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$5,422 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Alex Midgett
$5,422 pledged of $10,000 goal

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    1. Wolfie on

      So how are things going?

    2. Alex Midgett Creator on


      I'll probably start updating the project again in the next couple months. Been adjusting to my new job.

    3. Inquisitioner on

      Also curious to hear some news.

    4. Thomas on

      Any news ? :O

    5. Missing avatar

      William Jones on

      excited to see where this goes

    6. Alex Midgett Creator on


      It should be live in about 2 weeks I think.

    7. Thomas on

      Hi ! Do you have any idea when the website will be live ?

    8. Vagabond Sam on

      I'll be following this project further ^^

      Thanks for the candour and the descion to continue.

    9. Alex Midgett Creator on


      Still making the game, but I didn't feel the Kickstarter was getting enough exposure to fund as well as it could have. Instead I will fund it myself in my free time. More info on that in the last update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Aw Cancelled? Some personal circumstance or...
      I think you could have made it!

      Please consider restarting sometime soonish, I would really like to try out your game :)

    11. Missing avatar

      William Jones on

      I am really excited to see where this game goes.

    12. Inquisitioner on

      There actually are a lot of people of people browsing around on greenlight and it would help spread it along. Since then backers from kickstarter can help on steam and people on steam can back on kickstarter. It works both ways and dose give more exposure. However, it is true that you do have to drag people over for votes in order to get accepted, but that'll also give you steam as a platform to sell it after its done or during its building if using the early build module.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Budds on

      Greenlight doesn't give exposure. You basically have to drag people over to your Greenlight page to get accepted. It doesn't work the other way around, sadly. And the $99 fee to get on there is yet another cost to a game that doesn't quite look like it's going to make its goal unless the creator here is going to start releasing more updates to get the hype train going.

    14. Alex Midgett Creator on


      Yeah, I really want to do coop as well. Basically the game is tailored to my personal taste so it's good others can share in that.

      Greenlight might have been a good idea for the exposure aspect. If the game is good in the end I will try to release on Steam, but probably not through the Greenlight program at this point.

      Thanks for your support.

    15. Inquisitioner on

      Also, I haven't seen it suggested yet. But, submitting this game's proposal to steam greenlight (http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/about/…) would definetly give it more attention and attract more backers. It'd also give you the option to offer extra steam keys, besides the DRM free version of the game to backers, which would also in return encourage more people to pledge. If my memory dosen't fail me the free is 100$ to submit, after that once the game gets enough votes it can be launched and sold on steam as well. Its worth exploring.

    16. Inquisitioner on

      Seems like an awesome game with pretty much everything I love. Anime style, open-world, defense, etc. Really got my hopes up for its funding and wishful for the coop milestone goal, hah.

    17. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Thanks Daisuke,

      I'll probably build a website for the game soon with more art and media, like HD wallpapers and stuff for Isis and some the other characters.

    18. Daisuke on

      Almost half the way! Hope you will make it!

      btw,i want to see the Isis' big picture :D

    19. Alex Midgett Creator on


      The support is appreciated. I just checked out the game you mentioned. It looks pretty cool, and that aspect is definitely similar. I should play that one when I have time. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    20. Vagabond Sam on

      Hi alex

      Love the look and style of the game, as well as the premise.

      Kinda strikes me as an Open post apocalyptic Orcs Must DIe, but with a fair bit more complexity. Good luck in the last half and I hope you snag some space on a gaming news blog. I'm pretty sure that'd get you to your goal.

    21. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Thanks Hunter!

      There's still about 19 days left so the funding is close, but it's hard to predict what will happen. If the game gets some press I think it will fund, but otherwise I think development will be on hiatus for some time. Glad you like the designs! It took some time to come up with the right style.

    22. Missing avatar

      Hunter Hultgren on

      So I love kickstarter. I love kickstarter for just these kinds of projects. The designs are excellent and I trust wuth all these subtle, inovating ideas the game and characters will be as vivid and creative as the cash you receive allows. With only 14 days left and not reaching even a half way mark...are you guys quite certain that you'll make your original funded goals? Hope so; great potential in this game and the unique designs.

    23. Alex Midgett Creator on


      Thanks a ton for the support. If by character development you mean the skills and stuff, then basically the model will be to trade experience points from fighting for new attack moves, and to trade experience from building things to equipment bonuses. The character's look can be customized as far as the outfit/gear/hair, but I don't have plans to do a character creator like in Skyrim since its pretty complex.


      Thanks Drake. The critique is very helpful so don't worry! I feel kinda the same about the video, and I'm working on some new things to add. One thing to note though, is that the number of backers/per video views is actually pretty high already. Of course, higher would be even better so I'll definitely try to fine tune it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Drake DePrick on

      Many people don't want their goods to be shipped, so a digital artbook would be great ;)
      And I think a new version of the introduction video would be great. If you show yourself for just 2 secs in the vid let it be and show some more ingame material, maybe with off-screen info from you
      Sorry if I criticise you but I feel that the kickstarter looks not as good as the game could be. So I try to give you constructive advices

    25. Thomas on

      Hi ! I just pledged, and I was wondering if we'll be able to change the character's appearance, or even create our character at the start.
      Also, can you tell us more about other characters and the character development ?
      Good luck for the campaign :)

    26. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Hi Drake,

      I appreciate the support and suggestions! More digital rewards are coming soon! My main internet is down or I'd have posted them already.

    27. Missing avatar

      Drake DePrick on

      I feel the same way as everybody who has pledged here. It seems to be a great game as soon as it's done.
      The shown Details are ok, but why are there so few goods for pledges? Especially digital goods work really good.
      35$ for the Game, all Add-Ons and a Beta access would be a great idea. Or a possibillity to create something ingame like a NPC.
      I myself would have pledged more than 20$ for the right goods.

    28. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Hi Jeremy,
      Twenty dollars is a lot already in my opinion so I appreciate it.

      To give you an idea of the production time and budgeting. So far I have spent about 3 months working on the project full time, and thus far I've had only one direct development expense, and the rest has been simply supporting myself. On average I spend right around $500 monthly. Production time is less of a certainty but I will try to avoid delay as much as possible. I am still developing the game very actively, so I'll be adding updates during the campaign.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Budds on

      Well, the project looks interesting, I'll give you that. Given the cost of game production and how surprisingly long it can take, I'm not sure a $50 donation is in the cards. I have deemed $20 to be an acceptable risk, though. I do wish you luck, and I'll spread word to people I know.

      If I see donations skyrocket, I just might up my donation to the $50 tier, but it feels a bit risky to me at the moment.

    30. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Its a huge help Marius :)
      I'm pretty inspired by the backers thus far.

    31. Marius Dagestad on

      yo alex, backed your game with my 50$ hope it helps :-D

    32. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Thanks Patrick!
      Having Backers help promote the game is a huge help, so I can't express enough gratitude to you for that. I'm glad you like the feature set listed so far. There will likely be more that follow along the same lines, and I'm definitely saving some surprises for the game itself.

    33. Patrick Robert Stewart on

      I have always wanted a free-world game where tinkering with objects within the world and scripting was available!!! Plus, I love the addition of relative hearing for other characters where not only can they hear you, but they can provide input themselves! I really hope it gets funded! I will be trying to get more support by others I know who would be interested in the game. (PS. I love the art style!!!)

    34. Alex Midgett Creator on

      Thanks Godewijn!

      I appreciate the feedback a lot on that aspect. I will try to go into those elements a lot more on some of the updates! I wanted the pitch to initially be clear it plays like a regular game so people don't get too much impression that its educational. I know I would find it fun to do those things, and I just didn't see it happening in a mainstream title, as much as I would love them to do it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Good luck! Push push push this game, more people need to be aware of it: the thing that made me pledge was the real world tinkering with circuits and the scripting! Very nice :)