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Open source initiative to make affordable eco-housing widely accessible.
Open source initiative to make affordable eco-housing widely accessible.
1,902 backers pledged $115,860 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryce Magnuson about 11 hours ago

      As we're about 19 months overdue for delivery of the book, could we please have either an explanation or an update?

    2. Lutz F. Krebs
      4 days ago

      Marcin — could we get an update, please?

    3. Dave Preece on

      Yet another kickstarter project that won't deliver. I've supported too many kickstarter projects that haven't delivered. I'm less and less likely to support further kickstarter projects. At least this creater has offered a refund, will wait and see if this happens.

    4. Gareth Bristow on

      Has any one actually received their E Book / Tool Kit?

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam Wiltshire on

      Yo... Where is the finished E-Book!!?? I'm only really interested in the greenhouse, I haven't seen any information on it at all yet! Only a few years late...

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Cha on

      Hey other supporters, I'm ALSO eagerly awaiting the arrival of the OBI book and while the email communications have been sparse, the last message I received had info with online links to the eBook google drive document which is actively being updated (check today indicates it was last updated on April 13th, 2018 and has 142 pages completed). Of course, I would like it to be faster, so let's try to encourage Marcin to keep plugging away at it! :)


    7. Abel Garcia on

      We deserve an explanation. Where is the book?

    8. Biens Communs 3D on

      Seriously, the book? Where is it?

    9. soobrosa on

      Also don't forget to 'Report this project to Kickstarter', scroll to the bottom at…

    10. soobrosa on

      Hey, if you know similar projects that actually deliver and/or have a book please share in a comment -- let's stand on the shoulder of this giant.

    11. Janet Marquardt on

      I LOVE this project. It seems like it will truly have a profound impact on the world, and I'm proud to be able to help make it happen. For some reason, since I wasn't getting an actual product, but rather a documentation of a process, I find myself waiting patiently. And happy to have provided the funds.


    12. Gunnar Preiß on

      Dear Catarina, Marcin and Team

      The december updates are really good ones; I do not only like the beautiful pictures (since we have no snow this year), but also the gimmicks like using the pulse-powered freezer as eco-efficient refrigerator - smart!

      Like many other backer, I am still waiting for the book, my shirt and some stickers. For sure, it is often hard waiting that long, but unlike others I am not yet disappointed. Just one simple question to the crowd: How to finish a book describing the details of building your own house in a satisfactory manner before you actually build all the stuff? ;-)

      I hope you all have some nice Christmas days and start into a happy new year 2018!

      Still a proud backer

    13. Michael on

      More than a year waiting... Dissapointing.

    14. Dave Preece on

      Still not received the book, and no updates. Will this turn out to be yet another rip-off Kickstarter project?

    15. Daniel DeOlden on

      Well it is now a year later from the estimated delivery on the Eco book and still no more updates other then the small pdf of part of it.

    16. Chuck Stuart on

      This project has been a disappointment, as the @Creator's communication has been quite poor. I pledged for the ebook, which has only resulted in a link to an unfinished document. Really too bad, this is an interesting concept, and it certainly generated a fair amount of money for the @Creator.

    17. Paulo Rosa on

      Hi Marcin! Can you provide us with an update on the status of the project. and, when are you foreseeing to deliver the OBI Building Book? It would be nice to have some news from your side. Thanks.

    18. Tonia Bootle on

      So the e-book is still unfinished?? I checked the link and the last updated version was July 3 2017, with over 80 pages still remaining to be finished? I bought this for a part of my husband's Christmas gift in 2016, and we're only 9 weeks to Christmas 2017.
      Seriously, the ebook is the easy part of your pledge promises. Can you please at least provide an ETA to your backers for the finished ebook?
      Thank you.

    19. Missing avatar

      Aaron Garcia on

      Still waiting on the e-book, please respond

    20. Abel Garcia on

      Hello, it's almost over in September and I have no news. When will I receive my book? Thank you.

    21. Stewart Walker on

      No Book, no t-shirt, no stickers 9 months after promised delivery.

    22. Damith Abeysekera on

      September 2017. Still no date on completion of the book.

    23. Daniel DeOlden on

      Has anyone received anymore of the ebook other then those fist 100 pages they did a while back?

    24. Marcin Jakubowski 2-time creator on

      Hi all. It appears that kickstarter has not been sending us notifications about comments on this page and we were unaware of them. Please accept our apologies. I would like to ask all backers who have questions to please email us directly (to ensure we receive your message).

      The project is very much alive and we've been hard at work since the end of the campaign. The challenge with experimental projects is that, very often, things end up taking longer than expected.

      It also appears that some backers have not received updates. We've been updating backers on delays and have been posting updates on the project once a month - please see the updates section and check your kickstarter notifications in case you haven't received them.

      Here's what you missed from updates and messages:

      The promised Seed Eco-Home I was designed between August and October 2017 and prototyped in November (a full size off-grid house)—we're currently finishing the interior and utilities (the estimated completion date is mid June). We've hosted 12 webinars between December and March, organized 4 workshops, held one-on-one video chats with backers, and sent the first 100 pages of the ebook to backers today. Many other rewards have been fulfilled in full and we apologize for the ones that are late.

      For those who have had trouble with the rewards form or have any questions, please email me directly (we've answered all emails promptly). Here's my contact info (at the bottom of the page):


    25. 李爾喬 on

      Is this a fraud?

    26. Elias on

      Still waiting for the ebook... the estimated delivery was December......

    27. Missing avatar

      Dan Hartman on

      Hi Marcin. I pledged the Gratitute package, which is the ebook and some stickers... any ETA? Thanks!

    28. Damith Abeysekera on

      After much research, it seems Marcin Jakubowski has done this before. On both Kickstarter and outside of it. It seems he has a penchant for over promising and under delivering. So here I type a cautious word of warning to anyone who is considering investing any money with him in the future. Honestly I'm even sceptical at the reward I receive, will it have any real value when I receive it?

    29. Khürt L. Williams on

      This is what you promised:

      If you support us at the $10 level, we will put you on our Hall of Fame page, where you get to respond to the question: "What motivated you to support the Open Building Institute Kickstarter?"

      This will happen right after we achieve our funding goal.

      We will Tweet this so we can all bask in victory in front of 10,000 followers. This will also help us rouse interest in our upcoming September and November 2016 builds.

      You have not delivered on that promise. In fact, at this point, you can't deliver on that promise. It is impossible. Your project was funded months ago.

      It seems that instead of fulfilling this reward to Celebrate! backers you have been busy doing webinars for the other backers. So I think I understand exactly how much you appreciated my contribution.

      I hold you fully responsible for breaking your promise.

    30. Nancy Sutton on

      Take your time.... I, for one, am happy to wait as you do all the hard work : ) ox

    31. Preston on

      I backed this project, with a reward including online features like beta access and the e-book, and physical rewards like stickers. I have not heard anything back or received any parts of this and yet my status for this campaign claims that it's been collected. This appeared to be a wonderful campaign and am looking to have my and other backers concerns rectified and rewards delivered as promised.

    32. Damith Abeysekera on

      So it's now early March.... And still no update... What a shame on what appeared to be such a good project.

    33. Khürt L. Williams on

      @Steve Piermaria same here. My backer reward was never delivered and my emails go unanswered.

    34. Missing avatar

      Steve Piermaria on


      I completed the google survey, but I never had an answer, no validation on my contribution, and I do not get any information. Has anyone ever received a contribution?

    35. Khürt L. Williams on

      Hi, were any of the issues with the Google Form corrected? I was never able to complete the form so from my viewpoint my reward has never been delivered.

    36. Bret Watson on

      same.. the ebook? no updates on it at all.. are you even working on it?

    37. Missing avatar

      Luis F Lomeli on

      This project it's taking so long

    38. Missing avatar

      SubXzeroXhero on

      Any updates regarding a release date for the book?

    39. Missing avatar

      Elia Charalambides on

      I click the link in the recent update for the surveys and it says I need permission to access the Survey. How do I get permission to fill it out?

    40. Jake on

      Status on building book? Kickstarter has estimated for December....

    41. Missing avatar

      Garnet on

      Good morning,
      How are things progressing? I am particularly interested in the status of the book.

    42. Missing avatar

      andrew wong on

      With regards to "Now since we want to make sure we don't overwhelm you with messages - we'd like to ask you if would like to receive an announcement of these updates via Kickstarter or over email. If you would like email, we ask you to submit your email here (you can subscribe or unsubscribe). If you'd like to receive this through Kickstarter only - then you don't need to do anything." When I click through on the email & successfully entered Google doc, I get the error msg "Can't open a form

      When you try to open a Google Form that you don't have access to, you'll see a message that says "You need permission."

      Get permission to view a form

      There are only two ways to get permission to a form that you can’t view.

      Option 1: Contact the owner of the file directly

      If the person who created the form uses Google apps for work or education, they will need to change a setting for their Google Form.

      Contact the person who created the form or sent it to you. Here’s a suggestion of what to say:

      I received a Google Form from you, but I can't open it because it's restricted to people within your organization. If you would like me to fill it out, follow the instructions here:…

    43. Khürt L. Williams on

      I get an error message using the form:

      This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

      Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Learn More.

    44. Janet Marquardt on

      How can I reduce my pledge to eliminate the hardcover book? In the spirit of 'less is more'. Thank you for understanding.

    45. Stacey on

      Hi, regarding signing up for email updates - I would like to sign up, but I can't unless I use a Google account and then it won't let me sign up because my Google email is not my Kickstarter email so I get "You need permission This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. " Could you open the permissions so we can use our Kickstarter email accounts to sign up? Thanks!

    46. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Gonzalez on

      [Suggestion] If at all possible, in the structural calculations please try to contemplate extreme/disaster conditions such as floods or earthquakes. (Obviously thinking as a normal/practical/healthy concern-level and nothing too crazy...)

      I suggest this because I live in Chile and every so often we are rocked by earthquakes, so I hear our anti-seismic or seismic-proofing construction tech/techniques are quite good and might be interesting to replicate. -- which btw is knowledge that I personally do not have :)

      Thanks for your time and consideration!

    47. Missing avatar

      Peter Stumpe on

      Hello everyboddy! I like to see this become airborne soon! ;-)
      Suggestion: Many of the selb building projects do make the people who want to build using huge problems in pre-calculationg efforts of mateial.
      It would be great, of the module concept - as a part of the model description - contains a details list of how much of what material the builder has to source for the day of building the module.
      Also a total list of all materias would be perfect usefull: the complete list for go shopping 7 resurcing the total material and the list per module for preparing the stuff.
      with a well prepared construction site the labour of all fiends and helpers arriving to build the module will be more effective used.
      All other procets and plan sources i know do have a weak point in this practial part of building. Many pjocets therefore only are usable as a set of ideas instead of a real practical open source module to be easy re-buidable at the other end of the world.
      Thank you for all your efforts and sour love to this project.

      Best reagards from Germany.


    48. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Ceron on

      can't wait to get this started

    49. Marcin Jakubowski 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much everyone. Your support and enthusiasm give us hope for a better, more sustainable future. You rock!

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