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A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
A new LED lightbulb that is the most energy efficient on the planet. The Nanoleaf One takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.
5,746 backers pledged $273,278 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, Christian Yan (Creator)

We’re just passed the halfway point of our KickStarter project and wanted to provide another quick update to keep everyone informed on our progress. We have been working harder than ever to make sure this product gets to our backers on time. Here are a few of the key items we have been working on:

1. Stretch Goal Reached! We have well surpassed our stretch goal and are proud to show you a concept design that we have created to make the looks of the NanoLight more attractive.

The idea of imprinting artwork directly onto the light bulb is something we have never seen anywhere. There are a few options here:

  • We can take this design and imprint it on all white colored NanoLights that will ship. This can be done at no extra cost.
  • We can offer the choice to the customer whether he/she wants a plain white NanoLight or one with an imprinted pattern. In this case, it adds extra complexity to make two types of bulbs and therefore the NanoLight with artwork will cost a few dollars more.
  • If this idea sounds strange for a light bulb and doesn't seem to serve as any benefit, we can scrap the idea.

We are very interested in your comments and constructive feedback because this will dictate what we will do. Let us know by adding a comment on this update. Even if it is just "I like it" or "I hate it", we really want to know. Help us make the NanoLight be the best it can.

If you have other artistic ideas for other NanoLight designs, please talk to us.

2. RoHS: We are very happy to let you know that we will be adhering to the RoHS manufacturing process for the printed circuit board used to make the NanoLight. RoHS stands for "restriction of hazardous substances" and it is a directive that limits the use of certain materials that are known to be toxic to the environment, most notably lead and mercury. Given that this product is designed to be as energy efficient and green as possible and given everything that our team stands for, it is an absolute no-brainer decision to go this route and deliver an environmentally friendly product to you. The extra cost to do this will be absorbed by us. You will not see any difference in the final product.

3. Manufacturing Progress: we have already started procuring the necessary components for our first batch of NanoLights and are excited to be starting the assembly process soon. We would like to begin production with a small batch of NanoLights starting on the week of February 18th. During this trial run, we aim to define our assembly and QA processes to ensure a high quality end product, and to figure out how to best maximize production efficiency.

4. Dimmable Feature: We have been working rigorously in the lab on this ever since our last update and we have made very good progress. Within the next few weeks, we are aiming to have a working prototype completed and ready to share with you in a video.

5. Website: Our website is constantly maintained to stay up to date. We have some media features in various newspapers and editorials, as well as a live television interview. If you would like more information, our web site is a great place to look first. We have also been keeping an updated list of our generous supporters ($300 reward or above) on our home page.

6. Twitter: If you have not done so yet, please follow us on Twitter @theNanoLight! For those of you who contributed to the $1 reward, we will be posting your twitter shout-out soon, so we'd love it if you could see it! Our twitter page is also a good place to go for live updates of what is happening in the world of the NanoLight. We also provide random tips for energy conservation as well as pictures and current events related to our product.

Thank you everyone for your gracious support and genuine interest for the NanoLight.

The NanoLight Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Micheal O'Loinsigh on

      The nature design looks really great. Opens the opportunity for peoples personal design preferences with a range of designs after a while.

      At the moment it is not that important though i feel. Reduce the cost at all costs to get started for yourseves and the buying public and get the product out there working and proven. Fashion statements can be focused on once it is shown to work and you can relaunch it over and over again then :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Hansen Andersen on

      Don't make a fundamental business mistake... Now!

      Please read this short but VERY insightful post about the famous jam study, to steer clear of a common business mistake:

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim Young on

      Love the idea. Women will find it attractive and men will enjoy the savings. Great Marketing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Stohr on

      Once artwork is part of the picture so to speak it opens up entirely the world of designers, branding, advertisements and so forth. Considering the lifespan of the bulb, then why wouldn't someone want to have high class designer bulbs in their ceiling fan lights (where bulbs don't usually have shades and are visible during the day when not using them.) Become like Fabergé egg, but light bulbs.
      I can think of a dozens designs from looking like circuit boards with lots of tracings, natural looking stone, marble, gemstones, hello kitty, cats, famous quotes, death star, draw your own. Once you have automated industrial production, customized orders should be no trouble. Thousands of products have similar concepts of customized variations. Why? it is just a light bulb some have said. How many fashion, art backers could you get if there is an entire new medium to get a design out to market on a product someone has to buy anyway.

    5. Nekola Noel Prosperie on

      Not the design in the pic above..but love the option to have one with artwork so the design is more attractive...& I would gladly wait a lil longer for the bulbs for one that has artwork

    6. Griffin on

      I like the art and the plain bulb. I will be happy whichever I receive.

    7. Kevin Lampo on

      I never understood the black design. It retains heat and absorbs light, neither are good for a light bulb. I would rather see plain and floral as the 2 options. At production rate the cost of the pattern is pennies and adds options to where the bulb can be installed, think down light lamps in restaurants.

      Of course the best option is still a full dimming bulb but you all know that.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Ropchan on

      I like the idea of the pattern fo when the bulb is off, but still visible. Good idea.

    9. Joseph Ip on

      While it does not add any functionality, I like the artwork idea as it gives a more finished look to the product.

    10. Laura Stevens on

      I prefer the NanoLight without pattern. I think that pattern adds too much complexity for what it's worth. It drives up the price, but I don't see any gain. I would prefer investing in a LED that is more cost effective and affordable. How often you do peer at your light bulb, anyway? I am not saying the look of the bulb does not matter. The bulb should have an appealing look, but it should be due to basic design of the bulb itself, not pictures drawn on it.

    11. Frank Talbot on

      For what I want to use mine, I'd prefer plain white. The pattern is a good idea (even if I don't like this specific one) but right now I'd say focus on shipping those then worry about patterns and artistic extras.

    12. CaptainShark on

      I think this is a great idea, but be sure to give people the option of whether they want it. The design presented is not one I would want, but I am sure it is attractive to others.

    13. Aras on

      I love the artwork design. However, maybe it is better to leave it blank, and give people example pattenrs that they could draw on their lights or etch with a laser cutter. I think the designs would be a great way of personolizing the bulbs and turn them into a functional and personalized gift.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kunz on

      The pattern idea is great, but if I were you, I would focus on keeping the early runs simple. If you do it, I'll take one patterned, but I'll be just as happy with plain for V1.

    15. Alain Joaris on

      If you were to put this up for production with a pattern, you should also find a way to use plain white material since the black edges of the parts somewhat jeopardise the beautification effort. This would actually be nice even without patterns, although then of less importance for a plain white bulb.

    16. Ali Grotkowski

      I love the idea of the pattern for when the light bulb isn't lit! It's a definite attraction!

    17. Chris B. on

      "The idea of imprinting artwork directly onto the light bulb is something we have never seen anywhere."
      Well, yeah. With respect (and aside computer monitors), how often do you stare at a light bulb while it is lit?

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Daugherty on

      The pattern is very attractive, but I think it is a better idea for later. The plain white will reflect more light, and the unique shape of the bulb will draw plenty of attention. Later after you are in full production you can add glitz.

    19. Dan Gerbarg on

      no vines for me...a black lightbulb is plenty awesome for me!

    20. Missing avatar

      Caryn Cameron on

      If you add the vines I'll switch from the black, because the vines make it beautiful.

    21. Richard Perry on

      I think the pattern looks great and if you can add it for little or no cost then make it standard.

      Sure it may be technically pointless, but at some point you will be selling to the public and the design makes it look more friendly and likely to catch peoples attention.

      I would also add the 'NanoLight' brand DISCREETLY to the imprinted design as people may want to buy more later on and need reminding of the name.

    22. Missing avatar

      Berno Kneer on

      Great Design. I like it. I think you should go for it!

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Kinnaly on

      Personally, I think the printed graphics are a waste of resources. Folks buy bulbs to produce light. Your design, providing true omni-directional LED illumination, is what counts. IMHO, you should focus your energies on lighting, not artwork.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jim Moore on

      I do not see the graphic design idea as a good use of resources. You have a great product, that you need to get into the market fast and first. Put the graphic design idea in your Tomorrow File.

      You probably have these on you To-Do list but:

      1. In the North woods of Minnesota, and in other places around the world, we could use a more cost effective outdoor bug light. As I understand it any wavelength higher than about 650 nm is invisible to most flying insects.

      2. What about a replacement for the power hungry Reflector Flood or Spot Light bulbs?

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew L on

      I like the floral design, I would pay an extra ~3 bucks for it. That said I would be more interested in the bulb being dimmable. Also please put some focus on the CRI of the bulb, one of the reasons people thought early compact florescents were ugly was the low CRI. The DOE L prize had a stipulation that the winner had to have a >90 CRI, the winning Philips bulb has a CRI of 93. I don't think allot of people understand what a big difference CRI makes in the subjective perception of how good a light source is. Keep up the good work guys.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I don't much care if it comes with a design (and the vine does look nice) but for my purposes (use I'm planning for this batch I've pledged for) not willing to pay extra for it. Maybe for a future purchase, different use, & if dimmable.

    27. Mark Knapp on

      Absolutely LOVE the floral design!!! I'm also wondering if there might be another version of this bulb which emits ideal wavelengths of light for growing plants. Seems like this is the next logical step for such a bright light with such low heat and energy consumption. (I'm always looking for new products which will help humans grow plants when the US Food Industry inevitably collapses. I think this may be an integral part of the solution!)

    28. Missing avatar

      EnigmaticSoul on

      At first, I shied away from the idea of being forced into a floral pattern if buying a white Nanolight, however the more I thought about it, the more I warmed up to the idea. While I am a utilitarian technophile that would have no problem adopting the unique shape of the Nanolight, my spouse is not. She is much more drawn to the aesthetics of an item, and the new pattern might help to conquer what otherwise might be a challenge in accepting such a radical new shape and appearance.

      The short answer is that I would accept the option of having all white nanolights printed with a pattern, but would not likely pay more for it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Melanie Dugan on

      As an artist when I first saw the nano light design I liked it -the mechano-like look of it . I liked how the functional components of the bulb became the the design components too.

      In this concept the very decorative nature of the design is at odds with the strong functional design elements in the bulb . It looks like you are trying dress something up but not successfully.

      I would suggest that you stick with the original design elements and try to add to these in your design choices . For instance you could use pure colours, handle the design in a modernist style - lego and their design choices come to mind .

      Your bulb is unique and different from anything else I have seen - do not try to make it look like something that one might see at a home decor store.

      I realize the funky and designer market is smaller but it helps your product stand out as something new and different.
      It also seems to reflect your current engineering philosophies about your product.

      Best of luck and I look forward to what is next!

    30. Thomas P Miller on

      I like the design very much. I am just wondering how often there will be an exposed bulb to show off its design. I would imagine a shade of some type would be covering it right? Not sure if the extra cost warrants it

    31. N.H. on

      I like the design but only support it if there is no additional cost to backers. The hope is that future iterations can be made cheaper so that this bulb can have mass appeal and NanoLight can be a large success while helping stem the global energy consumption. The dimming feature on the other hand is definitely something to focus on as this is increasingly required in lighting products. Please keep up the great work!

    32. Missing avatar

      David MacDonald on

      Superb design, I like it !

    33. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Use this design for all white lamps. I like it!

    34. Missing avatar

      Semper Juvens on

      The pattern emphasizes your 'ecological' theme, doesn't reduce functionality, doesn't add to the price, and doesn't degrade the product aesthetically. What's not to like? A number of people have said they won't see it behind a lamp shade, but I can envisage installations where the bulb itself, when off, is a design element. The print design fosters that type of initiative. Go for it, I like it!

    35. Missing avatar

      Steve Rentmeesters on

      Having a pattern is an interesting idea, but none of the bulbs in my house are visible. I would prefer to see a silver mirroring surface to reflect more light back out after hitting the lamp shade, etc. Another interesting feature would be color temperature (I prefer 6500K for viewing art).

    36. Missing avatar

      Giselle on

      Artwork is great because it can used as actual art when the bulb has exhausted it's use... kind of how old bulbs are used now with a retro feel. Pretty cool!

    37. Missing avatar

      Mike K on

      I like the design imprinting. A couple possibilities for designs:
      A. Artistic design/pattern like in the photos
      B. something iconic for NanoLight
      C. A combination of artistic design/pattern and NanoLight icon (logo, URL, etc)

      Ps. Great to hear the progress on the dimmable feature!

    38. Missing avatar

      Alek Ristov on

      And another think people, READ the update. Stop with the "I would like a dimmable option" comments. If you read the update they are saying they have been working rigorously on that option.
      Doing a great job guys!

    39. Missing avatar

      Alek Ristov on

      Love the idea, makes the bulb unique and looks nice.

    40. Tulakarn on

      I would help us to make decision easily if you can show us some picture of the reflection on the wall.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jayson Kalicinski on

      I like the artwork as it will add to the conversation piece many of these first run bulbs will be. But really, I'm getting the black version, so don't take my word for it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jo-Ann Wilsbech on

      I like the idea of artwork. It can expand marketing possibilities for the future. But for this project, I vote to keep the bulb plain.

    43. Rhel

      I like the concept. And some of the ideas being put forth below, for further down the line, sound pretty interesting: advertising, designers/artists (perhaps limited editions), different colors…

      For the initial run, though, stick with the black and white schemes. Get people used to the concept & the name, first.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ryan Shook on

      I like the plain bulb. 90% of the time you won't see the bulb anyhow. I do appreciate thinking outside the box though.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Rousseau on

      Most ligth in my house are dimmable so it's what i'm looking for first.

    46. Missing avatar

      Michal Todorovic on

      Cute... but my advice is to work on functionality first. You guys are having a hugely successful project, and you might be overwhelmed with the success. I like dimming as that fits with your mission, but the pattern stuff is a distraction if it interferes with you guys shipping. Just my 2 cents from seeing other projects get behind; backers are more sympathetic with the changes if they improve the usability/value of the item rather than the aesthetics.

    47. Missing avatar

      LMN on

      I really like the pattern idea, it adds to the appeal of the product,.

    48. Missing avatar

      Martin Falardeau on

      Good idea, i like it