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An exhibit of art and conceptual architecture that focuses on Detroit as an urban situation of transformation -- opening in the D.
An exhibit of art and conceptual architecture that focuses on Detroit as an urban situation of transformation -- opening in the D.
8 backers pledged $811 to help bring this project to life.

Lab For An Urban Future: Detroit, co-curated by Chloë Bass + Mitch McEwen, at the Queens Museum of Art this fall.

Dear Backers, 

Thanks to your generous contributions, DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY had a great run at Marygrove College. We were so glad to be able to bring the exhibit to Detroit proper, and we got a lot of great responses that will help shape our future research and initiatives there. 

In an exciting update, this fall SUPERFRONT will present the Lab for Urban Futures: Detroit at the Queens Museum of Art. The Lab consists of a series of live events and rapid publications that invite guests from a range of disciplines to consider Detroit as a provocation for new investigations and experiments in urbanism. Co-produced by Chloë Bass and Mitch McEwen, the curators of SUPERFRONT's traveling exhibit DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY, the series focuses on the future of city development for a post-industrial age. From transformations in land use and waterfront activity to abandoned buildings and shifting residential populations, the post-industrial stage of capitalism has major long-term implications for American cities. Working with urban sociologists, independent media producers, food enthusiasts, agriculture activists, urban designers, architects and other urban strategists, the Lab invites the public to engage these locally-relevant issues through the lens of Detroit. 

You can keep up with our events by visiting Email to get involved.

We look forward to staying in touch with you! Thank you again for being a part of this. We couldn't have done it without you.

All best,

Chloë + Mitch

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We have reached our Detroit opening fundraising goal, thanks to you!

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to your generous support, we have reached our goal of raising $800 to fund the bare hands-on necessities of our installation in Detroit. 

Thank you so much for making this ambition of ours possible. 

I am also excited to let you know that we have added the Brooklyn 596 acres project to the roster of what we are exhibiting in Detroit.  Through this Brooklyn mapping and activist project (documented in the photo below), Paula Z. Segal and her collaborators publicize, engage, beautify, and agitate the 596 acres of vacant publicly owned land here in Brooklyn.

We are very enthusiastic about our upcoming trip for installation and the exhibit opening, as well as the 25 inch LIGHT UP! intervention. 

A very special thanks to our SUPER supporters Helen Franklin (Detroit) and Alan Bass (New York).

Thank you very much for your support.


Mitch (and Chloë)

PS.  Please do not be shy about encouraging your friends to support through the Friday deadline.  Additional funds will be used for our documentation and work toward the 2nd edition of the catalogue, as well as demounting costs of this Detroit exhibit.  Thank you.


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