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pledged of $23,031 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $23,031 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Contact pledges

The Contact pledge level allows you to become illustrated as one of the Contact cards. The Contact cards are cards that players hold in their Hand so are in constant motion between the deck and players.

There are 15 different characters in the Contact deck each with their own unique combination of abilities, 14 of these do not have artwork yet so are available for Contact level pledges.

Similar to the Antagonist pledge level, when the campaign ends backers who have pledged at the Contact level will get to vote on which of these characters they want to be included as. You will get to vote for your top 3 preferences so I can try to give everyone at least get one of their top 3 in the event that there is high demand for some options.

Black Bag Handler - Company Contact - Handler for black operations, familiar with how to make connections to get things done and evade the authorities.

Entrepreneur - Company Contact - A determined individual who moves fast and looks out for opportunities to make deals.

Power Player - Company Contact - With connections high up across the city, this contact will help you secure your position.

Face Man - Fixer Contact - On the front line of street deals, you can always rely on them to watch your back and keep you in touch.

Organiser - Fixer Contact - With an organiser in your contacts, you can be confident that your deals will go through.

Detective - Security Contact - Begrudgingly working with Nightlancers, knowing that there are far worse things in the city, to offer their sleuthing skills.

Patrol Officer - Security Contact - One of the rare few slums cops who try to do some sort of good, they draw attention - but that can be away from you.

Private Security - Security Contact - Able to spot security gaps with their professional background, or keep trouble away from you with their imposing presence.

Cyberspacer - Smart Contact - The cyberspacer never works face to face, but can help you find equipment and software through the net.

Hacker - Smart Contact - A tech wiz, adept with bypassing physical and software barriers with improvisational hacking skills.

Tinkerer - Smart Contact - Always at play with hardware, from weaponry and cybernetics to tools and locks.

Escort - Social Contact - The escort can provide an invaluable asset in keeping attention away from you.

Journalist - Social Contact - Skilled in investigation and connected across the city.

Performer - Social Contact - Able to keep eyes off you with an impromptu gig, or instead put you in touch with their fanbase.


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