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Metuchen's Mystical Magical Junebug ArtFest is an annual event created by artists for artists...and those passionate about the arts!

The Metuchen Mystical Magical Junebug ArtFest is an annual event created by artists, for artists . . . and those passionate about the arts.

The Junebug ArtFest is itself a work of art. It brings together members of the local community and artists of every discipline for a month-long celebration every Friday evening in June. More than 100 visual and performing artists participate in open air exhibits, window galleries, live music, interactive art events and open-mic sessions. Our main streets are filled with residents, visitors, family members, friends who truly appreciate the transformation of our central NJ community into a true "home" for the arts.

The Junebug is designed as a completely non-profit event…the all-volunteer artist-planners begin with a budget of 0 and end with 0 in the account. Advertising and printing costs, along with materials, equipment rental and artist lecture fees are raised through sponsorship from local businesses in our very small town. There is no fee for artists to participate but they are requested to give a $25 donation.

In its previous three years, the ArtFest has grown exponentially, both in the numbers of attendees as well as participating artists, who have evolved from primarily local performers and artists to visual artists and musicians from neighboring states. Much of our local population serve as volunteer “Hosts” and take turns welcoming and directing visitors to exhibit and performance sites.

As we assessed our past success and future prospects, our planning team agreed that we would like to see the level of the event “raised a notch.” For the first time this year, a non-Metuchen artist will be creating the signature “Junebug Sculpture,” which presides over the month-long event (its unveiling signals the official start of the ArtFest). The brand new “Lightning Fast Films on a Shoestring” will invite non-professional filmmakers to submit short videos, the best of which will be screened during the event. A theater group will present “Master Artists from the Past” which will allow the likes of Frida Kahlo and Picasso to roam the streets and interact with visitors.

In addition to jurying both the visual work to be exhibited this year, and the musicians performing, several highly-successful NY visual artists, Sandy Skoglund, and Jane Dickson, have agreed to participate in the Fest, giving presentations and interacting with the visitors.

Our hope is that Kickstarter can help us kick our ArtFest “up that notch” by raising the additional funds we need to take our event to the next step. All the money we raise will be used for event-related costs.

And do put the Junebug on your “must visit” list for 2011. We’d love to have you not only help make it happen with your donation, but also be able to join us for this amazing arts event!


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    A “thank you” notation on the Junebug website

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    A copy of the Junebug Program, a magnet by a Junebug artist-coordinator, and a thank you notation on the the Junebug website.

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    A small piece of original artwork or packet of cards designed by one of the members of the Junebug committee and a copy of the Junebug program in early June.

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    A children’s book by author/illustrator and Junebug program designer Kim Adlerman and a copy of the Junebug program booklet in early June.

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    $500 -$999 – A poster of a Sandy Skogland Photograph, a copy of Along the Way, a book about the history of the Arts for Transit in NYC, featuring artist Jane Dickson and a copy of the Junebug program in early June, in which you will be listed as a “major sponsor.”

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    A copy of Four Women Artists, a book featuring the work of Sandy Skogland and dinner with the artist in Metuchen Thursday, June 16, just before her presentation. You will also be identified as a “major sponsor” at the unveiling of the Junebug Sculpture at the Grand Opening of the event, as well as in the Junebug program.

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