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The Goblin King is transported by burly orcs. This miniature set is made of pewter. Perfect for any 28mm Heroic to 32mm miniature game.
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This is a miniature set featuring the Goblin King being carried around by his burly orc goons, as he flaunts his girls and his gold. The set fits well into any 28mm heroic to 32mm fantasy miniature setting. This set can be easily be the center piece to any goblin army.

They are cast in pewter and are unassembled.








Also featuring this poor orc who's sole job is to carry a treasure chest.
Also featuring this poor orc who's sole job is to carry a treasure chest.

"Hello my name is Jose Torres also known as Atomico. As some may all ready know I'm not a business, but an artist that sculpts miniatures when inspiration kicks in. So the best time to get the current featured miniatures is when the kickstarter campaign is happening. After the campaign ends it becomes very difficult to go back just to get a random miniature from a previous set, because I don't have extra stock on hand after the rewards are fulfilled. I will bring back a previous sets if they are related to a current campaign, but that may take some time especially if its a low funding genre." 



Risks and challenges

Everything is set and ready so there shouldn't be any problems. Deliveries of the rewards will start right after the funds clear, so everyone should have their set by mid December. Anyone that backed one of my previous campaigns already know that deliveries are quick after the campaign ends. So thanks a lot for backing and I hope you enjoy the miniatures as much as much as I enjoyed making them.

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    The Goblin King miniature set

    This is the Goblin King miniature set made out of pewter. They are unassembled.The set contains the step stool chest, a treasure chest, throne, palanquin platform, 4 carrier burly orcs, a goblinette, a captive girl, an orc to carry the treasure chest, and the Goblin King.

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