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$323,950 pledged of $750,000 goal
$323,950 pledged of $750,000 goal

Campaign Update #15b A New Concept Art & Gamescon

New Concept Art

In addition to the previous update a few minutes ago, we wanted to share a new concept art. (Wasn't possible to include in the previous update due to issues with the post editor here) 

Shadow of the Eternals at the Gamescom with AMD

Shadow of the Eternals is being shown at Gamescom at the AMD booth - so if you are going to Gamescom don’t hesitate to check it out for yourself.

Larger versions will be posted in our forums and on our Facebook page


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    1. Missing avatar

      Artiom on

      No waay, you were at the amd booth? Was there yesterday and didnt know that, crap. But the again, the ign crew was supposed to be at the amd booth too and I havent seen them.
      I wonder what you guys were showing off?

    2. Lester Barrows on

      Nearly tripled my pledge... Nintendo should step in with an assist, they need games like this. :)

    3. Troy on

      Doubled my pledge, lets do this!

    4. Amiga Comfort on

      Hi backers!!
      Today the Raising Pledge Marathon begins!!
      So, every backer let's start to raise your pledges!!

    5. spottyblanket on

      WOW that is amazing!

    6. James Closs on

      "Larger versions on our Facebook page" Which still is not connected to your bio on here for some reason.

    7. CORE.Axiom on

      Nice job. Very cool concept art! :)

    8. mr.bolla on

      I will never stop saying this project deserves faaar more backers than 5500.

    9. Waldar on

      Come on will people just back this :(