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Gain fame, riches and a new home as the Vikings voyaging to England, or defend your Kingdom and Christendom from the pagan hordes!
Gain fame, riches and a new home as the Vikings voyaging to England, or defend your Kingdom and Christendom from the pagan hordes!
Gain fame, riches and a new home as the Vikings voyaging to England, or defend your Kingdom and Christendom from the pagan hordes!
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    1. Missing avatar

      el_segador66 4 days ago

      @Pascal Thibaut: tu veux parler de la version française à destination du Québec ?
      Car le bateau qui transportait les boîtes françaises est arrivé à Anvers... Je pense pas que le container a destination des français fasse un aller retour jusqu'en Amérique du Nord....

    2. Missing avatar

      SARTI 4 days ago

      Et ca vas etre moins cher en passant par le Quebec pour revenir en Europe ???? J ai un léger doute

    3. Missing avatar

      Pascal Thibault 5 days ago

      Attendez à de long delais pour la version FR. Problème de cout de shipping on a pas assez payer alors ca passe par le fournisseur quebecois en premier au lieu de directement a la maison. Donc plusieurs semaines de plus de delais. La réponse me vient directement de Asyncron.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Johnson 5 days ago

      Congratulations on your award. Well earned.
      Hopefully, when you bring your next game out, this will bring more people to backing you. I certainly look forward to your next offering.

    5. Andreas Johannssen 5 days ago

      APL Vanda hat am 09.03. Hamburg wieder verlassen. Die Ware ist jetzt in Deutschland.

    6. Andreas Johannssen 5 days ago

      not yet, still waiting for any News to come.

    7. The Mad Miller - Timo
      5 days ago

      Anyone received their Game in Germany?

    8. Alejandro Sanchez Ballester on March 6

      Any news on spanish version?

    9. Missing avatar

      NEVEU on February 26

      J ai pu tester en version anglaise c'est vraiment bon hâte de pouvoir y jouer avec tous les contenus débloqué et en vf avec ma boîte

    10. Missing avatar

      legendre on February 23

      @french backers: Pour les infos sur la version française, contacter directement asyncron ( soit la page FB ou leur formulaire de contact sur leur site)

    11. Corones
      on February 22

      Ca devrait arriver par bateau un jour sinon rien pour moi au Saguenay Quebec

    12. Missing avatar

      Andre Rheault
      on February 22

      Quand est-il des copies françaises pour le Canada?

    13. Corones
      on February 22

      Rame rame rame sur ton bateau,doucement dans le courant
      Gaiement, gaiement, gaiement, gaiement la vie n'est qu'un rêve charmant.

    14. Missing avatar

      legendre on February 22

      @totoLehéros: si il a inversé avec 1754/1775 il a répondu sur trictrac ... n’empêche le cosco est resté un bout de temps près de HK.

    15. TotoLeHéros on February 22

      n'ya-t'il pas eu confusion avec 1775 ?

    16. Missing avatar

      legendre on February 22

      @totoleheros: j'ai répondu sur trictrac et j'ai envoyé un MP sur le compte avec le lien trictrac.
      Answer to trictrac and send a PM to their facebook's page.

    17. Missing avatar

      legendre on February 22

      @totoleHéros: c'est suite à une réponse d'un MP d'asyncron sur leur compte facebook. donc niveau source qu'il gère pas. bref tant mieux.
      it's from a response of a PM I send them to their facebook's page.

    18. TotoLeHéros on February 22

      Source : message du compte officiel ASYNCRON sur TricTrac

    19. TotoLeHéros on February 22

      Démenti de ASYNCRON :

      ASYNCRON dit :

      Je me permet de remettre les choses en perspective.
      [...] Maintenant, je ne sais pas d'où sort cette information relayé sur un média que nous ne gérons pas.

      878 Vikings est sur le bateau, nous l'attendons pour la mi-mars.

    20. TotoLeHéros on February 21

      official update on french copies ? since 20 days we were thinking it was on cosco england....

    21. Missing avatar

      Red Eagle
      on February 21

      @legendre : any arguments from asyncron for the delay ? / Des explications d'Asyncron pour ce retard ?

    22. Missing avatar

      Red Eagle
      on February 21

      C'est une blague ?

    23. Missing avatar

      legendre on February 20

      for the backers in french from asyncron:" Bonjour,
      Les jeux 878 Vikings partirons début mars de Chine. Nous pensons pouvoir commencer les envois fin avril.". Well done...

    24. Missing avatar

      Pascal Thibault on February 19

      Still waiting for french version. Any news?
      First experience on Kickstarter... sad seriously!

    25. Missing avatar

      yabiyacob on February 17

      Why the cosco england isn't on the way and always at dock ??? Is again a joke ?

    26. Missing avatar

      legendre on February 17

      @academy: for the french backers it's the "cosco england" ship but on marine traffic, it is still near HK... Any news about the delay ?

    27. Academy Games 6-time creator on February 15

      @Cable - You can track the German shipment from our Update page:
      It will be arriving soon in Germany. At the link you can see exactly where the container ship is with updates every 15 minutes. :)
      - Uwe

    28. Academy Games 6-time creator on February 15

      @Dondon - We appreciate you having supported our project and can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, we have to rely on the foreign publishers to send us the translations and pay the printer. All of the print runs had to be printed together, to keep the cost down on these smaller non-English runs. One publisher still has not even paid one cent!
      So we paid the printer out of our pocket and allowed these publishers to pick up the product.
      That being said, MasQueOca is one of our best partners and we have NO issues with them. Your game left the port two weeks ago. You can follow the container shipments in our Update where we gave all details and Hamburg arrival dates.

      You are correct that we have made the same mistakes over and over again. We have decided to limit our non-English print runs and will from now on be very selective. We will most likely get many complaints, but we can also not take on the financial and reputation burdens that these place upon us. Unfortunately, many of the big Euro companies will not publish historical games.
      So we are in a catch 22.
      Again, thanks so much for your support, because we do value it greatly. I hope that you do consider our future games after playing 878 Vikings. I will be worth your wait. :)

    29. Dondon
      on February 15

      I must say you seem to never learn on your Kickstarters. It's the third time I have a 6 month delay (if not more) with your games and I must sadly say this would be the last game I back with you guys.

      Your games are pretty nice, but I'm really tired of companies that make the same mistakes over an over.

      Wish you good luck though on your future projects, but I really think you should be learning from your previous mistakes instead of repeating them over an over.

    30. Cable on February 14

      Hello Academy Games. May I ask where my Game is? Cheers

    31. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Tosello on February 2

      @academy: sry again: my fault: nothing to complain with your excellent service.

    32. Academy Games 6-time creator on February 2

      @Giovanni Tosello - I will have Ashley look into this on Monday. I am very sorry that you have not received your games yet. You should have received them quite a while ago!!
      Please also email us at!!
      Have a great weekend.

    33. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Tosello on February 2

      Still waiting for my english copies in italy...

    34. Missing avatar

      Yannis on January 29

      @legendre. Thanks so much! I can't wait to play the game! Cheers

    35. Missing avatar

      legendre on January 29

      @Yannis: look the news of the 24th january. It's just for the french. the ship is Cosco England.

    36. Missing avatar

      Yannis on January 27

      Hi Uwe. No news concerning the French version ? Next time I'll pledge the game in English. Cheers. Yannis

    37. Highlander on January 24

      Got this game to the table this weekend for the first time with my son this weekend. We had a great time. The game fun and engaging. He’s already asking to play again this weekend. Thanks so much for producing an excellent product.

    38. Missing avatar

      legendre on January 24

      @acamedy : oups sorry, I meant "I believed" ...

    39. Academy Games 6-time creator on January 24

      @Legendre - No, our partners have been booking the transport form the Printer in China to Europe. I will create an Update shortly. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      legendre on January 23

      @academy: delay for foreign language is ok and normal , I understand. The wrong thing for vikings' kickstarter, for the foreign language backers, it's perhaps the lack of news about this delay and the misunderstanding about the shipping ( I beleive it's you book the boat from china to germany and after dispatch the game to your partners)

    41. Academy Games 6-time creator on January 22

      @Legendre - The delayed foreign language shipments have been a challenge for us also, since we had expected quick translation turnarounds and payments from all of the foreign language partners. The last thing we wanted was this delay since it takes up a lot of our time and resources.
      Some of the language print runs are very small, so we had to print all of the games together at the same time to make the smaller print runs feasible. We could not print the quickly translated games ahead of the slowly translated games. :(
      We have implemented guidelines for our non-English language partners for future projects. If they cannot meet the timelines, we will print the games separately and charge them the extra printing costs. We did not have this stated in the Vikings' agreements. We hope this will alleviate delays in future Kickstarter campaigns.
      - Uwe

    42. Academy Games 6-time creator on January 22

      Marco, the shipping is in the hands of the various publishing partners. The games have been ready and the partner brokers are planning the shipments. This has been out of our hands. The various languages are shipping on different ships, since they are going to different countries. But I am told by the printer that all should be leaving port next week.
      I have requested the ship details and we will post their details in an update.

    43. Marco Boschini on January 22

      more than month delay..what went wrong?

    44. Marco Boschini on January 22

      "Delivery to Europe in mid-January" has become "leaving China at the end of January"...I am not really happy to learn this...

    45. Missing avatar

      Gaz Maz on January 22

      If the games are still in China and waiting for a ship to bring them to Europe, then the earliest they will be posted out to backers is probably March. Based on the English-language versions for Europe, it takes 4 weeks to travel from China to Germany plus 2 weeks to get through customs and ready to post.

    46. Missing avatar

      legendre on January 20

      @academy: that's mean the game are still in china? il thought they have been ship around the 18th december ( last news post ). Well, a bit disappointed, in KS you have said one month later after the english but it'll be 6 months. Futhermore few communication since the last english have been send. That's the worst for me, delay ok it's KS and murphy but news are ok to explain it. thinks two times to back a new academy's KS game.

    47. Academy Games 6-time creator on January 20

      All games are being shipped to the port this coming Monday or Tuesday. I will post the ship names and time schedules as soon as these are sent to us.

    48. TotoLeHéros on January 18

      thanks Uwe ;)

    49. Academy Games 6-time creator on January 17

      Non-English game samples were shipped to each publisher - France, Germany, Italy, Spain. They all approved the games. :)
      All pallets have been packed and packing slips have been sent to each languages publisher.
      The Spanish and Italian games will be shipped with the German games to Hamburg, since their quantities are small and packing them with the German games will lower their costs.
      The Spiele Schmiede in Germany and Asyncron in France brokerage houses have both contacted the Chinese printer to arrange pickups.
      I will post more information as I am sent these by the printer.
      FINALLY the games will ship soon! It is now in the hands of each publishers customes broker. :)
      I will post an update on Friday, since I will be out of the office most of the day tomorrow.

    50. TotoLeHéros on January 17

      i've mailed AG today using the contact form on their website, Ashley replied me the team will give us update soon....

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