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$128,039 pledged of $1,350,000 goal
$128,039 pledged of $1,350,000 goal

Shadow of the Eternals Update

2 weeks left! 

You are receiving this update because you previously pledged on our first campaign through Paypal or Kickstarter, or because you are a member of our community. We are following up because we need your support to get Shadow of the Eternals funded.

Without your help, we will not get funded. The great news is that we have reached $228,000 and about 5000 backers, the 30% mark with 2 weeks to go. However, we still have a long way to go and we need your support. 

Artistic Vision Showcased 

Indie developer Precursor Games revealed today a video montage conveying the depth and beauty of the artwork set within its upcoming action-adventure game steeped in psychological horror, Shadow of the Eternals, currently on Kickstarter. Comprised of sweeping vistas, dungeons, horrific characters, and highly detailed backgrounds, the newly released video illustrates the breadth of time and locations that the player will travel to as well as the vast landscapes and environments of each era.

Collectors Box Edition

Many people have asked what the Collector’s Edition Box will be like. We are happy to show that now. As you can see the Collector’s Edition box will include an exclusive steelbook case with a custom design.

Community Created Content

Over the past few days, Precursor Games has shown some concept work for Shadow of the Eternals. Today we would like to highlight some of the community created content (and show off the talent) that is going on in our forums right now. In this video, you will see just a sample of Elder God creation and enemy creation initiatives.

Join the Order! 

Please join the Order of the Unseen by pledging to our Kickstarter that can be found here: 

Help spread the word, check out our Kickstarter page, and together we can make this game a reality!


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    1. Sean T. Arata on August 9, 2013

      Glad you guys are doing this. Hopefully we'll pull all those who initially backed this.