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Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem.
Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem.
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AoM Update #17 - Gadgets

Posted by Academy Games (Creator)
  • Character Gadgets
  • Unit Board Digital Video
  • Added Rule Writeups

Character Gadgets

Stand alone and campaign missions will unlock new MAYHEM AND LEGION character Gadgets. Each character has its own unique Gadget Card Deck to unlock. Players can then choose which of their unlocked Gadgets to equip their characters with at the beginning of each Mission. 

Below is a review of how Gadgets work and then an overview of Fortune's Gadgets. Each Gadget can vastly change the strategies available to a character during a mission. 



Unit Board Video

View the Unit Board video below to see how characters take Actions with their Unit Board and Gadgets. 


Added Rule Writeups

We have posted several new Rule Writeups on the campaign page. These will be included in the Rulebook above once they have been laid out in the Rulebook format. 




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    1. kontuz on

      Thanks for the explanation.

      So are the available scrap resources fixed by the mission prologue, or is it a result of the outcomes of previous missions? Can a player switch to a different team to min-max the benefits of the available resources?

    2. Gunter Eickert Collaborator on

      @kontuz and Hugo M Santos - We use scrap in place of build points when you are purchasing units to deploy for LEGION and gadgets to attach to MAYHEM Agents and LEGION Elite Units. During setup we use green, yellow, and blue cubes to represent different kinds of scrap/build points. This gives you a physical item to pay as you build your force. Scrap is only used during setup and then the same cubes are used as Action Cubes during gameplay.

      In the video game, you collect scrap by killing enemies. You then use this scrap to build new gadgets and tech. Our early prototype had players collecting scrap in the same way and then spend as we have not. Dealing with this scrap resource was just not fun in the board game. It was another piece you had to manage and didn't play a big roll during the majority of the game (only setup). So we streamlined the game and got rid of collecting scrap during game play. It is now only collected and spent during setup.

      We kept the 3 different kinds of scrap so that you can't rely on the same exact combination of Gadgets Mission to Mission. It forces players to explore and cope with different combinations of Gadgets.

    3. Alvaro on

      Really happy to see more information about how the gadgets work.

    4. Hugo M Santos on

      I share the same doubt of @kontuz! What's the difference between action cubes and scrap cubes?

    5. Kayla Eickert Collaborator on

      @Raylander - In an 8 player 4v4 game, there will be 6 Unit Boards to share on each Side.

    6. Kayla Eickert Collaborator on

      @Jim Matt - You're likely to find spelling errors on many of Gunter's unedited files. After he is sent the art from our artist in Poland, he adds text. It does not spell check because the native language for the file is then Polish. But don't worry, we get everything cleaned up and edited before we put it out for print. :)

    7. Raylander on

      4 players (stretch goals) will control 3 unit boards? Is that right?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jim Matt

      Typo found: On Fortune's Gadgets "Close Quarters" card, it should be "her", not "here."

    9. Rand Chua TL on

      Glad to see more information about the game.

    10. kontuz on

      In regards to Gadgets, are scrap cubes different from action cubes? I though I had seen something to the effect that scrap was removed from the game as a mechanic.