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House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats!
Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats! Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
1,816 backers pledged $344,911 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Updates & Box Design

Posted by Sean Farley (Creator)

Our first shipping container is on its way to port now! September 9th will see the container on the water and moving towards our shipping warehouse in Camarillo California. It will take approximately 16 days for the container to reach us, upon which we'll begin shipping the Cat Exercise Wheel out to all of our backers! This means we'll be shipping in the last week of September. Some backers will receive the wheel before the end of September, but the majority of our backers will receive it in early October. A shipping tracking link will be sent to the email address provided by each backer. We apologize for the slight lag in our delivery estimate.

Below find images of our new box design!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Debbie Coon on

      I haven't received any e-mails since 9/4 as far as updates and shipping. I would like a little reassurance that my order is being filled. Thank you.

    2. Jennifer on

      Not sure if I missed an update or not. I was a backer do this project. I received an email at the beginning of September that the wheels would be shipping the last week of this month and we would receive an email notifying us when it has shipped. I want to make sure that I don't miss the email.

      On a side note, I think it may have been beneficial to clarify, during the funding phase, that these weren't being produced in the US, they are just US based designed/developed. I more than likely would have still gotten one! But it would have been nice to know beforehand. I understand that manufacturing overseas usually saves the consumer money.

    3. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      @Sharina- they have responded to you in the other comments, you won't get a survey since you haven't paid for a Cat Wheel, as an international backer you just paid $1 for the updates on when it would be available for international purchase, here is their reply from the other comment section:

      "@Sharina - Looks like you're one of our $1 international backers. We will send your Thank You Note later this month when we begin shipping the wheel out to backers. We will also keep you posted on our international ordering options for the Cat Exercise Wheel. Right now is the best option, but we are in talks with possible distributors in several countries. The wheel should be available on for international delivery in late October."

    4. Sharina M Sharif on

      @Marissa 8th Aug email that I received stated "You will receive a survey from us later this week asking for your final shipping address and traction pad color choice. ", but I never received any survey.

    5. Darlene Handley on

      Same question as asked previously. Where are the wheels being made?? Please do not say China.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robin L Sessler on

      I cannot wait to get my wheel, my cats have way too much energy and need to burn some off!

    7. Missing avatar

      Teresa Haugen on

      Happy to hear they are on the way.
      Thank you for the update. :)

    8. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      @Sharina - You should have received an email from kickstarter with the survey link on August 8th, about a month ago, also on the top of every single kickstarter page you should see a yellow banner saying "Reward Survey! Sean Farley needs some info to deliver your reward for One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel!" with a "Respond Now" button to click on to fill out the survey

    9. Sharina M Sharif on

      I haven't received any survey email asking for the choice of coour I would like to pick or asking dor my delivery address.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeanine Libka on

      In what country are these Cat Wheels being made?