One Fast Cat - Exercise Wheel

by Sean Farley

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    1. Maddie on

      Thanks for the update. Looking at all those boxes I think of so many happy kitties!

    2. Darlene Handley on

      Sean, where are the wheels made? I think this has been asked previously but a response never received. I will admit to being disappointed. This is almost two full months behind schedule. Much of the delay is in the shipping via ocean freight. If we're made in good ole USA likely would not have quite the wait.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pilar Harrison on

      So many delays :( I thought after the last delay we were informed the cat wheels would be shipping BY mid November. Hoping no more set backs. If anyone else has a Bengal like mine, you know why you invested over the Summer... they Need to expend all that excess energy!

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      Cooper Vertz on

      Two months late is not bad for a Kickstarter. I'm glad they worked to make inserting the new part easy.

    5. Ryllharu on

      You ran into a problem, identified the source of the problem, corrected the fault, and took appropriate action to speed up things once it is corrected.

      As a backer, I'm pretty satisfied with the way you have handled an inconvenient (but not really all that uncommon) situation.

    6. Benjamin Juang

      Two months late is not bad at all. I have a few other Kickstarters that are getting close to a year past their estimated delivery dates, and much less communicative than One Fast Cat.

      I'm pretty happy with the way things are going here. Keep up the good work!

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      George Boettner on

      My two Bengals are doing cartwheels in anticipation! Thanks for posting updates. That looks like a huge pain to deal with but you look very organized. Any startup has glitches. I am sure most of kickstarter backers are used to delays. Backers keep in mind these are start up companies and Sean has be really on top of this by finding the mistake in parts BEFORE shipping to you. I am happy to support Sean and team, and a huge thanks to his attention to detail and his honesty all along the way. I would support you again in a heartbeat. I second Ryllharu.

    8. Lisa RubyClaw Bengals on

      you guys are doing a GREAT job! Keep at it! YOU make me proud!!!

    9. D

      I agree with all the folks below! Don't be discouraged, you are doing it right!

    10. 'becca Flora on

      Palletizing - I that that word is more than enough reward for the wait! I'd rather receive a delayed but quality product than a timely but defective one!

    11. Marilyn wedig on

      Glad you are making progress- we're looking forward to our delivery

    12. Hans Gelpke on

      Why are they being shipped via ocean freight? Somebody should be rushing to get this done, not happily sitting back while a shipment slowly makes it's way across the ocean. Is there any accountability in this? The only people taking the brunt of this seems to be the backers and that is completely unfair.

    13. Elizabeth Bass on

      Hans, shipping via airplane overseas can be extremely expensive, especially given the volume of product that they had to order. I once bought a table from Japan and to ship it via airmail would have been just as much as the table. I think they are behaved professionally through all of this. They did a quality control check prior to mass shipping of the product, discovered a flaw in the produce and issued a recall, are currently taking actions to correct it, and they keep us in the loop with regular updates so that we don't feel like they just took the money and ran. I couldn't be happier with the way they are handling all this. Keep up the good work One Fast Cat!

    14. Elizabeth Bass on

      pardon my spelling error behaved should be behaving :)

    15. Missing avatar

      MJ Bradley on

      I think this has been a wonderful experience. You have been up front and honest about all the snafu's you have found, and I don't find a 2 month delay all that much, considering it is a start-up.. Congratulations on your success and may your future bring many rewards.

    16. Darlene Handley on

      Why no reply as to where the products are made? Some of you appear to have received the product is there not indication of where the product is made? Some of you might be fine with delays; I would have preferred no estimate of delivery up front if product hadn't been QA'd. Simple to just say delivery by end of year rather than overestimate and under deliver. If these are made in China I would like to know.

    17. vrysen on

      Thanks for the update! My cats can wait a bit longer. :)
      As for the people who are upset. They are doing things the right way here. They are posting updates and trying to get the part fixed before shipping out to us. In my books, a job well done.

    18. Missing avatar

      mq on

      I would like to CANCEL my order and receive a refund. How do I do that? Thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Thompson on

      Hmmm. I pledged 4 months ago, August. I remember a delay because a design or manufacturing error caused the One Fast Cat to have a part replaced.

      I received the last update, #11, on Oct 11. The 4 cats who can use it are still alive but I would very much like an update which includes an estimated shipment date. Thanks, fellow cat lovers.

    20. Kristina Spencer VanOss on

      It has been a long time since any updates have been posted. What's up? I am starting to get concerned.....

    21. Missing avatar

      Cheri on

      No news is not always good news! Give us another update Sean, over a month since the last....Inexcusable considering it is a StartUp company. We all wish you the best but in todays age of technology, how hard is it to post a video explaining the facts. (Frustrated)

    22. Missing avatar

      Cheri on

      Apparently, communication from Sean is being done thru a Facebook page. Ahh, most of us complainers, including me, did not know this was the case. I signed up thru email for updates or the website for updates, not