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A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
5,746 backers pledged $273,278 to help bring this project to life.

NEW Leaf Design Reward Options

Posted by Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, Christian Yan (Creator)

Hi All,

Thank you all for your comments regarding the Leaf design update. It was very informative and helpful to receive your feedback. From the comments we read, there seems to be an apparent split in opinions (the majority loved it, a portion did not, and the rest seemed to like the concept of having a design - just not this particular design).

After careful review and consideration, we have decided that the best option would be to make the Leaf design an optional add-on. We are excited to announce that for only $5 more, people can opt to get the bulb with the Leaf design for both the $30 and $45 reward options!

As for our $100/$300/$1000 reward backers, we would like to offer you the free option of upgrading to the Leaf design as a token of our appreciation for your generous support. 

If you have already pledged for a bulb and are interested in upgrading your pledge, we have released three new reward options. Please log onto our KickStarter page and update your pledge to one of the following: 

  • $35 - With LEAF Design - One White 10W NanoLight (75W-Equivalent)
  • $50 - With LEAF Design - One White 12W NanoLight (100W-Equivalent).
  • $100 - With LEAF Design - One White 12W NanoLight (1800 Lumens).

The expected delivery date is listed as September. However, we will be shipping them out to you as soon as they come out of production, which may be as early as May.

Thank you!

The NanoLight Team

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    1. Martin

      Please please please update us on the dimmability issue - this is critical for me. I would buy multiples of these lights as long as I can dim them (they are for a home theatre room and I need to control the brightness for more than just on/off...Thx and good luck!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Moore on

      You are in the latest issue of Designfax.

      Not much more than pointing to the main video, but this pub goes out to a LOT of Engineers.


    3. Missing avatar

      Zorkman on

      Why not leaf design on a BLACK one?

    4. pclabtech on

      @Peter yea, someone linked a you tube video on "The Lightbulb Conspiracy" and it was a very interesting video, even though it was basically a 52 minute video to promote phillips LED lightbulbs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I'm fine with the "original", which I pledged for three of -- plan to use in my main reading lamp, which is on a *lot* of the time.

    6. Peter Karwacki on

      Disruptive technology: that is what the LED bulb is.
      It will reduce waste, save energy, and provide better light.

      As an early supporter it is truly gratifying to support this project and know that I've had a hand in creating a better world. This is how it is done, one some step at a time in spite of GE, Sylvania, and all the other n'er do wells that might just as well squelch the technology in my opinion.

    7. Richard Perry on

      I liked the leaf design but not enough to pay for something hidden 99% of the time. However I think you made the best decision for kickstarter as current backers did so for the non pattern design.

    8. Sam Beckett on

      LOL @ Sept 2013, maybe Sept 2014.

      One think about kickstarter is that you always add a year to the release date.

    9. John on

      So maybe the wrong place to ask, but if we are pledging for one of the multiple bulb sets, are all the bulbs in the set the same color? DO they all get the leaf design if we decide that's what we want?

    10. Missing avatar

      Josebasubi on

      Note that the leaf ones have the estimated delivery date set to "Sep. 2013"

    11. Joseph Shivak on

      so only the white one gets the leafs.. ok i'll stay with normal black.

    12. Missing avatar

      Riccardo De Filippo on

      Note: the images showing the leaf design may not be accurate, but it may be worthwhile considering a pattern that includes the light sources as graphic elements. In the images shown the pattern seems to have no relationship to the light points.

    13. Johannes Walter on

      That is a good solution for this and further updates that you might find. Go ahead! Thx john