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House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats!
Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats! Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
1,816 backers pledged $344,911 to help bring this project to life.

Generation 4 is Here

Posted by Sean Farley (Creator)

Wow, what a crazy couple of years. Thank you again to all the backers who made the Cat Exercise Wheel possible! Since the launch here on Kickstarter we've sold over 14,000 cat wheels. We had no idea so many people wanted a product like this for their cat.

As many of you know, we have been constantly redesigning the wheel since the launch. We just created Generation 4 of the wheel after collecting years of valuable feedback from our backers and customers. The goal was to make the wheel lighter, easier to assemble, and more stable for your cat with zero derailments.

Many of you aren't in the market for a new cat wheel, but if you are we'd like you to use our $50 off coupon code for a final cost of $149. This is a one time deal for our Kickstarter backers and this coupon code will only last for 7 days. (Dec 9)

Improvements in Generation 4 Cat Wheels:

  • Redesigned base so it's more sturdy and stable.
  • Square wheels replace the roller blade wheels. This greatly reduces wobbling and any track-jumping from the wheel.
  • We increased the track rails by 50%, which will keep the wheel in place better.
  • We reduced the parts by 75%. Yes, this was the biggest complaint, there were so many pieces to assemble. We now have 1/3 the amount of components.
  • We made the wheel lighter. We took out 8 lbs.
  • We added Cheetah markings for running treads.
  • We added wheel covers to the support wheels.

Thank you all again for helping us build and create this wonderful product. We have thousands of videos of cats running on our One Fast Cat exercise wheel. Search Youtube, Instagram, or our Facebook page to see all the wonderful videos.

Have a great holiday and you Kickstarter Backers Rock!! We will also have more discounts for you guys on all our products, just ask when you see something new from us and we will reward you for backing us.

$50 OFF Coupon Code KICKSTARTED (Good until Dec 9)

Thank you,

Sean Farley and the One Fast Cat Team

Our 4th Generation of the Cat Exercise Wheel
Our 4th Generation of the Cat Exercise Wheel


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    1. KikiDoodle on

      How wonderful! My sphynx cats use the wheel daily (You've shared a few of our videos!) and have really worn the wheels down and I have been worrying the wheel was on it's last legs! We'll probably disassemble it, and bring it to my mom's house to see if her fat cats would consider using it once the new one arrives!

      Hopefully before Christmas!

    2. Hans Gelpke on

      Sean Farley - how can we be guaranteed a 4th gen wheel and also know that it's 4th gen? Other than this kickstarter page and email there is no proof it actually exists and/or is ready to ship.

      Forgive me for my skepticism but there has been no communication on your company's part in response to any questions or comments since your original post and past promises of fulfillment (kickstarter delay, wheel covers for first gen wheels - after acknowledged safety concerns) are troubling to say the least.

    3. Sean Farley 2-time creator on

      Hi guys, the link to order from our website is:

    4. Missing avatar

      Susan Lewanda on

      Sean, WHERE can we order these?

    5. Hans Gelpke on

      Can we see more photos showing the changes? These descriptions are all nice and good but some visual backup would be nice

    6. Mercedes (Mandy)

      Thank you for the wonderful news. :) I've been wanting one for ages. Looks awesome.
      I was wondering how much would this cost for Japan?

    7. Dorrie Myers Robles on

      I want to order 1 or 2 of theses. How do I order and pay them.

    8. Mary D Smith on

      I don't find a link to purchase the cat exercise wheel.

    9. Missing avatar

      Amy Juried on

      Please send backers the link to order a new wheel! Only 6 days left and I don't want to miss out on the new improved generation! thank mew, Sean!

    10. Draillia Scarabae on

      I was wondering the same thing about the replacement pad code that we were told about. I never saw it either?

    11. iokijo on

      Thanks for the code Sean. During campaign you said there would be a code for the replacement pads, did that ever come about? Wondering if I missed it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Barbara Staley on

      I backed the 1st wheel but never received the product after its completion

    13. Steve Thoemmes

      How do we order one?

    14. Flo Garetson on

      How do we order one?

    15. Missing avatar

      Lori Todd on

      Yes where do we order it from to make sure we get the latest generation and do we have a choice of colors?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jaime Killion on

      Where do we order it from?

    17. Sean Farley 2-time creator on

      Yes we can, but it's still very expensive to send the wheel over the Pacific from California. The final cost to Australia will be around $367.90 USD, with this discount.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mrs. Pamela S. Withers on

      Will you be able to mail to Australia?