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$128,039 pledged of $1,350,000 goal

Whateley's Journal - The Status of the Order and the Promise of Greatness

Status of the Order: May 29th 2013

It has been three weeks since I reached out to the world, breaking the long tradition of secrecy that has protected the Order of the Unseen, yet despite what my early forebears might have thought, it has proven to be an effective tactic.

By spreading the word of the Eternals’ roots spreading throughout society, I have drawn thousands to our aid, where before I was only one. These diligent and adventurous people have brought to light many topics and leads about the Cults, the so-called "Houses of the Eternals" as they refer to themselves, and their nefarious machinations, that my sole research had only hinted upon. Codes dating back thousands of years have been broken, strange artifacts brought to light and even uncovered the worship of strange deities that have languished dormant for aeons.

If this is just the first few weeks, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Of Magick and the Promise of Greatness, even godhood

Magick. As the astute amongst humanity may know, magic is not magick. “Magic” is illusion and falsity, parlour tricks and nothing more. Magick refers to the practical reworking of the physical universe by means of redirected energies latent to it. A wave of a hand is enough for magic, to redirect attention and make it “real”, but magick is the coupling of gestures, the speaking of words, the projection of thought and will. It is a science – an elaborate art and discipline – with very real repercussions and consequences.

To humans, there have been very few able to master it naturally. Some, as you will discover, have been blessed with the ability to see into dimensions and harness the power they witness there, with only a flourish and a chanting of geometric sounds and to do it as easily as they breathe.

A human may be taught to perform magick, even you, without knowing anything at all, or possessing any talent for it, yet the power of their magickal works will be substantially subdued and even backfire. Many an experimenter has disappeared – caught betwixt the ebb and flow of dimensions – as they unfurled magick they didn’t truly understand. Disappearing is a welcome fate, compared to many others. Suffice to say that if you wish to rely upon magick as a tool against the Eternals and their Cults, you must be diligent in your studies and preparations, for they will be many.

Greatness and godhood: these are the offerings of the Eternals to humanity, and many succumb to their seduction, for what man or woman desires neither? Show me one, and I’ll show you the cattle of Humanity, which has been victimized for centuries.

It is seductive even when it is fantasy, and irresistible when it is possible. The many great people of history owe much to the Eternals, since they were likely propped up, supported and wrestled into their positions of power by them.

The Eternals work to move humanity toward their own goals in subtle manners that allow them to remain unnoticed and secret. But to do this, they need humans to infiltrate and collect information, or deliver it, and to reward this, they provide magickal abilities and the promise of greatness, and eventually godhood.

Of the last, only the tiniest few ever receive such a thing. The more powerful an entity is, the fewer of them there are. There are three Realms populated by nine minor Eternals, after which that power becomes divided and divided amongst thousands, millions – the weeping masses of delusional humanity, their minds clouded by dreams of greatness, reinforced by the tiniest cantrips magick can provide as proof, but really being provided only dilute power. With these lures and false hopes, they are controlled.

- Whateley 333

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