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Sharing the world's first low-cost, DIY, open-source Tractor, Compressed Earth Brick Press, Power Cube, and Soil Pulverizer.
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MicroHouse Workshop - MicroHouse 2 - April 18, 2014


We are pleased to announce our second MicroHouse Workshop coming up in 3 weeks - where you get a chance to build a Microhouse in under a week - using our natural building compressed earth blocks (CEBs):

MicroHouse Workshop
MicroHouse Workshop

If you supported our Kickstarter Campaign at the Build Naturally $256 level, you get free admission to this workshop. Please claim your reward by emailing me at info at opensourceecology dot org. If you are a True Fan, you get a 25% discount.

You can find full details on the MicroHouse 2 workshop:

Please sign up, claim your reward, and pass on to your friends. This is a chance to see our open source equipment in action.

By the way, our new website is up as you see in the above link. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at info at opensourceecology dot org.


Marcin and the OSE Team

Microhouse Update + Looking for Clients for the Second Microhouse


Dear Backers,

Our microhouse build of September 28, 2013 was a seamless integration of our open source tractor, brick press, and soil pulverizer -  to build a quality structure in a week. See the timelapse video:

You can see our blog update as well. What's more, we ended up hiring our excellent construction manager and architect, Chris Reinhart. 

We intend to develop the microhouse to the status of a widely replicated model. We will build more of these and their derivatives at Factor e Farm in the spring. Now, during the cold winter months - we are looking for a client who wants to have one of these built in the south of the USA. If you would like to have one on your property, read more here. You can contact Chris at

If we still owe you a Microhouse build experience, you can join us during any of the future builds.



Natural Building Workshop is Finally Here - OSE Microhouse

Dear Backers,

I am glad to present the next update in our saga. 

Our living units and workshop are finished. We have had a busy year on-boarding our new team. I got invited to Washington DC to talk about crowd funding. We have recently deployed Prototype 5 of our tractor in New Orleans to power up the Our School at Blair Grocery urban gardening project. And we are preparing to - finally - build the long-awaited Microhouse - see design in development.

This is our next experiment in line - showing the culmination of how our equipment can work together to produce housing with radical efficiency. LifeTrac broke during the 2011-2012 build of HabLab. Now we have fixed the bugs, and aim to show our complete equipment package working seamlessly. The build day is Saturday, September 28, 2013. Any of you who have the Build Naturally Package as your reward - please mark your calendars. The build will be held at Factor e Farm - an hour away from Kansas City. We will have 2 CEB presses and 2 tractors running - and we will be pulverizing soil, pressing bricks, and stacking the bricks right in the walls. We intend to press 5000 bricks on that day.

We look forward to this day as we show extreme efficiencies of brick production and house building. We'd like to see if CEB can be competitive with stick framing in terms of rate of building. We will start with the foundation already laid. We are designing the house in an entirely modular fashion - such that the brick laying, roof sections, utility units, and framing will be done at the same time. We are experimenting to see if we could build this demo microhouse - consisting of two 12'x12' rooms - in a single day. We will have a large crew of at least 24 people working - so we are master-minding a detailed and rigorous build procedure, with careful role allocation, and impeccable ergonomics.

Come to get your hands dirty and to have a fun and rewarding day. Please email me at marcin at opensourceecology dot org to RSVP - if you have the Build Naturally reward to claim. Finally - our machines are in good enough shape that we are confident that we will do this seamlessly. You will get to see the brick presses, tractors, soil pulverizers, and power cubes rumbling - and I think it will be amazing to see the house come up in front of our eyes in rapid time.

Thanks for your support - and please email with any questions.


Working link.

*Apologies - here is the correct link to OSEmail*

OSE moving forward.

Hey Kickstarters,

We're very busy over at OSE, and we've started a new update system called OSEmail. It's a weekly update that shares what we're doing at Factor e Farm, progress on the global adoption of our machines, and also sends our latest videos and new designs for the GVCS.

If you're interested, please sign up here.

Best wishes to all,