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$128,039 pledged of $1,350,000 goal
$128,039 pledged of $1,350,000 goal

Eternals Showcase Preview

Paul and Shawn give a campaign update and preview the upcoming Eternals showcase videos.

Operation Rainfall: Why Shadow of the Eternals Matters, and Why You Should Support It

"The final, and perhaps most important, reason I urge you to support this project is this. It is beyond evident to me that Precursor Games is staffed by passionate, creative and hardworking individuals. They have established a forum just so fans can contribute their ideas to the game, and perhaps even see them utilized in the final build. They are also well organized, and ready to make a stellar and compelling game world."

Thanks to Operation Rainfall for their support and great in-depth analysis!

Check out the link!

Weekly Podcast #2 - The Music and Art of Shadow of the Eternals

This week, Phil and Aaron welcome guests Giancarlo Feltrin and Kevin Gordon to discuss the music and art of Shadow of the Eternals.

New Tiers Added!

We have added two new tiers to our Kickstarter Pledging System:

  • Pledge $150 or more and receive the Cult Votary Supporter LE - Includes four copies of Bound Supporter LE - a copy for yourself and three copies to send to your friends!
  • Pledge $300 or more and receive the Cult Hierophant Supporter LE - Includes four copies of Magickal Supporter LE - a copy for yourself and three copies to send to your friends!

Through The CryENGINE3 Looking Glass

Sean and Giancarlo do a walkthrough of the Shadow of the Eternals demo, and break down the technical aspects of CryENGINE3.

The Ae'lanoic Rosette

The Rosette illustrates the relationship of powers as the Cults see them. The sigils appear to be Ae'lanoic, though this is a supposition, rather than a conclusion. We lack the appropriate ciphers to read them, for Ae'lanoic is a very dead language: the last of the Ae'lan who spoke its words were annihilated in pogroms executed by the exalted allies of the Eternals, in the sacking of cities such as Ahghen and Xistae, scores of millennia past. I'm sure that somewhere, there are fragments of that forgotten race: scrolls and parchments, shattered urns, perhaps even a bound book, shrouded in magick to ward against the ravaging aeons, that might reveal enough of the language so that we might reach a conclusive definition of their alphabet and words, but they are lost to us at this time.

Looking at the Rosette, some of the sigils toward the middle are clearly recognizable. The magickal realms of the material, which defines our universe, the mind which directs our perception and understanding of it, and magic, which allows for its processes and alteration. Our knowledge of sorcery sees the relationship between them. These are realms of power, of which an entity, human or otherwise, might draw upon to enact their philosophy and change the world with the utterance of a word. There are such people who are defined by their understanding of these realms and draw like minded people to share in their beliefs.

Each of these follows a direct relationship to the next, inescapable and inevitable, as with all things in this universe. There are consequences to any action, and an equal and opposite reaction the inevitable result. It may not always be seen, or noticed, but it exists just the same. The others, arranged around the Rosette and within the central circle, are without direct meaning to us.

In the central ring we see words of magick: words of power for redefining reality, and performing conjuration, abjuration and alteration. What bearing do these have on the sigils they surround, are they qualifiers, controllers, regulators? Are these sigils ways of modifying magickal power beyond the mechanisms we have gleaned by our study of the Cults? Some say yes, some no. One of these sigils some hold similarities to the those we have seen in the possession of the Tribunal, maybe as a mark of their patron god. If that is the case, then what of the others? A counterpart to that force, perhaps, or other aspects of the same entity, or perhaps the philosophies posed by connection to it?

The outer ring, the feature which gave this diagram the name “Rosette”, is a nine point circle, intertwined with itself. The feature has great significance for those knowledgeable of Magick. It is circular in nature. One sigil, also unknown and of mysterious origin, leads to another, on and on, over and over. No beginning and no end, seemingly reminiscent of the relationship of the Eternals themselves. The sigils are simpler and more direct than the Eternals, so they appear to be of lesser importance. They appear to have more in common with the sigils of Magick in the central ring – sigils of control and influence, but once again, this is pure supposition. The number nine, is also of specific importance to magick, since no magickal frame may contain more than nine sigils, at least in our understanding.

It is folly to put one's faith or belief wholly into a single diagram, but is there not also an equal amount in ignoring it? There is wisdom held in this depiction and we should pay heed to its message, should we ever learn enough to decipher it.

- from an Ordinem de Non Visis report, Whateley, 1867.