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An easy-to-use, low-cost 3D scanning system that captures full colour, accurate 3D object data in minutes.
An easy-to-use, low-cost 3D scanning system that captures full colour, accurate 3D object data in minutes.
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    1. Missing avatar

      mescam on

      Please email me the link to where I can download the software I should not have last one

    2. Missing avatar

      cwiliam on

      Please email me the link to where I can download the software I lost it

    3. Bendix Freutel on

      where is the working scanner software? Do you have any intention to deliver it?

    4. Kangaroo MusiQue on

      is there any open download area? as i dont have any access for the beta forum

    5. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Alvin,

      the latest updates are available through the beta forum. A new update should be ready at the end of this week and will be made available there too.


    6. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      Hi Alastair, it will be great if you can send out an update with a download link for the latest software...

    7. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Alvin,

      we've now moved some other things out of the way and put this at the top of our priority list. We are kicking off the code sprint on Monday which means all our software engineers are working on this project alone. That will move us through the remaining issues as fast as we can go.

      Kangaroo - please download the latest version from the forum. If you have any issues we will work with you to resolve them.


    8. Kangaroo MusiQue on

      Is there any driver or software available yet to get this scanner working? It's sitting in my cellar since over a year and I can not use it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      Alastair, no offence but don't you think this project should take priority over whatever else? We backed we supported you and your team based on what you guys showed us convinced us that it will not be a disappointment. But yet now so many of us have the hardware that is sitting like a white elephant just cos the software isn't ready and good to go still. Will you buy a computer that doesn't allow you to use it as a computer till it's software is done? Please. Don't let this campaign be like some others.

    10. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Alvin & Daniel,

      We’re aware that the software needs some improvements, and some further updates should resolve these issues. We’re planning some code sprints to move through these as quickly as we can, and will post details and a schedule on the beta forum.

      While we occasionally have to work on other projects, this project is still ongoing and we remain committed to completing it.


    11. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      Alastair, When is the final software finally ready??

    12. Daniel Moström on

      I really can not believe how long time now has passed since I paid for this.

      Yes, I knew supporting a kickstarter project carries risk.

      But getting a well built hardware scanner and then NO software is very puzzling. How do you guys think ?

      Develop a product that is of good quality and then not complete the last leg of the journey ? Delivery is NOT complete. Period.

      I am asking you guys - are you EVER going to deliver a software that can bring som usable images ?

      Daniel M

    13. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Joerg,

      a new update is about to be released on the beta forum. While most of the recent versions have been addressing stability, this one will improve scan quality. We've also have some other quality improvements that we've been testing here that should go into a follow-on release.


    14. Missing avatar

      Joerg K. on

      Will this machine ever work as promised? I gave up any hope I had...

    15. Marcus Frasier on

      Looks like the beta forum is down.

    16. Missing avatar

      Turhan Djemal on

      Hi Alastair, can you also send me a link the beta forum as I'm keen to start using my scanner now.

    17. CADScan Creator on

      HI Alvin,

      I've sent you a link so you can join the beta forum and test the latest software.


    18. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      May I know how is the progress of the software already?

    19. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Uwe,

      we'll send you a link to the beta forum so you can try the latest version of software.


    20. Uwe Montree on

      I have a dead piece of hardware sitting around fort months now. Any update on the software, pleaase?

    21. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      it's best to post technical issues on the beta forum so we can collate these and resolve them. If you can also let us know which version of code you're using that would also help, as the recent releases have more documentation about the settings which we can add to if necessary. If you can re-post there we'll help you get the scanner operational.


    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Lewitzke on

      Ever since I received my scanner I have had an issue with the scanner "calibrating" every time I scan. There is a rumbling noise and vibration every time I try to scan. Is this normal? To me it sounds like a ribbed belt jumping over a pulley.
      Also, I've not had a successful scan. Is there any documentation for using the software - I can't make heads or tails out of the settings. Please help.

    23. Marcus Frasier on

      While I appreciate that we do at least get beta (Gregor is right, it's more like Alpha) access to the software so we don't have a total brick, SW updates aren't really weekly. It's actually been about 3 weeks since the last release (March 27th) which was a pretty big step backwards from the previous release (March 10th, with a patch release on the 22nd).

      I really want to see this product move forward, but I can't really believe that the next release is going to push us that far forward that "after which we should be ready to step through to completion.".

      I hope to be proven wrong.

    24. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Gregor,

      thanks for your comments.

      We certainly don't consider the project complete yet and are working hard to get the software ready for full release. As you know we've been issuing software updates almost weekly on the forum, and made major changes in the most recent one. This is being tested and with the brilliant feedback we've had from several users we've identified where the glitches occur and are working on fixing these. Testing on numerous computers with different setups is important, so we really appreciate this help. Our aim for the next release is to focus on scan quality and simplifying alignment, after which we should be ready to step through to completion.

      We've also worked hard to help anyone experiencing issues with their scanning, again through the forum. If you can post there the problems you're having there, with some logs, we'll do our best to fix these quickly.


    25. Gregor Luetolf on

      Hi Alastair

      I received my scanner last December when I asked you to ship it prior to finished software version. The scanner is now sleeping since then because there's no software that works the way you promised. Regarding the high price of your product and also regarding in terms of finishing the Kickstarter campain, I want to state, that for me the campain will only be finished when the backers are provided with a software for the product that's working. How long do you expect us to wait for the software??? I really have to say that your product and also campain is a total fail and I'll be more picky in choosing Kickstarter campains from now on.

      So if there's no software that's working for that product, I'll put it into recycling straight away. I now switched to Structure Sensor and I'm very satisfied how that product works. The Beta-Versions how you call it are Alpha ones to me. No version is working in any setting for my scanner and I don't want to put time into testing, this is your job, not mine.

      Regards Gregor

    26. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Alan,

      thanks for letting us know it arrived. There are still 5-10 to ship to complete the Kickstarter pledges but we're almost there.

      We've been covering the software through the beta forum and I can send you a link to the for registration (you can also download the latest software version). However, we'll put together and post an update for Kickstarter to cover the latest status and what else needs doing prior to release by the end of this week.


    27. Missing avatar

      Alan Bartlett on

      Hi Alastair
      it looks like you've shipped all the scanners now, mine arrived yesterday, but I see that the software is still not ready in the downloads. Do you have a progress report on the commercial release of the software? Obviously it's of equal importance as the hardware so I'm hoping you can provide regular updates on this too.

    28. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Edmund,

      I've just checked and it looks like yours was booked to ship last week but will go out next week instead. For reference there are 20 scanners that have yet to ship, all of which should be dispatched alongside yours.


    29. Edmund Anders on

      @creator CADScan, i'm also waiting for my scanner. Best regards Edmund

    30. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Patrick,

      we're expecting to dispatch all of the remaining scanners next week - about 70% have been shipped so far. We'll send tracking information when dispatched.

      If you (or anyone reading this) have changed address please let us know directly.


    31. Missing avatar

      mescam on

      @Creator I'm still waiting my scanner.
      Could you inform us about sending progress?
      How many scanner are sent? ...

    32. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Albert,

      I've sent you details for access by email.


    33. Missing avatar

      Albert Wen on

      Please send access to software. Thanks.

    34. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      no problem, I've sent the software link to your inbox.


    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Lewitzke on

      I received my scanner. I would like to request the software for it. Thanks.

    36. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Kangaroo - no problem, it's on the way.

    37. Kangaroo MusiQue on

      So i also want The Beta software. Trank You.

    38. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Jason - no problem, details on the way.

      We're making the beta software available by request only, at the moment, and once ready for release will upload onto the main site. For everyone who has received their scanner please email us directly at and we'll arrange access to this straight away.

    39. Jason Mitchell

      Hi, Got mine today as, with a note saying download the software from your site. However there is no link for it. Can you please send me a direct link?


    40. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Uwe,

      details for the software download are on their way to you...


    41. Uwe Montree on

      Hi, got mine yesterday, but no software (???). At least, not on your download site. And from what I read below, it's going to take another few months to get the thing to work. Can you please confirm?
      And where is the software btw? Thank you.
      Secondly, in the user manual under 'Troubleshooting" it reads that there is a small chance of misalignment of the lid due to rough handling (that includes shipping I assume). Could you please give some hints on how to re-align it properly? Much appreciated. Regards.

    42. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Marcus,

      everyone's feedback on the beta releases has been really helpful, and the initial focus has been to make sure we can diagnose any issues and iron out glitches so everyone's hardware works as it should. We should be bringing the meshing back in next week - which will allow usable models of the level shown in previous updates to be produced - and the other features after that to enable the highest settings.

      A lot of the software work has been under the skin but we're getting far better point clouds in our tests here, which means better models too. Our focus now is to get these into the next releases.


    43. Marcus Frasier on

      On the comments re: showing scans, as a beta user, I have to admit that so far I haven't been able to get a single successful model from the scans. So for now, I assume we aren't seeing high quality scans because the software is not yet up to par.

      I definitely appreciate that the team is letting us at least beta test, but it doesn't seem that each weekly release actually improves much of anything. With that in mind, I think we might be a few months out from the scanner working as advertised.

    44. CADScan Creator on

      Hi both,

      we'll send registration details and instructions directly via email.

      At the moment we've shipped somewhere around 60% of the orders and will be shipping the remainder over the next few weeks. We're doing this direct from our factory and are managing the shipping ourselves for now, so batch sizes vary. The order of shipping is complicated, but broadly we've shipped international orders first in pledge order. We expect to have fully completed shipping by around 12th Feb, and you'll get tracking information once sent.

      Just a reminder that if you've moved to please let us have your new shipping address asap.



    45. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schwirtz on


      Got my Scanner today, Looks really good !! thanks, could you send me a working link for downloading the Software ? all best Andreas,

    46. Missing avatar

      helder on

      @Alastair just for all we know and make this process transparent, since we are 241 backers,
      and are you shipping through a specific order? (i would guess first pledge basis?)

      you are shipping batches of how many units each time?? (i presume one batch every week?)
      is there a list for us to see where we expect ours?!

      like Joerk said, this project is been really frustated specially when many other scanners are poping here and there already comercially viable and untill now you have not really shown us a really a good accurate and quality spite in the begining of the project you have shown us almost a complete and working product!

    47. CADScan Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      no problem, we'll send you a link to the beta software (and to everyone else who has requested it). As a reminder, it's available to all backers by request.

      We've now shipped out two more batches of scanners, so we're handling quite a few emails at the moment, but everyone who has asked for the software will get details sent by tomorrow.


    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Reitterer on

      Can you send me the beta software, it better than having nothing!

    49. Missing avatar

      Joerg K. on

      This is becoming annoying. You are nearly 1.5 years late and still are not able to provide a single scan with the accuracy and quality your scanner is supposed to have.
      When you started the campaign you made the impression as if the scanner is as good as finished. I wish I had saved my money for this:

      Sorry, but I am really frustrated, as I wanted to use the scanner for a very very long time.

    50. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      Hi Alastair,

      Sorry, I have no idea why I have not seen that. Glad to get mine soon.


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