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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Cyber Force & we're bringing it back in a big way-- for FREE.
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Cyber Force & we're bringing it back in a big way-- for FREE.
1,419 backers pledged $117,134 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!

Thanks all!  From Marc, myself and everyone at Top Cow thank you so much for your pledges, your support and spreading the word around for us.  We will be making art updates for the series here so in many cases you will all have a first look/preview of Cyber Force stuff before it gets released out! Now Marc, Khoi, Sunny and I have to finish making the first issue as kick ass as it can be.  We will start sending out emails in early September confirming addresses, etc and orders.  For those waiting for the later stuff we will email you again right before shipment to confirm address.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Matt Hawkins


    1. Creator Jeffrey Sutman on September 2, 2012

      Can you post a sneak peek of Khoi's art.? Just so we can see what we are getting.

    2. Creator Jeffrey Sutman on September 2, 2012

      I am a $25 backer for the variant covers of Cyber Force #1-5. Can you explain how the shipping will work. Will we be getting each comic as they come out? Or will all the issue ship in one lump sum?

    3. Creator Corinna DeJong on September 1, 2012

      I missed the T-shirt offer! Is there anyway possible to add this to my backing??

    4. Creator Christopher Faux O'Connor on August 21, 2012

      i'm having problems with amazon.payments. another kickstarter allowed me to paypal. can this be possible please. i would love to be able to be a part of this. thank you

    5. Creator Andy Dyer on August 19, 2012

      I combined pledges for 2 items. Where do I send the email explaining my pledge? Thanks!!

    6. Creator LateToTheParty7 on August 18, 2012

      Awesome! I'm pretty excited about this.

    7. Creator Royal Tiger on August 18, 2012

      Awesome1 Gald to hear you these info!

    8. Creator Paul O on August 17, 2012

      I vote we just skip September this year. I don't think I can wait another month.

    9. Creator Ronnie M on August 17, 2012

      Congratulations! I can't wait to read the first issue.

    10. Creator Isaac Snowden on August 17, 2012

      Glad its funded and can't wait for the issues to get out there. Ya got some top talent on this book,its gonna set a standard for books coming afterwards,I hope you guys know that. Good luck and congrats.