're closing in on $16,000 with three days left. Right now we have some reviews that are going to come out that we hope will push us through to our goals...however we are also hoping to have support from our backers. I realize this request also came a couple weeks ago but for anyone who wanted to save the best for last and for the new backers we're asking...if there is any way that you can increase your is the time to do so. It's easy to change it by logging in and increasing. If you can double your pledge, we'll get to our goal for sure! Also, any type of increase will inch us closer to the goal of $25,000. As you know the way kickstarter works is if we don't make the goal, we get $0. For those who cannot increase, we understand and thank you for your contribution to our film and are appreciative of every donation. Every donation counts and we are aware that everyone is giving from their heart and for that we are truly grateful. Please continue to share with others, embed us on facebook and tweet about us. In the last few days of this campaign it is crucial that we spread the word far and wide if we are to succeed so please feel free to email others, tweet, and embed on facebook. For those who wish to increase their donations: 1) sign in 2) Go to backed projects 3) Click our documentary 4) Click manage your pledge and from there you can increase by 5, 10,  30 or more dollars...whatever you can give.  It is my hope that our soccer as social justice film will succeed far and above our goals at the end of kickstarter.  Best as always and thanks to each and everyone of you.  Eugene and I are amazed at the community that's rallied together in order to help bring The Anderson Monarchs out into the world where it can inspire others. Please take a look at for new updates, and interviews with members of the team. 

Dollena + Eugene