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A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The NanoLight takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
5,746 backers pledged $273,278 to help bring this project to life.

Just missed the mark - 700 backers left!


Dearest Backers.

First and foremost, Happy New Year and for those of you that celebrate, also a very happy Lunar New Year! Hope everyone is doing well as we move into the second month of this new year. In this update, we have some good news and some bad news to share with you.

Let’s start with the bad news: 

While we have been working tirelessly (7 days a week) trying to ensure all the bulbs are being manufactured and shipped out, we regret to inform you that we missed our target of getting all of our bulbs shipped out prior to Chinese New Year (1/31). It has been a record breaking month as we have shipped out bulbs to about 3000 backers however we were about 700 backers short of finishing all of our shipments. For those that have not received an email with a tracking number, we truly apologize for the delay once again but rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about you.

There are two reasons for the delayed shipment of these last 700 backers:

1. We use a custom developed shipping program to extract information from our database about each backer's reward and send to our courier service. Some backers may have indicated that they may move, filled out an address with special characters, wrote some extra instructions in the notes of the KS surveys. This caused our shipping program to place these backers on hold status. We needed to go through these backers' information manually to update whatever needs to be updated before being able to send these rewards out. We are working on these, but they are taking a bit of time to go through. There were also some May backers that may not have received their bulbs due to some bugs in the program earlier on, so if you have not heard from us please send us a message to expedite things. Otherwise, we will be running another program to find those May backers we have missed later on next week.

2. It was a really stressful time for our suppliers as it always is before Chinese New Year when many customers, not just us, place extra orders to fill the gap during the two week long shut down. For several item variations, we ran out of stock for the required LED's. Despite our best efforts (and a little bit of bribing), there were some parts needed to make the the black color LEDs & 1800Lm chips that the suppliers could not deliver to us in the timeframe needed in order to complete all the backers’ orders. The supply chain is tough to manage because no one likes to hold stock. It’s just dead cash sitting around. As we’ve discovered, the problem gets exasperated in the weeks before the Chinese New Year holiday.

Unfortunately our manufacturing facility has shut down for the next two weeks due to the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. The Nanoleaf team will continue to work through this holiday, but we will not be able to begin production of these final bulbs until after February 10th with the bulbs shipping out shortly after that.

Going forward, to mitigate these types of inventory & material control problems, we have decided to invest some funds into creating a stock so that we always have product available & ready to ship out on demand. We are truly sorry to those backers that are still waiting and we really appreciate your extended patience. 

And now for the good news:

1. We started this Nanoleaf light bulb project about a year ago with a goal of introducing a super energy efficient light bulb to the market and showing the world that innovation has no bounds. We launched on Kickstarter with the hope of raising a fairly small amount ($20k) so that we can get 1000 lights out there. Little did we know just how amazing this crowd of backers that eventually came to support us would be. Just like many Kickstarter projects, the launch of an unproven product that requires an upfront payment long before it has even fully materialized takes a certain kind of person to commit into. You guys, our backers, are true supporters. Backing us with so much support and patience through our good and bad times… that is touching and very much a demonstration of the greatness of humankind. Thank you for believing in us and supporting us! We have just passed the one year anniversary of the start of our little project on Kickstarter, it has been an exhilarating ride, and we have you guys to thank for making everything possible. So… a year later, what has all that work materialized into? It turns out that Nanoleaf has caught the eyes of some major game changers…

For those of you who follow our Facebook page/Twitter, you may have heard the news already. We are now partners with Mr. Li Ka-shing's (Asia's business magnate, investor, philanthropist known for his very generous efforts and billions in donations covering the entire world, and a very prominent figure in Asia) Horizons Ventures, as well as Silicon Valley's Kleiner Perkins. This is a huge new step for us at the Nanoleaf, because it is perfectly in tune with everything that we stand for and believe in, and this also means that we now have the resources we need to grow our R&D and equally importantly scale up our manufacturing! In a couple more months, we will have the scale we need to fulfill orders at a much faster speed, and on a much larger scale. We are truly grateful for you, our backers, for helping us get to this point! Without you guys we would not be here right now, so thank you again for always being so supportive and being there with us through all of the growing pains. It is a very exciting time and we really look forward to this year and beyond as we grow, hire new staff, release a few more products, and generally bring a lot more green oomph.

2. In terms of R&D, our genius scientist Tom has been quite busy in the last few months. As a result, we now have a working prototype of the dimmable version of the Nanoleaf bulb! This required a complete re-design of our existing circuit, but we have managed to maintain the same level of efficiency while creating dimming functionality in a very unique and "intuitive" way. We still have some bugs to work out but we’re confident that our dimmable bulb will finally see the light of day by the middle of this year!. We also have several additional technology innovations included in this bulb! Stay tuned for more info on this!

(On a related note, we are looking for a few stellar technologically talented engineers to fill some specific roles on our team. If you feel like you have the skills/experience, and believe in our cause or know someone who shares our passion for green technology and may be a good candidate, please message us to get more details).

One of our creative backers - Michael Morris - posted this picture on our Facebook page, and we felt that it is just too awesome to not share with you guys. :)

That's all for now. 'Til next time, keep living green and stay classy everyone. :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Keith von Barkenhagen on March 13, 2014

      It's March 13th and I still haven't received my Nanolight. Would love an update on why.

    2. Tara Martin Dale on March 3, 2014

      Hi guys!
      I received my Nanolight mid February, and I'm very pleased with it. It looks awesome! I had to laugh at the warning side of the box. Very amusing. Now I have to find the right spot for the bulb so I can show it off to houseguests. The box is recyclable in my neck of the woods (though I might keep it because reasons). Best of luck!

    3. Chris on February 22, 2014

      My NanoLeaf came and I am really happy with it.
      I'd like to suggest an improvement for the packaging: I was a bit shocked that the paper box had a plastic foil veneer. It comes along all eco-brown and reuseably in good spirit with the bulb and then cannot go into the paper recycling because of the plastic. Quite a breach of concept.
      I hope that there is a way to make a nice box without plastic and that you can chose it at some point.
      Otherwise I got lots of OHs and AHs from my geek friends for the bulb and the fun warnings :D
      chris :)

    4. James Bauer on February 20, 2014

      My bulb just came in this week

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Walker on February 19, 2014

      Received my bulb last week, 3 weeks short of a year after joining as a backer. A little longer than expected, but worth waiting for - it looks great.
      I expect those of you still waiting will be getting something soon. I didn't get notification, it just turned up.
      Keep up the great work guys, and keep those updates coming!

      Became a backer last Spring Received my bulb last week (no notification) - thanks.

    6. Patrick Thurmond on February 19, 2014

      I am excited to try this out. But, as with others whom have commented below, I am still waiting for some kind of product update. I have not received any sort of emails. Nor have I received any sort of indication as to when the lights I will be getting will be shipped.

      Complaining aside, you guys have done a great job of communicating. Far better than other projects I have contributed to. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Green on February 18, 2014

      Still waiting on an update about my product. Any update would be great.

    8. PAUL STREICHER on February 17, 2014

      I just wanted to say that I love my NanoLight. I think how awesome it is when I compare the brightness next to a standard incandescent bulb in the same fixture. Then I get goosebumps just thinking about the engineering and technology of it when I turn the switch off and watch the leds slowly dim and go out. It is space age tech at it's finest. After reading the latest update here I am thinking maybe we'll see a NanoLight with red leds or other colors. How about one that we can control with our IOS or Android app? Wouldn't that be cool. And don't forget one that has a microphone where the leds dance to the music. What else can I think of. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Hans Layer on February 16, 2014

      ...still waiting also here in Germany... - just my "respectful" comment...

    10. Missing avatar

      Lynn Kurtz on February 15, 2014

      Still waiting and wondering when/if I will ever get mine. This is the only Kickstarter I entered that doesn't really seem to produce much except constant delays. I backed this is March 2013 with the hopes of getting mine in September. It's getting close to a year now and I doubt I'll ever get one. Ah well... $45 down the drain.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Church on February 13, 2014

      Still waiting here too... How about an update for those of us still waiting?

    12. Missing avatar

      Chuck Standley on February 9, 2014

      I'm still patiently waiting for mine. No notification yet. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

    13. Ketil K on February 6, 2014

      I fetched my bulb yesterday, was notified about it's arrival 6 days ago. Thanks a lot for a great product. I really appreciate it.

    14. Michel Prêtre on February 5, 2014

      I just received my 10 W bulb yesterday. Thank you.
      Wow ! 1200 lumen makes a lot of light ! I think I'll use it in my office/sound studio - no window and a permanent need for electric light 7 hours a day…
      During the 1 year of interest for LED lighting, I found and tried some other products coming from China or Germany. Maybe not so power-efficient as Nanoleaf, but good enough, and I'm surprised that LED lighting is still so rare in the stores in France, where I live.
      Good luck to the staff !
      Stay green, and happy New Year to you all.

    15. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on February 4, 2014

      September backer here still no bulb :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on February 3, 2014

      Still waiting as well. Have any October backers been sent their bulbs?

    17. Missing avatar

      Neil Halin on February 3, 2014

      Just wanted to let you know that I am still waiting.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rohan Goffin on February 3, 2014

      I received my NanoLight last week! Thank you. Though shipped was an Edison screw rather than the Bayonet fitting common in Australia. No problems as I can change the pendant fitting to suit. Honestly, well done it looks fantastic just to see it in action.

    19. JadeL on February 1, 2014

      Still waiting.

      Happy New Year to the NanoLight team and partners- to the designers of the bulb, and to the workers who test them and put them together!

    20. Missing avatar

      Laura Goldstein on January 30, 2014

      I'm wondering if I've been lost in the shuffle...never received the bulb and I should have by now.

    21. Rayna Terrell on January 30, 2014

      I haven't seen mine yet, I don't mind waiting. I understand this was a HUGE endevor for you!

      Is there anyway you can message the remaining backers so they know who they are, or if they somehow got missed?

    22. Missing avatar

      Carl Hinke on January 30, 2014

      Hmmm. No problem: we BELIEVE in you! Hope you will let those 700 of us who have not yet received re-send you our shipping details.

    23. Glenda J Sanders on January 30, 2014

      Received my Nanolight! It's as bright as promised, and so far, I'm pleased with it even though the light is very yellow. Nonetheless, it's a big step in the right direction. I'll be watching for the development of a more neutral, daylight version.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alfred Milgrom on January 30, 2014

      Hi: Happy CNY! I have not heard anything about delivery, and my address has not changed, no special characters and no added requests. Can you please advise how to contact you by email? Thanks, Alfred Milgrom

    25. Ketil K on January 29, 2014

      This is my favourite kickstarter I have backed. I really enjoy reading about your progress and that alone makes it worth the $30 I pledged for your cheapest bulb. I really look forward to test the bulb and I really hope you are able to make this big business if you want to.

      You still beat IKEA on price per lumen and have longer life time, and that is an achievement :) I guess getting very large marketshare would require an option for 5$-15$ 200-600 lumen bulbs, but that could be an area to expand to later, or just keep making the best of the best with smaller market share. Well it probably would add VAT if it was sold in every store in every country and with stores wanting profit too it might be difficult to beat, but if you think you can make it then I wish you luck. Guess large scale production for 100 000 units or more per batch would help bringing the cost down if it's possible without sacrificing quality. You know more about that than me, but if you want to try then I hope you find someone willing to fund you at that scale too. I don't feel comfortable ordering for more than 30$ at a time when it's international shipping so I guess a kickstarter can't give you the amount you need.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jim K on January 29, 2014

      I still haven't revived my light. Can someone get back to me. Thanks Jim Konyak

    27. javatar
      on January 29, 2014

      Still waiting. I was a Feb. backer with simple CA address. I am having trouble emailing you. Can you contact me from a replyable email? Jim

    28. pclabtech on January 29, 2014

      After all the complaining about temp. colors... mine is working just fine in the office. I am probably going to purchase a few more when they are made "dimmable"

      Best thing for those that are complaining about not receiving theirs... contact them and give them a copy / paste of your "response" including your "kickstarter" account name.

      I have run into this a couple of times. My kickstarter account is different than my display name and sometimes I used the wrong email (not associated with Kickstarter account) to reply to surveys etc... which caused a few of my Kickstarter items to not be delivered until way later due to the confusion.

    29. Alexey Tyurenkov on January 29, 2014

      Looks like it's not '700 backers left', but only 700 were sent their bulbs, too many those who received no emails and few relieved the product.

    30. Tim Gehrig on January 29, 2014

      I still don't have mine and I'm in Canada... seems odd that people all over the world are getting theirs, including others in Canada, and I still don't have mine, nor an email from you guys. My address isn't special, and wasn't input incorrectly. Especially because I was in the "Estimated delivery: Sep 2013" group.

    31. EC Risberg on January 29, 2014

      Hey to all of those people who are feeling "dumped" or "thrown to the back of the line" or anything in the way of "disappointed", please, please don't feel that way. This Nanolight is absolutely WORTH the wait. I just got mine about two weeks ago. I was also pretty doubtful when the intended date passed. I sent a personal email to the creators and got a personal email back. I stayed polite and simply asked for explanation. This is a whole new ball game to these guys. They had a "bright" idea (pardon the pun) and then set about getting backers, and the hopes were they would have the creation shipped out on time. That being said life is not easy, nor do things always work out as planned. They are working in different places in the world with different cultures, different people and they can not control everything. Email can go astray; the best laid plans too! So please, please, be patient, but connect with them using the email, not this forum since it is very very easy to miss one message that is personal among all the comments here. I did and I was pleasantly surprised that I did get personally connected and it was only a day or two, perhaps three. I believe that the three young men creating this awesome bulb, are trying their best to do what they can to solve the problems, address the delayed orders to backers, and all the rest. They are human and we as fellow humans could stand to put ourselves on someone else's shoes when things like this happen. Be kinder, you will feel better too! I do not believe for one minute that if you backed this project you will lose your money! I have my bulb now and it was worth every penny of the $ 45 I spent to back it, and the time it took for me to get it. I am going to order more as soon as I have the money to do so!

      So the picture is a great one too. Perfect to show off this bulb. And coming up with a dimmer version is the best! Way to go you guys, Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan. You are brilliant and you need to know not everyone thinks you can control everything, but this person believes in you, and your product as do a lot of others. You go guys!

    32. Russell Levine on January 29, 2014

      What timing - just got it, plugged in and shining brightly! Looks quite warm - does it have full spectrum output?

    33. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on January 29, 2014

      For those that have received a tracking number, can you tell us what email address it came from?

    34. Jarrah on January 29, 2014

      I hope you didn't actually bribe anyone. I wouldn't want to hear that the team got thrown in a Chinese prison before all the product shipped.

    35. Missing avatar

      studog on January 29, 2014

      "the problem gets exasperated in the weeks before the Chinese New Year holiday."
      ITYM exacerbated. :-)

      I have received a tracking number, although it appears that my Nanoleaf is still in China. Does the Chinese post run during the New Year holiday?

    36. Rik Spruitenburg on January 29, 2014

      Peter, I don't think you've been scammed. We love our NanoLights. But Kickstarters run late, almost always. For changes in your shipping info, I'd suggest hitting the "contact me" button on the right hand side, near the top of this page, under the picture of the three gentlemen.

    37. Peter Karwacki on January 29, 2014

      The number shown on my shipping contact details has changed, what now?

    38. Peter Karwacki on January 29, 2014

      Hello, Are you looking for project managers. I may be able to help you in that department!

      I have yet to receive any lightbubs? ITs been two years... my wife thinks I've been scammed. What do you think?

    39. Missing avatar

      R Warren on January 29, 2014

      I received my white Nanolight about 2 weeks ago and it is working perfectly. Have it in use with a timer in the TV room on from 5pm to 10 pm. Great stuff guys! I would like to echo another comment.... let us know when and where you are making them available for purchase by the general public. I will be sure to pass the word on to my buddies!

    40. Missing avatar

      Duncan Joseph on January 29, 2014

      Just wondering if the current bulbs your sending out won't work in a dimmer?( In Canada) will they be damaged or just not work if a dimming switch is used?
      Looking forward to receiving my bulb soon!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jacobus Cronje on January 29, 2014

      Hi guys. I received my NanoLight yesterday and replaced a 20W CFL with it. In spite of using only 10W on 220V, its performance as compared to the CFL is beyond comparison. Excellent!! In Live in South Africa.

    42. Missing avatar

      Slavko Panezic on January 29, 2014

      Greetings Guys,
      I am still waiting for my bulbs. Hopefully I did not fall through the crack. By the way, do the bulbs have filtering system to prevent spikes and transients going back into the wiring system?

    43. Jimhead on January 29, 2014

      A billionaire who's name is Kashing. What a golden age we live in.

    44. Castor & Pollux Games on January 29, 2014

      Ditto here. I did not use any special characters or make any special requests, yet I haven't heard one word since I filled in the address info on June 27. I really hope I haven't slipped through 2 cracks somehow. This is not my first bad experience with KS however. :/

    45. Will Buckingham
      on January 29, 2014

      I guess I must be among the remaining 700, but I'm in not real rush. Kickstarter projects are just that, a start of a product line, and have all the risks and delays that accompany that. As long as they eventually show up and work well, I'm satisfied. I do have a question though; I have a lamp that's a 3-way level switch type lamp. I realize that the bulbs are not dimmable so I don't expect to be able to get three levels of brightness, but what I would like to know is whether using it in that lamp could damage the bulb, or if it just wouldn't turn on until I got to the full power setting of the lamp.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Householder on January 29, 2014

      I have had no correspondence for some time. Please let me know if you have all required information from me. Thank you

    47. Samuel Jouzel on January 29, 2014

      When do you ship the bulb ??? i never see it for the moment

    48. Missing avatar

      Ronald Saks on January 29, 2014

      I had no unusual mailing request. Don't know how I fell through the cracks.
      I am anxiously waiting for my bulb

    49. Mark Balliet on January 29, 2014

      Will the dimmable ones work with X10 controllers? If so, I want a few!