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pledged of $20,000pledged of $20,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, December 3 2016 1:09 AM UTC +00:00


I think "RAIDHSE" is an awesome word!

I attended a festival like Burningman, and was hosted by a theme camp of Hari Krishna Healers. They made a huge batch of carrot soup, but couldn't serve it until it was offered to Hari Krishna. they also repeated the words Hari Krishna, Hari Krishna over 500 times a day. I spent quite a bit of time thinking of a word similar to Hari Krishna that I can create a particular realm or world from. After visiting google translate more than a couple of times Raidhse was crafted as my religious incantation word. And by adding +,+,+ after it... Each plus = saying it 100 times (I cheat) Raidhse + + + is the same as saying it 300 times... (life's short kids) LoL.

Here are some places the word can be used, but certainly not limited to:

...On Facebook, someone announces they are looking for a new job;      I reply RAIDHSE! and they get empowerment. Or reply what that means? when I reply "ABUNDANCE" they usually reply WOW! THANKYOU!

...Or when someone sneezes people yell out GOD BLESS YOU, or GAZOONHEIGHT... why not RAIDHSE?!!!

This project will be a huge draw because of its curiosity appeal, being unfamiliar, and when you get close you get empowered by its meaning.

I request you share this project to the masses. It will leave them inspired like you are now. Share this project as an electronic gift ✌ ❤ ☮ ;-)

    )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*( )*(  )*( )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(  )*(


The words RAIDHSE = ABUNDANCE IN LATIN will be stamped in the metal like the arrows stamped in this similar previously displayed project. click on it for that projects story. 

@EARTH #HOME ~ Burningman Visual Aid To RAIDHSE Project
@EARTH #HOME ~ Burningman Visual Aid To RAIDHSE Project



steel plating mock up
steel plating mock up

You can be part of this amazing statement in the deep playa at Burningman 2017!   

40°47'00"N  119°12'00"W


RAIDHSE!!!      (͡๏̯͡๏) \m/

Risks and challenges

The 4 risks to this ever happening are:
1) Funding
2) Fabrication logistics
3) Getting access to Burningman
4) Transportation
all and any coaching, support, media, tips will be hugely appreciated.

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