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Desktop 3D Scanner's video poster

An easy-to-use, low-cost 3D scanning system that captures full colour, accurate 3D object data in minutes. Read more

Chester, UK Hardware
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This project was successfully funded on March 19, 2013.

An easy-to-use, low-cost 3D scanning system that captures full colour, accurate 3D object data in minutes.

Chester, UK Hardware
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    1. Creator CADScan on February 16

      Hi Patrick,

      we're expecting to dispatch all of the remaining scanners next week - about 70% have been shipped so far. We'll send tracking information when dispatched.

      If you (or anyone reading this) have changed address please let us know directly.


    2. Creator mescam on February 16

      @Creator I'm still waiting my scanner.
      Could you inform us about sending progress?
      How many scanner are sent? ...

    3. Creator CADScan on February 15

      Hi Albert,

      I've sent you details for access by email.


    4. Creator Albert Wen on February 15

      Please send access to software. Thanks.

    5. Creator CADScan on February 10

      Hi Michael,

      no problem, I've sent the software link to your inbox.


    6. Creator Michael Lewitzke on February 9

      I received my scanner. I would like to request the software for it. Thanks.

    7. Creator CADScan on February 1

      Hi Kangaroo - no problem, it's on the way.

    8. Creator Kangaroo MusiQue on January 31

      So i also want The Beta software. Trank You.

    9. Creator CADScan on January 23

      Hi Jason - no problem, details on the way.

      We're making the beta software available by request only, at the moment, and once ready for release will upload onto the main site. For everyone who has received their scanner please email us directly at and we'll arrange access to this straight away.

    10. Creator Jason Mitchell on January 23

      Hi, Got mine today as, with a note saying download the software from your site. However there is no link for it. Can you please send me a direct link?


    11. Creator CADScan on January 23

      Hi Uwe,

      details for the software download are on their way to you...


    12. Creator Uwe Montree on January 23

      Hi, got mine yesterday, but no software (???). At least, not on your download site. And from what I read below, it's going to take another few months to get the thing to work. Can you please confirm?
      And where is the software btw? Thank you.
      Secondly, in the user manual under 'Troubleshooting" it reads that there is a small chance of misalignment of the lid due to rough handling (that includes shipping I assume). Could you please give some hints on how to re-align it properly? Much appreciated. Regards.

    13. Creator CADScan on January 22

      Hi Marcus,

      everyone's feedback on the beta releases has been really helpful, and the initial focus has been to make sure we can diagnose any issues and iron out glitches so everyone's hardware works as it should. We should be bringing the meshing back in next week - which will allow usable models of the level shown in previous updates to be produced - and the other features after that to enable the highest settings.

      A lot of the software work has been under the skin but we're getting far better point clouds in our tests here, which means better models too. Our focus now is to get these into the next releases.


    14. Creator Marcus Frasier on January 22

      On the comments re: showing scans, as a beta user, I have to admit that so far I haven't been able to get a single successful model from the scans. So for now, I assume we aren't seeing high quality scans because the software is not yet up to par.

      I definitely appreciate that the team is letting us at least beta test, but it doesn't seem that each weekly release actually improves much of anything. With that in mind, I think we might be a few months out from the scanner working as advertised.

    15. Creator CADScan on January 22

      Hi both,

      we'll send registration details and instructions directly via email.

      At the moment we've shipped somewhere around 60% of the orders and will be shipping the remainder over the next few weeks. We're doing this direct from our factory and are managing the shipping ourselves for now, so batch sizes vary. The order of shipping is complicated, but broadly we've shipped international orders first in pledge order. We expect to have fully completed shipping by around 12th Feb, and you'll get tracking information once sent.

      Just a reminder that if you've moved to please let us have your new shipping address asap.



    16. Creator Andreas Schwirtz on January 22


      Got my Scanner today, Looks really good !! thanks, could you send me a working link for downloading the Software ? all best Andreas,

    17. Creator helder on January 22

      @Alastair just for all we know and make this process transparent, since we are 241 backers,
      and are you shipping through a specific order? (i would guess first pledge basis?)

      you are shipping batches of how many units each time?? (i presume one batch every week?)
      is there a list for us to see where we expect ours?!

      like Joerk said, this project is been really frustated specially when many other scanners are poping here and there already comercially viable and untill now you have not really shown us a really a good accurate and quality spite in the begining of the project you have shown us almost a complete and working product!

    18. Creator CADScan on January 18

      Hi Michael,

      no problem, we'll send you a link to the beta software (and to everyone else who has requested it). As a reminder, it's available to all backers by request.

      We've now shipped out two more batches of scanners, so we're handling quite a few emails at the moment, but everyone who has asked for the software will get details sent by tomorrow.


    19. Creator Michael Reitterer on January 18

      Can you send me the beta software, it better than having nothing!

    20. Creator Joerg K. on January 16

      This is becoming annoying. You are nearly 1.5 years late and still are not able to provide a single scan with the accuracy and quality your scanner is supposed to have.
      When you started the campaign you made the impression as if the scanner is as good as finished. I wish I had saved my money for this:

      Sorry, but I am really frustrated, as I wanted to use the scanner for a very very long time.

    21. Creator Rolf on January 13

      Hi Alastair,

      Sorry, I have no idea why I have not seen that. Glad to get mine soon.


    22. Creator Cliffton B Hillmann on January 12

      Got my scanner today. Well packed, beautiful machine! I can't wait to fire it up.

    23. Creator CADScan on January 12

      Hi Rolf,

      we posted an update last week on the updates section covering the latest status. We shipped the first main batch last week and will be dispatching another batch this week.


    24. Creator Rolf on January 11


      It is now over two weeks since you promised an update shortly. Please make one. I want my scanner really very soon and working.


    25. Creator CADScan on December 29

      Hi Tijmen,

      we'll be posting an update shortly and I've replied directly to your email.


    26. Creator Tijmen Mulder on December 29

      Hi There,

      I'm eagerly waiting for the scanner. Could you give us an update?

    27. Creator CADScan on November 30

      Hi Chris,

      thanks for your comments.

      As mentioned before, we're happy to send out the scanners and have sent out quite a few already. However, the software is still at the beta stage and with the help of a number of beta testers we've identified quite a few issues that need ironing out. We're working with them to get the software to work reliably so that it can produce consistent results, and have been releasing weekly updates to address these.

      Once we do this we'll then start to focus on performance improvements and to step up our marketing activities, sharing more complex examples.

      If you (or anyone else) would like to join the trials then just message us and we'll send a scanner and arrange this. We know that many backers would prefer to wait for the fully complete software, or course, and so really appreciate the time, effort and input from our beta testers who are making this happen.


    28. Creator chris bromley on November 30


      As an enthusiastic backer of you scanner, I have a few comments that I would like to address.

      First, I guess I don't understand the hesitation to send out the units, if the focus is now on the software and beta testing. Are there some tweaks that are still needed to the units?

      I think most of us have been very patient and understanding of the extremely difficult process of bringing this new technology to market.
      I will continue to wait so that I can receive the absolute best product from you, but Your backers have anxiously been awaiting for this scanner for over a year and a half. I know you have one chance to make a first impression, but there are other scanners hitting the streets taking potential market share from you. Makerbot etc.

      Also the resistance to show any examples besides a few low res models is not the best way to promote a new product you want to bring to market. I would personally be scanning a hi-res model of something EVERY night so I could post it on Sketchfab the next morning. You would be getting feedback and promoting how detailed and revolutionary you scanner can be.

      I hope you can respond with some detailed answers and timeline for shipping.


    29. Creator CADScan on November 25

      Hi Daniel,

      Apologies, I'll send you the details shortly!

    30. Creator Daniel Moström on November 25

      Did not get an invite to the forums . Anybody can give me a pointer on where to find it ?

    31. Creator Marcus Frasier on November 17

      In the meantime Richard, perhaps you can run it in a VM?

    32. Creator CADScan on November 17

      Hi Richard,

      there will be both Mac and Linux versions available, but we're focusing on the Window's beta at the moment. However, we'll have a look at getting an OS X beta ready too and get back to you with an ETA.


    33. Creator Richard Thornton on November 16

      A linux port would be great, then we could do the scanning headless, is this planned?

    34. Creator Richard Thornton on November 16

      I don't use Windows anymore, do you have an ETA on OS X?

    35. Creator Richard Thornton on November 15

      Thanks Alastair, is a beta for Mac/Linux available also?

    36. Creator CADScan on November 15

      Hi Joerg,

      it's online now and invites are on their way :-)


    37. Creator Joerg K. on November 15

      When will the forum be online?

    38. Creator Marcus Frasier on November 13

      Awesome, glad to hear we're still on track (and that you're still with us Richard :p )

    39. Creator CADScan on November 13

      Hi Kirpa,

      yes, that's the plan & invitations will go out once it's live (and you're added, of course:))


    40. Creator Kirpa Singh Gulati on November 13

      @Alastair - Could you send me an invite to the forum? Is the release expected to be out tomorrow (Friday)? Can't wait to see it in action soon enough...

    41. Creator Richard Thornton on November 12

      I didn't say "hold a deep breath" Marcus ;)

    42. Creator Marcus Frasier on November 7

      Good to hear Alastair. I definitely think keeping backers involved in the process would be beneficial for both sides.

    43. Creator CADScan on November 7

      Hi everyone,

      a brief update on progress with the software. We've spent some time this week making an assessment of where we are and planning what we need to do to get this fully released.

      Following the suggestions below, we've decided that the best way forward is to make a series of beta releases to move things along more rapidly. This way you have the option to experiment with the scanner, while we get feedback on areas for improvement. It's important that we manage this process carefully, so we'll be setting up a special online forum early next week where those who wish to participate can access the code and provide detailed technical feedback.

      We've now created a first, fully operational beta, one that produces the examples shown so far, giving us a starting point for this process. We'd like to test this a little before making this beta available next Friday through the forum. We'll then incorporate feedback, the aim being to issue an improved version each week.

      There are quite a few scanners that have now been shipped, and you'll obviously need one to participate in the beta tests. The forum is by invitation only, so if you'd like to join in then just send us a direct message and we'll send an invite.


    44. Creator Marcus Frasier on November 4

      I have to admit it's disheartening that a developer taking 2 weeks maternity leave can disrupt thing so much, but I guess with a smaller team it can be expected.

      At this point, I think shipping the devices for all probably makes sense so that you can at least put SOMETHING out there (I say that knowing full well I already have mine). Perhaps from there you can at least drop incremental betas as more functionality and polish is added.

      I wonder if Richard Thornton is still holding that deep breath he instructed us all to take on 9/30 -_-

    45. Creator CADScan on November 4

      Hi Kirpa,

      as per the last update we've had some disruption over the last couple of weeks, but everyone is now available and things are moving. It's going to take a few days for us see exactly where we are, so we'll provide an update at the end of the week with some degree of detail.


    46. Creator Kirpa Singh Gulati on November 3

      Hi Alastair
      Appreciate all the good work the guys are doing, but there's a common trend across all of your responses and updates. That there's no sort of commitment to any time line and no deadline as such is being provided. Professionally speaking, working on a project without a completion date or target date of delivery is not optional but mandatory. Please provide an estimated target date of completion which I assume would be a project map that is already shared across all your developers. Given the delays, this kind of nosing in to the project management is more than reasonable.

    47. Creator CADScan on October 22

      Hi Andreas,

      developing a scanning system based on well-established 3D imaging techniques (laser triangulation, photogrammetry, gray codes, stereo etc.) still requires a fair bit of work as you will have seen from other projects. The difficulty gets amplified when designing to meet a very low price point, and amplified again when manufacturing more than a handful of units. Add to these limitations the introduction of a new 3D imaging method, where there's no handbook to refer to or homework to copy and the complexity rises significantly.

      That said, we set ourselves this challenge and will see it through.


    48. Creator Andreas Schwirtz on October 21

      Its about 1and a half year since I have funded that project, its not rocket science, we are also in the scanning business, developing different solutions for different applications. So what is your problem ??

    49. Creator CADScan on October 20

      Hi Everyone,

      juts a short note to let you know that we'll be posting a detailed update in the 'updates' section in a few days time.


    50. Creator CADScan on October 15

      Hi Joerg,

      we're certainly happy to send out scanners on this basis to those who request it and have done so quite a few times now. Please message me directly if you'd like yours sending and we can arrange this.


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