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Industrial, age-old design meets ergonomic innovation.  Groundbreaking technology from Bosse Tools has reinvented the shovel.
Industrial, age-old design meets ergonomic innovation.  Groundbreaking technology from Bosse Tools has reinvented the shovel.
Industrial, age-old design meets ergonomic innovation. Groundbreaking technology from Bosse Tools has reinvented the shovel.
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    1. Glenn Peterson on

      Got my shovel. I am impressed all the way around, the box, the info, the shovel. In my opinion this shovel was well worth the wait. I have used it out in the garden for digging up some spent plants (garden season is pretty much over here in hot Phoenix, AZ) and it is working very well for me so far. Well done Bosse Tools!

    2. Stephen Walden Creator on

      Dear Kickstarter Community,

      I am happy to say that your shovels are coming (many are in the hands of FedEx or already delivered). The wait is over!

      I will start by apologizing for discontinuing communication on the Kickstarter email system. We switched over to a Customer Relationship Management system called Infusionsoft because it allowed us to make a file for each backer with the order, address, and any comments (which made it much more simple to track orders and fulfillments)...I should have been reposting these email updates that I was sending thru Infusionsoft onto the Kickstarter page...I will make sure all emails broadcasts are reposted on Kickstarter moving forwards.

      On to the fun part, we are fulfilling orders as we speak, and I have notes from individuals who have changed their address, so we have made those adjustments. If you have a new address change, please EMAIL ME AT immediately...this is the best way for you to get your shovel at the right address. I have included a few photos below of our distribution warehouse as well as the box that will be showing up at your door either this week or next!

      With respect to any comments about Bosse, all I can say is that I have not taken a day off in the process of getting you the best product of the highest quality. I firmly believe that waiting for a premium product will be worth it in the long run, and nothing besides fulfilling these orders has even been my priority since the day the campaign succeeded. I am sorry for anyone who has been led to believe otherwise, and has felt the need to comment as such. I have always been available via email and telephone, both of which are in every email and listed on our website, and I am always available to hear from customers. This will hold true for as long as Bosse Tools is making shovels.

      I have enjoyed this journey and this is truly just the beginning. Your support along the way has helped me endure many difficulties in this process. Nothing is as easy as it seems, and through hard work, faith, and a great team, we finally are delivering the shovels you have so anxiously awaited.


      Stephen Walden


    3. Ken

      So are we dead in the water now?

    4. Missing avatar

      Windsortenor on

      "Given this timeline, we anticipate being able to begin shipping shovels at the end of January and early February 2015"

      It is now early updates? No shovels?

      According to RJ, he is arrogant and a clueless "inventor".

      According to the dictionary, he is a liar and a thief!

    5. Missing avatar

      RJ on

      Mike: He chose to stop using Kickstarter to communicate. Another arrogant, clueless "inventor".

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Bernstein on

      Are the lights still on??

    7. Missing avatar

      Sheila Heath on

      Any updates on shipping? Thanks!

    8. blueumbrella

      I received the new confirmation email, just now. However, I do not see a confirmation button to confirm that the current information is correct. From email : "Please review the information below and either confirm or change your details".

    9. Mark Dwight

      Thanks Stephen. Sounds like great progress. Your product is more difficult to develop than most people might imagine. Take the time to make it right. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck with your tooling and the first production run.

    10. Missing avatar

      Windsortenor on

      YAY! An update! Not holding by breath.

    11. Missing avatar

      Maureen DeMartino on

      Its November 1, 2015. When are the shovels going to ship?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ike582 on

      The first few months he spent more time promoting himself all over the web, magazines, etc. I suspect he spent far more time and money on self promotion than on product development. With all due respect and consideration, maybe he should do another "feature" in Entrepreneur Magazine showcasing this colossal failure to communicate and deliver?

    13. Missing avatar

      Windsortenor on

      Interesting. Under the comment section is "Be respectful and considerate". Perhaps the person that took our money should be doing the same thing?

    14. Missing avatar

      Windsortenor on

      I guess I file this not well spent

    15. Missing avatar

      Windsortenor on

      Ummm.....Mid August....what's happening?

    16. Missing avatar

      Windsortenor on

      Getting very impatient here as well....

    17. Missing avatar

      Kromanm on

      "June: Final prototypes in hand"
      Where are they?

    18. Brett Daniels on

      Still no progress or update... get it together.

    19. Brett Daniels on

      What I'd like more, and while I do understand you are trying to sooth people's impatience, is less focus on mitigating the delayed manufacturing and release of the product and more time spent fixing the problems that are delaying you in the first place. I know you must be swamped and are just trying to keep everyone sated with these incremental updates, but it seems that you are actually spending more time making these updates than getting on top of the manufacturing deadlines. On the other note, congratulations on the successful endeavor.

    20. Stephen Walden Creator on

      Hi Brett,
      We are still hoping to meet the proposed deadlines that we put out in Update #21, which would be end of April or early May. We are working hard every day to get these produced for you! Thanks for staying with us.

      I wish I had them to send to you, hope you are surviving this crazy weather!


    21. Missing avatar

      Ike582 on

      Got almost 2 feet of snow on the ground here in Chicago and wish I had this shovel already.

    22. Brett Daniels on

      When can we expect these to be delivered?

    23. Stephen Walden Creator on

      Hi H Bruns, my apologies for the delayed response. I intend for the product to be a pitch fork as you described, rather than a garden fork. Once I have the images of this tool, I will make sure to send them out to everyone. We are definitely addressing your concerns with regard to tool size, its something that we are putting a lot of thought and time into so that the tool really feels great in your hands!

      Thanks for the enthusiasm, I am really looking forward to getting these products out to you and hearing about your experience with them!!!


    24. Missing avatar

      H Bruns on

      Hello guys, I am really glad you made the goal and will be starting to actually build these tools for general consumers to purchase. I backed your project at the level that will provide me with :

      The Mount Rushmore - Get all 3 shovels, spade, flat head, and snow shovel - and we will add a pitchfork for you as well! FREE SHIPPING to your door within the US.

      My question is, what you are calling a pitchfork, is it a pitchfork, or a garden fork ? I'll find out when it arrives, but in general a pitchfork has a longer handle and more slender tines, to lift and then 'pitch' hay, or manure, or some such light weight materials, while a garden fork has a shorter handle and stouter tines to dig into and loosen garden soils and other denser materials. I'll be happy with either, altho a pitchfork with a really long handle would be nice...One thing about these type of hand tools sold in the USA in the last 40 years is that the handles have all gotten shorter, it seems to me. I'm fairly old (61) and not tall (5' 8"), but for pitchforks and leaf rakes, and long handled shovels, longer handles make the work easier....I've done a lot of hand work. I am really looking forward to using your 'revolutionary' design, with my old fashioned hands and arms. H.

    25. Stephen Walden Creator on

      Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign - all 483 of you have inspired me and the dream stays pumped to have reached the goal!

    26. Steven DiRamio on

      Any plans to make this shovel interchangeable between the 3 types?

    27. Boombotix on

      I cant wait to shovel snow with this thing.

    28. Stephen Walden Creator on

      Hi Teya (and everyone!) thanks for the question. The plan is to get these things manufactured as soon as we can. I would love to have them in your hands as an Xmas gift and will work as hard as I can to make that happen. Will be keeping you up to date on all progress as we go!

    29. Teya Starre on

      Do you think we will be getting the shovels in time for Christmas?

    30. Hamad Alkanhal on

      Congrats Stephen. You and Bosse deserve the best.

    31. Mark Dwight

      Way to go, guys! Congratulations!

    32. Nick

      So close! If it's still close in a day I'll up to 2 shovels, I so want this to succeed. Every little bit helps.

    33. Hamad Alkanhal on

      Less than $3,000 to go. Bosse is gonna happen.

      Wish you all the luck man :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Bryson Ishii on

      This shovel is awesome! It's a major improvement on the traditional model. Definitely worth the investment.

    35. Missing avatar

      Quinn Morgan on

      An incredible and innovative idea. This will change the landscape of construction forever! Beautiful and practical design, can't wait to see it in action. If you want this shovel, tell your friends to support the campaign!

    36. Missing avatar

      Chip Hailey on

      Wow, can't wait to get one of these to shovel snow. I see you're from Manhattan Beach, CA so I can't imagine you shovel too much snow. I have seen a shovel at Home Depot with a curved shaft - that's completely different than yours, yes?

    37. Missing avatar

      Carol Robbins on

      This is really neat, who would have ever thought that we would see a shovel like this?! Can the shovel be used in a free-spooling position, or does it stay locked in place? Either way, can't wait to try this beast!

    38. Missing avatar

      Mitch Hudak on

      I work in construction, use a shovel more than anything else - glad to see someone took the bull by the horns!! I see that you offer a "one of each" option - is there any way I can get all 3 of my shovels as the pointed spades? I live in Phoenix so I can't say I have much use for a snow shovel.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Walden on

      As someone who has got to play around with the prototype a little bit, I can attest to the benefits to this design are second to none. When you thought you knew everything there was to know about using a shovel, Stephen and Bosse Tools go and redesign a more efficient and effective model of one of the most primitive tools on the market. The efficiencies the Bosse Tools design adds to the work environment will change the way you feel about manual labor (and how you feel after). Help support Bosse Tools and help support Made in the U.S.A.!

    40. Dempsey Belcher on

      Have you looked at 3-D printing as a way to cut costs, or would it not be appealable for this application?

    41. Missing avatar

      Rama Wusirika on

      I was thinking I don't need a shovel. I live in a big city with no garden in a small apartment. Then I thought about the zombie apocalypse and realized this is the perfect tool/weapon for my survival kit. And yes, I watch the Walking Dead all the time, so what? But seriously, if you live in an area where natural disasters are likely to occur, the right tool can make all the difference. Buy a Bosse Tool! You never know when you will need it!

    42. Justin Massion on

      Less than $10K to go!!! This is exciting!

    43. Stephen Walden Creator on

      +@Danny - also appreciate it, great to have your support

    44. Stephen Walden Creator on

      @Kramer and @ Patrick - thanks for the enthusiasm - really looking forward to getting to the 100% mark

    45. Missing avatar

      Danny Toth on

      Awesome idea, Stephen! What an incredibly practical improvement which creates an increase in productivity while also easing the pain of labor. I'm in!

    46. Kramer L Daniels on

      Incredibly innovative, way to go Stephen! Such a simple concept, and a major improvement. Amazing work!

    47. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      This is an incredible concept - something so simple that can make such a difference. I am getting one for dad and for myself. Great idea Stephen!

    48. Nigel J

      Tyrone & Shannon,

      Unfortunately the U shaped foothold will only be available if the stretch goal is met. Stephen Walden has confirmed this in a response to a private message:

      "You are correct, the U-shaped foot hold can only be manufactured if we hit that stretch goal. I would love to integrate it into the design no matter what, but the mold for that shovel head design is quite expensive!"

      From this it is clear that the design is complete but the tooling costs are too high unless there are a large number of orders.


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