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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Cyber Force & we're bringing it back in a big way-- for FREE.
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Cyber Force & we're bringing it back in a big way-- for FREE.
1,419 backers pledged $117,134 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Top Cow Productions 4-time creator on

      Michael, please check your kickstarter inbox. Thank you, Top Cow Team

    2. michael ceates on

      still haven't received anything, want my money back !!!

    3. Benjamin Forster on

      Any update on this? Haven't received anything yet.

    4. Frank A. Kadar on

      I still haven't received my perks and it's 7/24/14. If you ran out can I have my $25 back, thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Craig Allen on

      My perks arrived today. Thank you Betsy and Elena for your outstanding customer service. You are a real asset to Top Cow

    6. Martin Gregory

      After reading #9 I still cannot discover any appreciation for Turini's art. It was a great start to the return, but I really do hope there is another artist change coming soon.

    7. Ignacio Martin Lzr-Srrsc on

      Update, Elena just wrote me and told me that books and the prints are shipped separate because of size. So I just have to wait for the print to arrive.
      thanks elena and Top Cow crew, and I'm a big fan that ain't disappointed no more...
      Thanx again...

    8. Ignacio Martin Lzr-Srrsc on

      I have received the Cyber Force #1-#5 exclusive Kickstarter Variant cover lineart by Marc Silvestri, signed by Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins and Exclusive Kickstarter Edition hardcover of Cyber Force Volume 1. But did not receive the print, I tried to reach Elena but it has been over 2 weeks since i wrote her and did not heard from her or any from top cow, please look into this i'm really disappointed and I'm a big fan...

    9. Missing avatar

      Craig Allen on

      Still not received. Can I have my $160 back? Worst kickstarter ever.. not even an apology.

    10. Eddie Smith on

      Received mine today . Looks amazing . Thanks :-)

    11. ChrisC on

      Hi Elena,
      I have not received my USD50 pledge either :(
      please check. Thank you.

    12. Stormquiss

      Just letting you all know it took Elena about a week to get to my first email and mere minutes for the second...I suggest putting as much detail in as you can about your pledge to help her out...thanks Elena!

    13. Missing avatar

      tim stroobants on

      Got a quick response from Elena: they're about 95% done with sending out the pledges and will post an update to inform everyone later today

    14. Missing avatar

      tim stroobants on

      I haven't received my pledge either... i'm going to send an email to Elena as well today

    15. Stormquiss

      Is there still anyone else out there who has not yet received their pledge? I sent an email a week ago to Elena but received no reply. Its a bit frustrating as my partner (for whom I bought this) has seen hardcovers on eBay. I will send another email today.

    16. Missing avatar

      Craig Allen on

      So, was the email about not receiving the print a platitude? Still nothing received... 5 months shy of being 2 years since backing, 2 months shy of being 12 months since estimated delivery.

    17. Evan Raynor on

      Same as Martin

    18. Martin Gregory

      Nothing yet here in Australia. I backed for the $50 level.

    19. Richard

      I received my rewards today, and everything looks amazing!
      The print is awesome, thanks alot...

    20. Nicola Murgia on

      I'm from Italy and i just got the package, thank you guys!

    21. Francisco Soares on

      Just got mine. They came in perfect shape. Thanks!

    22. Ching-Ho Lee on

      received mine now in the Netherlands

    23. Michael Conde on

      I'm in the UK and pledged $50, nothing received yet :/

    24. Missing avatar

      kristie on

      Craig, I was look at comments for the same reasons. I've only backed 4 projects, ever. Things that I was really excited about, you know? Having only received two of them, I'm really not feeling this whole process as much as I was before. Unfortunately, this one isn't even the latest. The other I'm waiting on is way later. Very disheartening.

    25. Josh Hutchinson on

      I too am at the $150 level and am, for lack of better words, glad to see I'm not the only one as well still waiting. Received, filled out, and sent survey back in the middle of November. Keeping my fingers crossed and eyes open that it'll happen soon!

    26. Missing avatar

      Craig Allen on

      kristie, you're not the only one.

      I came to check to see if backers were still writing comments.. this way i know people are still waiting and mine hasnt been lost

    27. Missing avatar

      kristie on

      I'm at the $150 level and haven't received mine yet. I guess, as long as I'm not the only one, I'm not as pissed off. That said, I'm really disappointed.

    28. Edu Miguel on

      I live in Brazil, got an email with tracking number and my hardcover is "stuck" almost ONE MONTH with the status "Customs Clearance". Oh God, why it took so long? Change that delivery company... -_-

    29. J. Szczesny on

      When can we expect all the backers to finish being full filled, I am still waiting on mine?

    30. Ignacio Martin Lzr-Srrsc on

      i'm in Spain and nothing yet anyone outside the States got theirs?

    31. Alex Neilson

      My book just arrived today (Melbourne, Australia).

      Perfect timing! I'll read it through on the train to my family's place on xmas day :)

    32. Zaldy Ramirez on

      Yes, you should get an email with a tracking number.

    33. Nicola Murgia on

      are we supposed to get a mail when the package is sent?

    34. Zaldy Ramirez on

      I'm at the $150 and I just got my stuff today! Excellent packaging! Comics pristine! I got my survey about 3 weeks ago and it shipped last Friday. Hope that helps. Despite how long it took, I'm really happy with Top Cow and hope Cyberforce lives on for a long time!

    35. Missing avatar

      JK22 on

      I see people selling their Hardcovers on Ebay, Has anyone at the $150 reward level received their items?

    36. ABCHEE Alex on

      I want to thanks again Besty and all the people from top cow because so far this project was the most grateful one I did on kickstarter

    37. Kevin Pass on

      Received my rewards yesterday and just in time as I was writing another email to send concerning my rewards just as the postman knocked on the door. SPPPOOOOKKYY.

    38. Dionne Pritchard on

      Any ideas when the hard covers will arrive in the UK? I'm itching to do a review (good one) but can't until the actual hard covers arrive. :)

    39. Kevin Pass on

      Hi, I sent an email to the address provided not long after your comment and its been 5 days since then. Hope it can be seen to shortly as I'd like to know what the status is on my rewards.

    40. Donnie Adkins on

      Just received my HC and books. They look AWESOME. Can not wait for you guys to do a Kickstarter to reprint a HC version of Cyberforce Vol 1....HINT HINT

    41. Top Cow Productions 4-time creator on

      Hey Everyone!

      If you are missing a reward, that does not include a hardcover, please email me at so I can better assist you. More surveys are going out today and tomorrow. If you pledged extra for graded books, we are waiting for those books to come back from CGC and will ship as soon as we have them in hand.


    42. Kevin Pass on

      Has anyone from the U.K whose tier DOES NOT include the hardcover got their rewards yet? I haven't got mine and might have to send an email at some point but just curious to see if I'm alone with this problem.

    43. Dionne Pritchard on

      Really looking forward to my reward :)


    44. Donnie Adkins on

      Still haven't received anything, but respectfully waiting.

    45. Missing avatar

      Charles Oliver on

      Did anyone receive the signed second print of Think Tank #1 that Matt said everyone who was having something mailed would receive? He mentioned this way back in update #8. I didn't receive mine and I can't get a reply from Top Cow.

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert Farrer on

      Did the digital PDF for issue number 7 get emailed out yet?

    47. Missing avatar

      Barry Miller on

      My interpretation of the bonus materials would be like in other Top Cow collections where there may be character development sketches, creator interviews and other similar content. Looking foward to it. The survey was to get an address so you get your stuff. Check your email that you use for Kickstarter for a link.

    48. Mike McAuliffe on

      what survey are you talking about patrick ?.. Also what surprise bonus ?.. I did the $50 level & don't see anything about that... perhaps its just because you did this survey ?..

    49. Patrick Riffe on

      I just got my backer survey for the hardcover. I'm super psyched. Just wondering what the surprise bonus is gonna be for the $50 level.

    50. Top Cow Productions 4-time creator on

      Cyber Force 1-5 the first volume is free on Comixology for everyone you don't need a code.


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