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House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats!
Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
House cats possess a natural hunting instinct, and this product helps them expend that pent up energy. It's an exercise wheel for cats! Now that this project has been funded, you may order a wheel from
1,816 backers pledged $344,911 to help bring this project to life.

Replacement Parts in Production

Posted by Sean Farley (Creator)

Replacement parts are in production! We received a set of high quality replacement Side Track prototypes that don't display any warped side walls. We assembled a Cat Exercise Wheel using the replacements, and are happy to report the assembly was very easy (as it should be). We also noticed the wheel rolls much smother now, as the warped parts caused a bit of a wobble. An order has been placed for the replacement parts and we expect to receive the first container in mid December. We will begin delivering wheels to our customers and backers as soon as the parts arrive.  

Here are a few photos of the wheel with the replacement parts:

This is what the Cat Exercise Wheel looks like without the traction pad.
This is what the Cat Exercise Wheel looks like without the traction pad.
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    1. Carolyn Lucas on

      I have a bad feeling that we've all been had. I've been patient, haven't left any rude comments, but come ON! We want our wheels. Even if you do finally come through, I'm not sure I'd ever order anything from you again because you've created so much ill will with delay after delay. Your reputation is more than just your product. Something to think about.

    2. Missing avatar

      c. rose on

      I expect an actual DATE of delivery for my 2 wheels. You got the 'part' over a month ago; how long does it take to replace that & send out? Not even an update in several weeks? We all had faith in you, to back you, so prove us right.

    3. Karen Feczko Edwards on

      When are we going to get our wheels?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ann Bush on

      Please update us as to progress or lack thereof. It has been several weeks with no communication.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sheila Tucker on

      I hate to pile on, but it really has been a long time without a word. I was relieved to know it isn't just me after reading the comments below, but my cats and I still want that wheel. Thanks.

    6. Jill McCoy on

      Any news? I'm still waiting for me wheel.

    7. Keir Forsyth on

      I was of your first backers and it would be nice to have my replacement parts. You said you would have them by mid-December. It is now the first week of January. When should I expect the delivery?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kim T on

      Haven't heard anything. When is it going to ship.

    9. Missing avatar

      MJ Bradley on

      It would be nice if we could get an update on the shipping of this wheel.. Thank you and hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    10. Missing avatar

      Saundra Taylor on

      Where is my cat wheel ???????? It has been over 6 months

    11. Nicholas A. Tan on

      Dear Mr. Farley, appreciate a response regarding the shipping on this item. When should we expect it?

    12. Missing avatar

      Deborah Keith on

      I'm done.... does anyone know how to contact these people?

    13. Jennifer on

      I'm starting to feel the same way as other backers. We have all been very patient waiting for our wheels to ship/arrive. I know the holidays have been in full force but that doesn't excuse a company from not issuing an update to its backers. Communication was pretty good once the funding ended but had gotten slow and has no resulted in nothing for nearly 2 months!

      I have a feeling that a large number of backers are going to start asking for refunds at the beginning of the new year. I hope to not be one of them, but if an update is not provided soon I may have to go that route. I understand this is a Kickstarter fundraiser, but communication is KEY in making your backers happy. We feel excluded at this point.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason Kane on

      No need for me to give you the same message you are getting from everyone else. But I think you at least need to send an updated status. Otherwise I'm fairly sure we're all going to start submitting for refunds as soon as the new year hits. So I think you need to send out a message by end of day Monday. It is only fair. We supported you when you needed, so please at least keep us in the loop. I understand what goes into launching a new product, getting the design right, getting the right parts, getting the manufacturing process setup and figuring out the right team needed, etc. (My company manufactures gaming software and electronic gaming devices & systems). I know how things can happen, there are ups and down despite the best plans and processes. So I think our patience will be secured, at least for some of us, a bit longer with some simple and continual communication. We're just all terribly excited to get our wheels. My bengal needs it badly, hopefully it will let him work off some of his inherent evilness. :P. Cheers and Happy Holidays.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rob Bilella on

      Mr. Farley,

      I am giving you a few more weeks to ship this product before I request a refund. I think all customers have been very patient with the delays. You have your replacement parts so shipping should soon follow.

    16. Missing avatar

      Leslie Grundy on

      This is getting ridiculous. I think we ALL have been very patient. Now I'm starting to feel like I've been duped. We invested with confidence assuming this was an honest investment, but now I'm feeling like I've lost my money and a cat wheel. Does anyone know if we can ask for a refund? We definitely need an update as to what is going on. Very disappointed!

    17. Kristina Spencer VanOss on

      Yes, I too am getting frustrated and concerned. I would have expected an update of some kind by now. Please?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sue Thompson on

      OK What is going on with the One Fast Cat Wheels. It has been a while since I heard anything. I would like to know what is the status of my wheel. We were getting regular updates now the last on has been about six weeks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Florence Tsang on

      Did you receive my message from several weeks ago? It's been so long that I have since moved and need to make sure that it will get shipped to my current address once it is actually available.

    20. ls35a on

      No updates since Nov 4? The last update said 'we expect the parts in mid December' and 'we will begin delivering as soon as parts arrive'.

      Well it's past mid December and no updates here.

      How hard is it to post an update?????

    21. Missing avatar

      Stan DeVault on

      Saw this on the onefastcat website
      "There was an issue with the Side Track part which delayed delivery. The problem has since been addressed, and fixed; we're currently expecting replacement parts to arrive in early January. This means our pre-order customers can expect to receive their wheel in late January to early February. "
      So it appears that the replacement parts that were expected to arrive mid December are now out to early January. Sigh.

    22. Missing avatar

      Stan DeVault on

      No updates now for 6 weeks. Did the container of replacement parts arrive yet? Have there been delays with the replacement parts arrival? Any updates at all?

    23. Missing avatar

      Philip Sarelis on

      When are these shipping?

    24. Tom Gilmour on

      Frustrated here too. What's going on??

    25. Missing avatar

      Connie Kelly on

      I am getting a bit frustrated with the delays also. I was hoping at the very least to have my wheel before all the cats die of old age :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Noel Farmer on

      I have given up on the endless delays, so today 12/12/14, I requested my money back from Sean. When I wrote him on August 7 he did not respond so, just in case, I have also contacted Kickstarter to help me with this.

    27. Eileen WhoDat Corkern on

      ***Sean has posted an update under Comments!***

    28. Eileen WhoDat Corkern on

      I haven't received my wheel much less repair/replacement parts. All I am asking for is at least an update or maybe even an email updating the status of my order!!

    29. ls35a on

      It's been a month. Please update us with the status of our orders. Patience is fine, but PATIENCE EVENTUALLY RUNS OUT.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nichol Bergen on

      I'm getting a bit concerned. Why have we not gotten an update. The last one said they would begin shipping mid November. With no new update and no cat wheel I'm starting to wonder if honesty and true business sense is being run here? Where's my money, or my cat wheel? I'm starting to lose my holiday spirit and feel the grinch coming on.

    31. Missing avatar

      James Lubbad on

      As an original early pledge I would expect to have a wheel by now. I ordered two, and they were due September, then October, Then December. i have emailed to ask - and i have received no response. Soon I will have to cancel my order and find other wheels. :( What started off so promising is ending up being a let down. Confidence is waning people. Get it together.

    32. Elizabeth Bass on

      Terianne's idea would be a cool update. Could you please post an update with a video of the wheel running without any music?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeanine Libka on

      Hey I am hoping to get mine by Christmas. How do I know what color wheel will be coming?

    34. Missing avatar

      Monica on

      Ditto what Ken said a day ago. Please provide an update. Like, Candace, I'm starting to lose confidence.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      I realize that you have had problems with parts for the cat exercise wheel. I'm sure others would like an update as to when we will be receiving it in good working condition. These long delays not only reflect on your company, but also on Kickstarter as a reliable platform for supporting new ideas and products.

      Please send us more information we can depend on as to arrival dates.

    36. Missing avatar

      Terianne McGrath on

      How noisy should I expect my wheel to be? All advertisements that I found are dubbed with music.

    37. Missing avatar

      CANDACE on

      I certainly hope to receive my cat wheel soon. This has been a long time. I am losing confidence. I was told I would receive is last fall. This is getting ridiculous. I paid for my cat wheel. I would appreciate a personal note about my cat wheel.

    38. Frank Dolatshahi on

      This update was posted on Nov 4th. You're stating that the replacement parts will arrive Mid Dec? That's like a month and half. Where are these parts coming from? So should we expect the shipment in Mid December then??

    39. Missing avatar

      michael piterniak jr on

      i only need the replacement parts. why can't you send me the ones you've used to make the wheel in these pictures?

    40. Dani Bingham on

      *watching my cat tear wildly around the apartment* I understand that production issues are not uncommon when bringing an item to market, and I appreciate your efforts to make sure it's as awesome as we all imagine, but I'll tell you, that thing can't come soon enough for me!

    41. Michael Alan Ruemmler on

      looking forward to having it. My two abys are galloping all over the house with little regard for anything including me. Hoping the wheel is a calming influence.

    42. Darlene Handley on

      Can someone please state where the wheels are made??? Why does it seem like providing an answer to this question is being avoided? If it's China just say so already. I certainly wouldn't be happy about it but at least I'd have an answer. Someone out there with a unit already who can look on the box or parts to determine? I would probably have not purchased this product if it would have been well stated that it being made there.

    43. Vanessa Donatucci on

      I received my wheel last month, but have the defective side tracks so cannot assemble it. I am looking forward to receiving the replacement parts so my one crazy Bengal boy and his little tortie sister can get some good exercise and release some energy.

      Thanks for always keeping us updated on the status. I have been looking at cat wheels for a few years and finally invested in this one because I feel the design is superior to everything else out there. :-)

    44. Ryllharu on

      Definitely feels like a lot of others here haven't backed a kickstarter project before, especially a Design one. This one has been doing a lot better than most I've backed, and has been doing a great job keeping the backers informed.

      Production issues are always tough to hear about, but this team definitely has it under control. Believe me, an update about a delay instead of pure silence is different from the norm.

    45. Jennifer on

      Actually I'm seeing now that the wheels are shown without the traction pad.....sorry.

      I sure hope I can have this in time for Christmas. I would love to have it before the end of the year.

    46. Jennifer on

      Thank you for the update. I have a question about the tread though. Was the design of the tread changed? Reason I ask is because the tread pictured above does not look like the original design and I'm worried about the spaces between the sections. I am worried cat claws could snag in there and cause injuries.

    47. Missing avatar

      Debbie Coon on

      So, it's going to be next year when we receive the wheels? So disappointed. Glad it will be "right," but I can't help but be getting a little impatient.

    48. Missing avatar

      Denise Hoyem on

      Thank you so much for making sure that the Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a quality product. The cats and I look forward to receiving it.