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Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem.
Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem.
1,535 backers pledged $173,898 to help bring this project to life.

AoM Update #14 - Hammersmith Unlocked!

Posted by Academy Games (Creator)


Hammersmith Unlocked!

Hammersmith, aka Magnus Torrison, is a lieutenant for the LEGION Ministry of Pride. He is a brilliant inventor and weapons maker that sold his designs to the highest bidders world wide. Allegiance or ideology did not matter - only his passion to create!  
Dr. Babylon kidnapped the Swedish scientist to force him to work for LEGION. But coercion was unnecessary, since Torrison was eager to join the Ministry of Pride. Now known as Hammersmith, he is devising monstrosities to unleash against MAYHEM!  

This is a full LEGION expansion that includes the Hammersmith miniature, character board, and custom Gadget cards and Upgrade tiles that can make him even more powerful! Combined with his Mayhem ability upgrades, he adds an entirely new and exciting story line to the Agents of Mayhem game! 

Franchise Force Gadgets and Upgrades Unlocked!

To help battle Hammersmith, the Franchise Force has unlocked even more Gadgets and Ability upgrades! Each character in the Franchise Force - Fortune, Hollywood, and Hardtack - will receive their own custom expansion set of three more Gadgets and 8 more Upgrades. This will give players so many more hard choices on how to spend their few resources to expand their characters. Do you give Hardtack a new weapon's upgrade or increase Fortune's attack ability?! 
Each character now has 9 Gadgets to discover and 16 different Upgrades to increase their abilities in different ways. But you can't have everything - Whatcha gonna do?  

Legion Golem Unlocked!

The Golem is formed and directly controlled by Dr Babylon. This is a terrifying creature of earth and rock that simultaneously attacks all enemies in its area of effect by hurtling giant boulders. Its strength is so great, it can tear down and destroy buildings that stand in its way. 

This stretch goal unlocked the giant 72mm miniature pictured above! 

Golum Elite Unit Expansion Unlocked!

Now the Golum is even more terrifying and powerful with its own Elite Unit Board. The LEGION players can modify and build the Golum into an even more devastating monster! Or is it an earthen power of goodness? - hmmm... that just depends on if you are on the giving or receiving side of the boulders! 

We hope you enjoy these added gaming components that are now included with your pledge. We wish you a happy and productive weekend! 

From the Apollo Games and Academy Games teams. 


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    1. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      Thanks for the kind words everyone. Yes, we do want to make this Kickstarter special, since all of the extra teams will be available to our Kickstarter supporters only. After that, their distribution will be limited and they will cost $35-40 PER set! The are included free to our pledge supporters.
      Additionally, we have a few more very cool surprises in store. :)
      We thank every one of you for your support!

    2. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      @Frank - I reffed quite a few soccer games today, so am just now seeing your message. It may have been fixed already, since I see nothing wrong. :)
      Please let me know if you still see it.
      Thanks, Uwe

    3. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      @TomChick - We will be posting an UpDate tomorrow outlining all of Fortune's Gadgets to show how a player can equip her as the story progresses. We then will also go through her upgrades early next week. :)
      We also have a few more surprises in store.
      - Uwe

    4. gerraldo

      Oh boy, I'm speechless... Nah, just kidding. ;)
      Wow, just W-O-W!!! Thank you kindly for this surprise bonus gifts! You REALLY want this to be a success. Good to be part of this... :)))

    5. James Butler on

      My word, never have I been part of a project which did this before - hope this will give the project an awesome boost it so richly deserves!

    6. Missing avatar

      Marco Herreras

      Wow!!! thanks!!!!

    7. J.O.N on

      Nice surprise, thanks!

    8. Frank on

      You are crazy, you know that, right? That'S awesome! Thanks.

      btw: On the main page below the shipping costs are some wrong Golem Elite Unit Board stretch goal images.

    9. Rand Chua TL on

      Golum Elite Unit on main page was wrongly done?

    10. Rand Chua TL on

      Golum Elite Unit is now playable player.

    11. Missing avatar

      tomchick on

      Very nice! You guys have done a great job communicating the basics of gameplay, but I'd love to see/hear/read more about what you're doing to distinguish the characters with gadgets, upgrades, and mayhem cards. Sounds like there's a lot of gameplay particulars in there and I'd love to know some specifics.

    12. Academy Games 7-time creator on

      @Jon - :) We will cover some more of the items that we unlocked tomorrow. We did this in appreciation for everyone's support!

    13. Missing avatar

      jon on

      Dude. Wait... what? THANKS!