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Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem.
Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem.
1,535 backers pledged $173,898 to help bring this project to life.

AoM Update #18 - Johnny Gat Brought Some Friends!

Posted by Academy Games (Creator)
  • Welcome Lazarus and Safeword
  • Agent Vote Update

Johnny Gat Brought Some Friends

We are now including Lazarus and Safeword to the 'Johnny Gat is Back' Add-On! Because so many fans are supporting the Agent's Field Pack and World Domination pledge levels, which includes the Johnny Gat Add-On, we are able to include these two phenomenal characters!  

Lazarus, Johnny Gat, and Safeword will be packaged together as a team in their own expansion box! This large expansion will retail for $40 MSRP and will include;

  • 3 Miniatures
  • 3 Double Layer Character Boards
  • 27 Unique Gadget Cards (9 per character)
  • 54 Unique Upgrade Tiles (18 per character)
  • 9 Mayhem Cards (3 per character)

Lazarus, aka, Dynamo, aka, Fatima Daoud

Fatima Daoud, a MAYHEM scount known as Dynamo, was sent to look for city survivors after LEGION's world wide attack on Devil's Night. She was ambushed and cornered in Nano-Gen, an advanced Nanite Particle research facility. A dark matter grenade blew up next to her critically wounding her. As she lay dying on the cold floor, LEGION's mad agent Ariadne injected her with experimental nanites. The nanites rebuilt Dynamo into a merging of woman and machine, the next step along the evolutionary ladder. Presumed dead, she was renamed Lazarus when she returned to MAYHEM.

Lazarus can throw nanite clusters at her foes. These clusters stick to her targets and slowly drain the life from them over time! 

Safeword, aka Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie is an old friend of Gat and we are glad that they are reunited again!
Kinzie was a most wanted hacker that infiltrated and corrupted the Stock Exchange, CIA bank accounts, and FBI passwords by the age of 14. She was caught, but instead of being imprisoned she agreed to work for the FBI. Kinzie came to the attention of MAYHEM who immediately recruited her.  

Kinzie fires off a narrow energy wall that travels quickly in a straight line and passes through walls and cover. Enemies hit by the wall take damage and are stunned, immobilized, or blinded for a turn. She is a perfect weapon on any team of Agents!

We are working on the miniature artwork and will post these as soon as they become available! 

Agent Vote Update

 Voting ends Tuesday morning and it is still a very close race!

If you have not voted yet, please click here for details! CLICK HERE.


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    1. Jon Mercurio Knight

      This trio looks really cool and a great pairing!

    2. KickFurn

      Awesome update, I was looking forward to seeing these two in the game more than any of the Bombshells or Carnage although I would like to see them all ;)

    3. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      @Brandon Barlow - we plan on continuing to expand the series with Agents of Mayhem games and Saints Row games. The next game in the AoM series will include new Agents and LEGION bosses!
      BUT what we need to highlight more is the incredible campaign play that Pride of Babylon includes. It is like not other game and we hope will be one of the highlights for our supporters!
      :) Uwe

    4. C.C. Snyder on

      @Moshe Actually it's going to be a limited edition. We're going to do a single print run for KS, what's remaining will move through limited distribution (MSRP $40) until depleted.

    5. Moshe on

      so.. is it KS exclusive or will it retail from $40 MSRP? it can't be both :|

    6. Brandon Barlow

      On the awesome side - great news! On the less awesome news, that means we get 12 out of 15 agents now, and the other 3 .... eventually, right? Any dart-to-the-calendar guess of when that might happen?

    7. Christopher Lee Marshall on

      Joy! Now if only something more like that can happen so we can have the option of getting everyone, like an add-on for the team that loses the vote.

    8. Frank on

      For those who are interested in statistics, I have made a list of minis currently included in the "World Domination" pledge. If I have not miscalculated, there are now 64 figures (without the cardboard displays). - Nice! :)
      (I am not sure if the 125K Strecht Goal is included in the big overview, but I do not think so, because there should be at least 2 Sniper)

      3 Mayhem Agents (Fortune, Hardtack, Hollywood)
      3 Mayhem Agents (Scheherazade, Kingpin, Oni)
      3 Mayhem Agents (Johnny Gat, Safeword, Lazarus)
      3 Legion (Dr. Babylon, Gaunt, Hammersmisth)
      6+1 Hell Troopers (Core Game, 125K SG)
      3+1 Blitz Troopers (Core Game, 125K SG)
      6+1 Swarm Troopers (Core Game, 125K SG)
      1+1 Sniper Trooper (55K SG, 125K SG)
      2 Shock Troopers (35K SG, 120K SG)
      1 Golem (115K SG)
      2 Turrets (Hammersmith Bonus)
      2 Hell Turrets (75K SG, 120K SG)
      1 Glory (100K SG, Fortune)
      6 COP (Add On)
      6 Consoles (Add On)
      12 Objective Markers (Add On)
      12 Event Markers (Add On)

    9. vectordream on

      I am going to have to go all-in with this news!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Judge Weald on

      Hell yeah, glad to see those to added Safeword is my favorite agent and saints row character.

    11. Missing avatar

      tomchick on

      Aww, what great news! You guys just made my day!

    12. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      @Dustin - Opps, we cross-posted. :)

    13. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      Thanks Nick and Karthi!
      We are real fans of Lazarus and Safeword, so are really happy that we can include these in the Add-On!
      - Uwe

    14. Dustin Crenshaw on

      So awesome of you guys!

    15. Karthi Vignes on

      Wowow!! Thanks AG for making this happen!

    16. Nick on guys are awesome!