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House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats!
Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats! Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
1,816 backers pledged $344,911 to help bring this project to life.

Notes for Assembly

Posted by Sean Farley (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Many of our Kickstarter backers have started receiving their Cat Exercise Wheels, and we've gotten some great feedback so far. We are so excited to be watching your videos of training your cats to the wheel, and to see all the photos as well.

We have an update regarding attaching the EVA Foam traction pads: The pads should be spaced out by 1/8 of an inch between each pad. This is the same thickness as the edge of two nickels pressed together. The pads were cut just a little short, and when multiplied by 9 pads this turns into a 1" and 1/8 inch gap. We recommend sticking on the pads while using two nickels as a spacer between each pad.

We will be offering replacement pads on our website in the current colors black, blue, green, and red. New colors and materials are also on the horizon, and we would love to get your feedback on the ideas. A handful of backers expressed interest in leopard print traction pads and possibly cork board. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section of this update! Replacement pads will be very inexpensive and should be available in March of this year.

Thank you!

One Fast Cat

Leave a 1/8 inch space between traction pads.
Leave a 1/8 inch space between traction pads.
This is how the 1/8 inch gap looks on the wheel.
This is how the 1/8 inch gap looks on the wheel.
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    1. Alyazyah Alshamsi on

      I've assembled the wheel itself (which took a lot longer than advertised, but that's okay, and it would have been nice to know the spacing before hand as well) but have been unable to fix the base because the metal bar doesn't fit into the square hole that is cut out for it on the stand. Several people I know have tried with no success. Is there a way to fix this/insure I can push the bar in?

      All the best

    2. Siege Hann

      That information on the spacing would have been awesome to know BEFORE I built the wheel, and now have a massive gap in the foam... To say I'm unhappy about that would be an understatement...

      As far as training, could you post some links about training your cat to use the wheel? Mine don't seem interested at all yet.

    3. Iyad Tibi on

      Hi, i'm still waiting for my wheel, too anxious already.. :( where can i get an update on the rest of the shipments progress? I'm in New York btw

    4. Missing avatar

      Ramin Jaafarian on

      I received my wheel on January 20th. took me an hour and a rubber mallet to assemble it. my problem is my two 7-yr-old Bengals wouldn't go anywhere close to it. I have tried to lure them using their favorite treats and toys without success. sometimes they nap on it, but as soon as I gently move it they freak out and run! They are usually very curious, playful and active. Any advices?

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrienne Amato on

      Still haven't gotten so much as a notification about when my wheel will arrive. I have to add my name to the list of others saying we should be given free replacement pads, since this is obviously a defect. Having gaps seems like it could injure the cat or cause the pad itself to become more easily damaged. Please address these concerns.

    6. Missing avatar

      Renna Crawford on

      So any messages for those of us who were not so lucky as to be in this first ship group? I'm still waiting on tracking/shipping notification.

    7. Missing avatar

      Martin L Rose on

      Absolutely love the wheel! It was so worth the wait. My cat runs on it all the time. Thanks for creating it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Franco Alvarez on

      Same complaint as all others. Poor QA, not easy to assemble at all, damaged pads, loud and wobbly. Gaps everywhere on the pads and the floor pieces! It seems like a poorly designed/manufactured item. I've had it for a day and the pads are already ripping off from the cats running on for maybe a total of an hour the entire day and they seem to be different colors (grey, dark gray, black). This needs a lot of work to be worth the $200+ spent.

    9. Robert Harden on

      Have also just received and assembled my wheel. No way that one can assemble this item in 10 minutes - that's speaking as a 67 year old Dad who spent many a Xmas eve assembling Barbie play houses, GI Joe aircraft carriers, and am presently restoring a large 1920's estate home! Also, unless you've got big, young, tough hands, you're simply going to need a rubber mallet throughout the assembly process. Further, the suggestion in the video to be sure and get the Track pieces tight together when placing on the Track Assembly Ring simply results in a very large gap that the last Track piece cannot fill - so you now have to go back and adjust each Track piece in order to fill the final gap. I would suggest you assemble a wheel from one of the batches presently shipping, and adjust both the assembly instructions and time for completion accordingly.

    10. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      I'm about to put my wheel together so I hope it isn't as difficult as some people have mentioned as I live alone and won't be able to get any help :/

      I agree with iokijo that dark purple would be a good looking color for traction pads, also leopard print is something I think many would be a fan of, just make sure you have both snow leopard and regular leopard print please! Some of us have white bengals ^_^

    11. Missing avatar

      Marlene Beaston on

      I have a Mokave Jag cat and I can hardly wait to get to get our wheel. I think animal print pads a really cool idea. How about tiger or clouded lepard . Wonderful ideas for even more colors. . As for problems with the pads, this is a new product, be patient, this company has been very open and honest with the issues. We all got to take a chance on this wheel and I think we got a good deal.

    12. Missing avatar

      Cheriti Watts on

      I like the idea of a cork liner being available in the future. My one concern with this product is the foam liner. My cat likes to eat foam (for example, tore the leather liners out of my nice pair of leather flats to get to the foam cushion underneath). I am afraid that the foam liner won't last longer and I will have barfed up foam pieces all over the house in fairly short order. But we considered the risk of that worth it if he actually runs on the wheel. Anyhow, I think that small chunks of not eaten cork a better idea that slimey chunks of foam.
      My guess is that the mis-cut issue was not found before shipments went out, and the proposed solution is to make is so that eager people do not have to wait even longer to start using the wheels. I know I would rather put a 1/8 inch gap between the pads than have the product in hand and have to wait another month to be able to use it, while the manufacturing plant figures out how to get their measurements correct for our small patch of liner.

    13. Missing avatar

      Faith Nouri on

      My pads already have half an inch distance by just placing them. Now the railing that supposed to clip, it does not clip properly. Half te rail is clipped and half is not. What do I do now? Please assist. Thank you
      Faith Nouri

    14. Missing avatar

      shawn willingham on

      YES, Leopard Print Please!

    15. Missing avatar

      Greg Barnett on

      Is there any chance you'd be willing to send a 1.125" strip of material to cover the gap? That seems like the best fix to me.

    16. Canie Brooks on

      The gap will not affect toenails or anything - I was concerned about that too but it is merely a thin piece of foam type material - I have a bigger concern where this will not stay on the wheels. It is not easy to assemble - you need some good muscles to get everything in place and then it doesn't work as advertised. Very disappointed right now (worthless at the moment) . Waiting to hear from someone (have sent 3 emails with no response so far)

    17. iokijo on

      Wouldn't mind a set of dark purple pads [looks great w/black]

      As for some of the material suggestions.. Cork? I'll bet money it will encourage any cat to use it as a scratch pad, tearing it up quickly & giving buyers something else to complain about.
      Emory board? Repeated running on a surface like that would tear the paw pads up.
      Cats do not run with their nails extended, so it wouldn't file the nails.

      My current wheel was designed with a 3" gap between pads. The cats have been running on it for years now with no problems. While not "perfect" I honestly think no matter how you put the gap if you try to avoid it/them being at the running surfaces seams they will be fine.

      I know my OCD marking cat is going to pee on it as soon as I put it together.. so as long as the pads clean easy some gaps are no big deal for our house.

    18. Missing avatar

      corrie carbone on

      I would love leopard print traction pad. To match my leopard print cat!!

    19. Spank Williams on

      I'd love to have a textured pad like an Emory board to help keep indoor cats' claws under control.

    20. Missing avatar

      Marsha Collier on

      Please. Just send it already. We live in So Cal and would like ours

    21. Missing avatar

      Joseph Sypeck on

      I agree with an earlier post. Not a fan of having a gap. Nails can get caught. Will we be getting free replacement pads since its a defect?

    22. Katrina Smith

      Love the idea of a leopard print pad, as I am not sure of a cork pad lasting. What is the pad made of now? I was an original back, but have not received an e-mail with an ETA of my wheel, do you have an estimate to share with us?

    23. Missing avatar

      c. rose on

      Hmmm....this is NOT the perfect product we waited 3 months for. I'm concerned with such a gap between each pad that a claw can easily get stuck & torn off. I think I'll be cancelling my order.

    24. Hans Gelpke on're readily admitting there is a problem in the pads but telling us the only way to correct the error is to buy new pads on your site. That's dubious at best. Especially with all the delay's we've faced already. The fact that you're now charging us for your errors is inexcusable.

    25. Pam Hansen on

      Would love leopard print pad option. Select a realistic/natural print please, one that will look nice in home decor Thanks ! =^..^=

    26. Christopher Daley

      That's a very helpful update---yesterday. I sadly have already placed the pads down and now have a huge gap.

      I never once complained about this projects delays. The last two days have been very frustrating.

      The assembly was nowhere near as easy as your video made it seem. I actually failed several times before getting a second pair of hands and a mallet.

      Then my pads didn't go all the way around. While I would have wanted to buy new pads eventually because they will get scratched, it would have been nice to not have a giant gap until March.

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Sudbrink on

      Would love dark/hot pink pad. :) But I also vote for leopard print if that's not an option.

    28. Rodrigo Setti on

      Wish I knew this yesterday. I already assembled it leaving no space, and know I have a huge space in just one of the pads. :(

    29. Eugene Gershtein on

      I've been very understanding about the delays because you wanted to ship a perfect product, so I don't quite understand this "we screwed up the pads so here's how you work around it" update. Shouldn't you replace the pads with properly cut ones instead of telling us we'll be able to order replacements?

    30. Tracey Shafer on

      Looking forward to receiving this, I would love to see the leopard print replacement pads.

    31. Dave Wosik on

      Thanks for the tip on pad spacing. Cork would be a great idea...I want that!