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Way back we didn't wipe. Then, we wiped with whatever we had at hand. You can wipe you butt with this book in fact (see last chapter).
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Caleb Clark

81 backers pledged $1,300 to help bring this project to life.

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Shit is on Amazon

This is probably the last message from Kickstarter.

The shit book made it to Amazon,, which feels to me like the end of the publishing process, and just time in time for the new year! (It is still 25% cheaper to buy the book on, but no Prime convenience.)

Happy wiping in 2012!

That Sh*t has been Sh*pped!


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And that's a Kickstarter wrap. Thanks!

The Kickstarter phase of "No Shit: The History of Wiping" has come to an end. Thanks to you,  $1300.00 was raised! I'll begin mailing soon and intend to have boxes/PDFs in the mail by Dec. 12th or earlier.

The book is on for 25% less than it will be when it hits Amazon. See:

And the PDF is at:

The book and its sources live at:

Thanks again! Email anytime:

That shi*t's been funded!

We're over our pledge amount for the book No Sh*T: The History of Wiping!

I thank you all very much. 

This means everyone is going to get their books! I'll start mailing the first week in Dec.

Pass the word! There's about 1.5 days left to get the book cheaper than it will be when it goes formerly on sale. 


Passed $100, thank you.

Just a quick thank you to pledgers that the project has topped $100.

And I've just interviewed a friend from Morocco about wiping with no TP for his first 20 year of life and added it to the last draft.

Feedback welcome as always.

Free sample chapters at:

- Caleb.