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A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
5,746 backers pledged $273,278 to help bring this project to life.

KickStarter Campaign Complete - Pre-Order Website Live

Posted by Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, Christian Yan (Creator)

Dear Awesome Backers,

We sincerely appreciate and are grateful for all of your generosity and kind support throughout this project. We ended with 13x our initial goal, and it's you guys that made this amazing feat possible! As a result of this fantastic turnout, we now have enough funding to choose high quality component suppliers, and ensure that the NanoLights you receive are the best quality that we know how to make. We are working on this project seven days a week and we have a few hired hands helping.

The NanoLight is getting Greener!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In the spirit of this "green" holiday, we are pleased to formally announce that we are re-branding the NanoLight to a greener brand name - the NanoLeaf.

As you may have known from reading our bios page, we are a team made up of passionate tree-huggers. In these past few weeks, we have discussed and finally decided that it is in our company's best interest to make our brand and logo represent the mission of our company, which is ultimately to make the world a greener place through creating energy efficient products. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our company stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward.

Our primary goal is to create a unique and recognizable mark that strongly represents our company's mission and values.

With that said, we believe that our new NanoLeaf brand will more accurately represent our company's energy efficient, conservation-focused innovations and technological advancements. We will start to gradually transition our website, logo, and product materials from the NanoLight to the NanoLeaf. Please help us spread the word on our decision to rebrand, and let your friends and family know about the NanoLeaf! It's the same great product, but now with a greener name. :)

Pre-Order now available through our website!

We have added the ability to pre-order lightbulbs directly from our new website - For those of you looking to order more NanoLeaf Bulbs, you may now place your pre-order through our webstore! The website pre-orders are scheduled to ship out immediately after we fulfill our Kickstarter orders.

For those of you that want more NanoLeaf Bulbs, pre-order from our website -!

Manufacturing Progress:

The LED order is finalized and submitted. We have broken the order into two parts. The first order is for 59900 LEDs, which is enough to make 1800 NanoLeaf light bulbs. These bulbs will ship to those backers that have an expected delivery date of April to May. The second order is for 153900 LEDs, and these will be used to make 4650 more light bulbs. These will ship out some time after May. The LEDs are the most expensive component in making our NanoLeaf bulbs, so we are thrilled to finally be able to have enough funding to get our mass production started! The main difference between the three versions of the NanoLeaf light (1200 lumen, 1600 lumen, and 1800+ lumen) is that they use different LED designs at different cost/performance tradeoff points. For those that have ordered the 1800+ lumen bulbs, and are expecting us to have held back no expense for the purchase of LEDs, we are happy say that we have designed the very best LED we could with cost taken out of the equation. The LED chip used in these top performance bulbs is a new chip that is still rarely available.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of work ahead of us and still some challenges. Now that the Kickstarter funds are being released to us, we need to do various bank transfers and issue various purchase orders. It is at the time of the purchase orders that we will start to find out about lead times for components. We are hoping that we will not run into issues with lead times, however, from talking to our suppliers and their purchasers, it appears that sometimes this can become an issue in the manufacturing business when dealing with large quantities. It is new to us and we are still learning. We have no need to announce any delay at this time and will continue to work hard to push the project forward. We will be posting videos clips and pictures on our progress through our Kickstarter Updates, Twitter, and Facebook, to keep you informed on the status of your NanoLeaf.

Backer Surveys:

We will be sending out the surveys for the first batch of bulbs soon to gather your shipping information, color preferences (Black, White, White with Leaf Design) and your regional voltage requirements (120V AC, 220-240V AC). As well as to confirm your order details. Please make sure you return the survey to us in a timely manner so that we can get those NanoLeaf orders finalized!

Please stay tuned for the weeks to come, we will be sending out frequent updates and sharing the manufacturing process with all of you!

The NanoLeaf Team


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    1. G. Koller on

      almost 2 years, will the light bulb be delivered? I am sending the info from amazon

      We wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a payment to Individual for ---- on Mar 8, 2013. This payment is related to the payment authorization listed below:

      Payment details:
      Transaction ID: 17L59BVVU4KK69ROK5DPK7TQEHCAISH5OVC
      Recipient: Individual
      Amount -----
      For: Pledging ---- on Kickstarter.
      Payment method: American Express
      Reference: KICKSTARTER COM

    2. Jason Galanter on

      No update for a month? That is not good.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ollivier on

      Doh, excuse me :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Ollivier on

      Survey, where are you ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Masahiro Watabe on

      I wait for the survey. And I hope your project success.

      I find I need 100V AC or 110V AC NanoLight.
      If you have a plan for making 100V AC or 110V AC version in the future, I choose so.

      If not, it'll be OK. I'll choose 120V AC or 220-240V AC anyway.
      And check how it works outside Japan.

    6. Felipe Gonçalves on

      still waiting for the surveys..

    7. Missing avatar

      Eiichi Kitagawa on

      I am yet to receive the survey. Have you sent it out?

    8. Charlie Marks on

      Are there any plans for lower wattage lights? I would like to put one in my porch light and just leave it on.

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard NL on

      @pclabtech While I agree with the general sentiment, I don't think bait-and-switch applies to changes made reasonably well before the end of the funding period; The update noting the color temperature change was from Feb 28th. That gave backers a week to do their own 'switch' and simply drop backing.
      I think it'd be great if they do offer a choice of color temperatures in the survey and make it happen, but I wouldn't have let hope of such guide my choice of staying a backer or not.

    10. pclabtech on

      I am guessing no 4000K bulbs then from what I am reading...

      It makes me ashamed I live in the same city they are running the business out of.

      If you start a project stating "this is what we are making" and then decide to not even give those a choice (like the leaf design) to have either 3500 or 4000 and do the bait-and-switch to backers, is not good business.

    11. Mal Weatherly on

      Now that the name is "NanoLeaf" (which I like ;-), shouldn't the lights literally be green instead on black and/or white?

    12. John S. Moran on

      The rebranded name "NanoLeaf" (Mar. 18,13) for the "NanoLight" (Jan. 7,13) light bulb, I think could become a recognizable brand name in light bulbs, such as "Kleenex" (1924), "Sharpie" (1964) or even something like "microsoft's" (1975) "Windows" (1985), as all of these products, had a project beginning.

      The three founding members of "NanoLeaf" (2 and 3/4 months old) are from a country who's flag has a red Maple Leaf (1965) on it. I think its fitting, that the team choose a "Green Leaf" as the logo for a product that considers its self to be "The world's most energy efficient light bulb" invented in and by Canadians.
      All of the "Backers who Learned" what this project "NanoLight" could do, to reduce the consumer consumption of Power, also it looked different than any other light bulb previous. For in the country where, "The flag is the symbol of the nation's unity, for it, beyond any doubt, represents all the citizens of Canada without distinction, language, belief or opinion." This is my mentioning of politics and from the response given to "NanoLight" on Kickstarter, I would have to disagree that the Green movement is overdone, rather it's just starting.
      I look forward to the NanoLeaf team's, other NEW energy efficient products that are being created, so that one day a Truck Driver may be able to run on Solar battery power, such as the products that Tom Rodinger has worked on, over the past 9 years. At my home in the canadian prairies, I built an ecosystem/waterworks that covers my front yard and uses to much power to run, I would like to make or use a solar system in the future? Any ideas Tom or team? Cheers John

    13. Missing avatar

      Stickparter on

      Ok, so not only does this product have nothing to do with "nano", it also has nothing to do with "leaf". Way to pick wannabe-cool-but-failing-miserably product names. Even something as bad as "Soopah Doopah Lamp" would actually be better.

      Also, 3500K instead of 4000K? Not nice. The horrid "Leaf Design"? Well, at least I get to opt out of that one.

      I hope you don't make any more annoying changes, or I'll start seriously regretting backing this project in the first place.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      This is a great product! my concern is the rebrand of Light to Leaf.. although the idea behind green branding is great I fear this change jeopardizes broader market appeal and will be confusing for consumers at a crucial time.. "the launch." Green marketing has already been accomplished with the use of LED technology. Leaf is a great corporate tag and can definitely be used as a creative marketing piece, but at this time I fear it is a costly mistake. Understanding of the product will now be associated with a premium. Marketing dollars should be focused on communicating the longevity of a product not defining what the product is "a light."

    15. Frank Talbot on

      I just checked the new website. So you're sticking to 3500k instead of the 4000k that was offered when most of us pledged for this? Pretty disappointing.

      I like the name change though, even if I agree with William Tribe that the product name should mention "Light" somewhere. NanoLeaf Light would work I guess, and I'm sure you can find something better.

      Thanks for the update, and PLEASE reconsider at least giving us the option between 3500k and 4000k.

    16. JadeL on

      I agree with William Tribe on this one, NanoLeaf is a good company name, but the product name should probably stay as NanoLight, to avoid confusion.

      On another note, however, it is impossible to talk about management of trees and their historical uses without mentioning politics. Dating back to hundreds of years ago, whoever controlled tree supplies had the power to empower those who waged war, cooked food, and heated homes. Without wood, you were as good as dead in many empire's eyes. Even TOUCHING the designated trees of merchant barons or monarchies left you with a chopped limb, extortion, or worse... If royalty didn't commission that violin Stratavari made, then he was either a vassal on good terms with the elite, or he was a fugitive rogue. No one could take from any forest without the consent of their so-called masters.

      The green movement is about more than just staying alive in an environmentally decaying world- it is also about redirecting and changing the sick politics which have governed energy control for the past millennium. Again, I think it is unfortunate, but politics necessarily plays a huge role in the green movement, no matter how much we want to avoid it.

    17. Missing avatar

      William Tribe on

      Nano Leaf is a good corporate name but I hope you market under Nano Liight or no one will know what it is. The Green or Tree Hugger movement is over done. We should all be good Stewards of the earth without Politics. Glad no Green movement in- place 400 years ago so Stratavari could make Violins from wood. Extremists would rather see wood rot than hear the Music. You couldn't deliver your product with me. Truck Driver. We can't run on Wind, Battery or Solar power. Common sense anyone? Nano Light should revolutionize the lighting industry if not taken over by Government or Big Business......

    18. Rand Chua TL on

      Great news to share!

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard NL on

      @Vincent From the very update you replied to, just above the place you typed your comment:

      "We will be sending out the surveys for the first batch of bulbs soon to gather [...] your regional voltage requirements (120V AC, 220-240V AC)." So it'll be you who will have to make sure to specify the correct voltage on the eventual survey ;)

    20. Vincent Duguy on

      Hey nanolight team, I see in nanoleaf store two different versions of one lamp (North america/japan or Europe Asia) can you confirm that: my order on kickstarter correspond the voltage of my country?

    21. Ron Au on

      Nice to see everything keeping to schedule so far :) Although if there ever are delays- the best decision is always to let people know rather than hope they won't notice. People are much more forgiving and understanding if you just maintain updates (as you're doing so well now) and explain what the hurdles are.

      Keep it up!

    22. Suresh K. Volam on

      Nice name change... I already have a LEAF and will have NanoLeaf soon.

    23. John Overstreet on

      Nice name change... Now I'll have a LEAF in the driveway and NanoLeafs in my light sockets.

    24. Missing avatar

      Sunny Han on

      NanoLeaf...I like it, I like it a lot. Keep up the amazing work guys!

      P.S - the new website looks great!

    25. Missing avatar

      Caryn Cameron on

      Sounds great.

      I'm getting black but love the leaf idea. Would it be okay to draw on it with a silver Sharpie?