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This is an art project involving precious stones, silver, gold and pasties.

I love this project because it has the potential to make people uncomfortable and turn them on all at the same time. I started the pasties project in college while studying design at UT. The assignment was to create a jewelry piece that dealt with contemporary issues. My topic was feminism. In order to facilitate a discussion on the current issues regarding feminism today I created fine art pasties constructed out of lace rolled fine silver and delicate chain draped between the pasties. My goal was to elevate the pastie to something any women would covet questioning our usual preconceived notions of what pasties are and for whom, what does it question to elevate the pasties to fine jewelry/art, and ultimately what is art in a cheeky, fun and sexy way. The current pasties project is my desire to continue to work out different themes and jewelry making techniques in a series of 10 pasties. Some issues I’d like to play with are the idea of “A virgin in the parlor, a whore in the bedroom” I have commissioned 6 beautifully crochet mini doilies that I will then cast in silver and gold and set precious stones in. I have also used the common form of construction for the sequin pastie to inform a similar construction in precious metal. I also would like to explore various different women in history and mythology and make pasties based on their story. In order to make this project a reality I need to invest in some casting equipment, purchase fine silver, gold and precious stones, and spend many hours in my studio working on all the complex ideas in my head. With your help and for nifty treats I just might be able to focus on this project whole heartedly!

Thanks to Richard Griffin for making the video!


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    The knowledge that you are contributing to an exciting art project. You should be proud of yourself!

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    Eternal gratitude from me and a warm fuzzy feeling, access to the members only Pastie Project blog, where truly exciting stuff will happen AND a Pastie Project postcard from me!

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    All of the above and a pastie project print. This will most likely be an 11"x17" print of a model wearing the pasties.

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    A signed pastie project print. This is a one of a kind poster designed by yours truly, then beautifully screen printed.

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    A signed copy of the pastie project book. This reward might take a few months to get as I can't make the book until the series is completed, but it will be great I can promise that! You will also get all of the above as well to tie you over till the book arrives.

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    All of the above and a pair of crochet pasties!

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    All of the above plus a pair of metal pasties!

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    All of the above plus you will be the honorary guest at any pastie project events. You will also receive a pair of CUSTOM MADE pasties using precious stones and fine silver. (some restrictions apply)

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