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pledged of $23,031 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $23,031 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Day 2 Undead Viking and Antagonists

Hello Nightlancers

I'm excited to announce that the review from Undead Viking is now up for you to see!

I'm pleased that he really liked the thematic and story elements to the components. He talks quite a lot about how the rules are well ordered and structured so that they become quite easy to grasp and apply once you have learned them. Lance also brought it together with how well the rules all fit the theme, as I am a huge fan of when gameplay and theme all fit together.

Antagonist pledge level

I've had some questions about what the "Antagonist" pledge level involves so for my first full update I'll cover how all that works.

There are 9 Antagonist slots that you can be featured in that represent the different enemies your Nightlancer might face throughout the game, beside each other!

When the campaign ends, backers who have pledged at the Antagonist level will get to vote on which of these characters they want to be included. To account for the possibility that lots of backers all want to become one of these characters you will get to vote for your top 3 preferences so I can try to give everyone at least get one of their top 3.

These are the 9 options:

Mongrels Street Gang - You will become one of the ruthless, stealthy Mongrels street gang members. They move in the shadows, using wits and numbers to outmanoeuvre and bring down even tough enemies like Nightlancers or Applied Peace Officers.

Rivets Street Gang - You will become one of the aggressive, territorial Rivets gang members. They're tough with a strong sense of brotherhood, while always looking for enemies to test their strength against. They mark their gang status and toughness with rivets jammed directly into their body!

Harmony Shockpack - The decadent, psychotic Harmony shockpack members band together out of  hatred for ugly things in the world. They decorate themselves extravagently, use augmented reality to try to edit out things they don't like seeing, and they will use elegant and deadly fighting abilities to exterminate things that are too ugly to bear.

Meathooks Shockpack - The Meathooks are wild savages, banding together out of a pack mentality and ferocity. They fight amongst themselves constantly weeding out any too weak to survive, and implant their bodies with any weaponry, blades, armour or other equipment to make them better at being violent.

Electratech Security - Electratech is a corporation of questionable values that is rumoured to take people who are easily overlooked away from the Slums as test beds for cybernetic enhancements. Their security guards are heavily armed and equipped, made for holding position to protect the company facilities.

Pharmachem Security - Pharmachem are a corporation suspected but ever proven of extensive industrial sabotage against rivals or any other problems they come across. Their security forces are highly mobile and use tactics and maneuvering for surgical strikes against enemies.

Peace Officer - The patrol officers of the Peace Bureau who do their best to keep the worst of the slums under control. They pack body armour and shotguns to help keeping the peace. Many are in the pay of the mob or corrupt politicians to overlook their special interests, with only a few trying to be honest cops actually trying to protect the innocent victims of the slums.

Applied Peace Officer - These Peace Officers are especially equipped for bringing the peace to slums incidents. They are heavily armed and armoured, and once they are on site there is little doubt that they will bring their equipment to bear to pacify the situation with maximum efficiency.

Special Peace Officer - These Peace Officers are the toughest, meanest enforcers that the Peace Bureau brings to bear. Inner city people rarely even know of their existence, as when they come into play there is no evasion of what they do. These individuals are ruthless, savage killers with the heaviest weaponry, implanted body weapons, and an utter focus on murdering everything that they are told to murder.


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