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Open source initiative to make affordable eco-housing widely accessible.
1,902 backers pledged $115,860 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Janet Marquardt on

      WHERE are you located? Are you really going to open it to the public? How about a big Kickstarter backer party... with virtual participation for anyone too far away....

    2. Missing avatar

      Saeed Rouhani on

      Wow, this is impressive. Excited to see how things progress from here.

    3. Will Roffe on

      Nice. Congrats. :)

    4. Annelie Meiring Roux on

      Thanks for the lovely update and photos. Looking forward to the manuals.

    5. Marcin Jakubowski 2-time creator on

      Jonathan: that is indeed much bigger—1500 sq of interior space. Since the foundation and roof are the most expensive parts of a house we figured we'd try to make the most of them by adding a 1/2 story (another 700 sq ft). However, for the next prototype we may go smaller just so we can nail the details (and increase build speed) before going bigger again. Of course we're willing to tell you about the cost of materials :) It took so much longer than expected and we ended up wasting some materials on experiments that didn't work, so it's hard to give you a very accurate number—but my estimate is $35k for the house + $15k for the greenhouse (in materials). Before the next prototype I'll make sure to do a more accurate calculation of what actually went into the house and then add 10 to 15% for mistakes and waste. In reality there wasn't much waste as I re-used almost all scraps and spare parts on interior finishing, the firewood shed, built-in storage, etc.—Catarina

    6. Jonathan Venezian

      That looks a bunch bigger than the 700sqft seed. How large is it, and are you willing to let us know roughly the material costs?

    7. Marcin Jakubowski 2-time creator on

      Francis: thank you, so glad you like it! Our next steps are to finish the prototype (there is still more to do in terms of wrapping up and calibrating the utilities) and the design/build manuals (the kickstarter reward books). Once those two things are done we hope to be in a good position to guide others in building their own versions. Happy holidays! —Catarina

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      Francis Mirabelli on

      Absolutely beautiful !!! My wife and I would love to build this home. Please let me know when we can begin.
      Thank you.
      Francis Mirabelli

    9. Marcin Jakubowski 2-time creator on

      Dave Preece: Yes! We still have work to do on the prototype, but it has a reached a sufficient stage of completion to allow us to make the books and other rewards the main focus from now on. I need to do some prep work over the next couple weeks and will begin adding to the book on January 8. —Catarina

    10. Dave Preece on

      So the prototype Seed eco-home is complete. Does this mean we can now expect delivery of Kickstarter rewards?