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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, August 24 2013 3:59 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $750,000pledged of $750,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, August 24 2013 3:59 AM UTC +00:00


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    1. Craig John Vincent Driscoll on

      @Stephen Macneil I agree completely, but looking at Shaun Paul Johnston posing like he is Steve Jobs, he must "KNOW" what he is talking about right?! Even if it is a half thought out idea. It should be multiplatform. Starting with PC and WiiU THEN ported to Xbox360/One and PS3/PS4. Have later release dates. Real gamers use PC's anyways :))

    2. Shaun Paul Johnston on


      I completely agree other people would have moved onto other platforms, however I know the kind of loyalty gamers show towards specific platforms and the fact the original was a Nintendo game it would please most loyal fans to see what's essentially a sequel, on a Nintendo console.

      As Nintendo fans are well aware as they've been burned several times throughout the WiiU's short life already, games that are multi-platform end up being gimped on the WiiU with retarded excuses from lazy developers. I'm not saying Precursor would do this but having the game exclusive would alleviate any worries in that regard. Like I've also said it would allow the game to be optimised fully for the WiiU.

      I'll also just go back to what I said previously, the WiiU needs games we all know this and it would be nice for Precursor to make it a WiiU exclusive to honour its heritage and what I personally feel would maximise support. I could be way off but the fact this is already going to be two failed campaigns, I think I have a possible point. They've tried two campaigns as a multi-platform release, just maybe I'm right and you're actually the minority wanting it on other platforms because it makes no difference to you. It would be goo to have a survey like I mentioned an see what other gamers wanted.

    3. Stephen Macneil on

      Shaun, what makes you so certain people who owned GameCubes back in 2002 have only stuck with Nintendo systems? Almost every person I know who had a Wii, or Wii U had an Xbox 360, PC, or PS3. I think making it exclusive to Wii U because some Nintendo fans don't want other people to play is completely irrational even if true. No one but Nintendo is making games for Wii U so Wii U owners should be supporting this if they want to show third parties its a system worth developing for.

    4. brian bailey on

      the main reason i'm backing this, besides being a huge fan of the original, is that i'm hoping it pushes nintendo to re release ED. WiiU really has such potential and needs more niche games. part of me wants to believe if campaign fails Ninty will pick up the slack but doubtful.

    5. Shaun Paul Johnston on

      Bert Geens I understand your point of view, however the original game was a Nintendo exclusive and I'm pretty sure the original fans far outweigh people who want it on another platform. In fact I'm pretty confident that's exactly why the campaign is about to fail for a second time.

      The WiiU gamepad opens up far more possibilities for crazy sanity effects as well and by making it exclusive it would focus development making the best possible game on the WiiU. It's also something that WiiU owners would flock to, something unique and exclusive to the console.

      That's just my opinion of course, I'm pretty sure it's going to carry on the way it has as a potential multi-plat release if they can find enough support.

    6. Bert Geens on

      Shaun, this topic was raised before the start of the current campaign: a console exclusive release would mean you can count me, and a lot of other early backers out.

    7. Shaun Paul Johnston on

      Can I make a suggestion. Why not make the game WiiU exclusive?

      The WiiU needs the support, it would be perfect for people that played Eternal Darkness that was on only Nintendo's platform and would help add exclusivity and demand for the game.

      I really think that your losing backers because Nintendo fans don't want it elsewhere, make it exclusive and they'll back your game out of loyalty to the original fans.

      I'm pretty sure focussing on one platform would also be a lot easier development wise and allow you to focus your efforts on that system allowing it to be fully optimised.

      Either way I don't see the campaign succeeding at its current progress, a shame because I'd live to see a sequel. I'm just not convinced you guys are approaching it the right way. I don't mean kickstarter, I just mean the actual way your developing what is essentially a Nintendo sequel on multiple platforms and kind of losing some of the original games fan base.

      Can I also suggest releasing a short demo, maybe a level or two to get the players excited by what they could have. It's great seeing pictures and watching you guys play the demo level online but we've seen the same thing several times now. Your asking people to fund the game but all the things above are holding it back and asking for 750k to fund the game in light if the above is never going to happen. Its not even about Dennis and his past, I'm a 35 year old Nintendo gamer who played the original and I'm just not convinced yet myself. Purely because its not Nintendo exclusive when I feel it should be and because I think this game really would benefit from a small gameplay sample to get people excited.

      Do something crazy with an insanity effect and let the people who are maybe new to the game understand what it feels like. It's definitely a game you need to play to understand its unique approach, watching or hearing about it isn't the same.

      If you do restart the kickstarter campaign, it'd be interesting if you did a survey to see what people think, if they agree that going Nintendo exclusive would convince them to back the game and if they would like a sample/demo before commuting.

    8. Patrick R. Merritt on

      You did well this time, hope you make it through the final stretch. If not start over again. But seriously you guys don't have to only do one month. Do 3 months at least. Math says it might be a good idea: 750/274=2.73

    9. Dirk Schlobinski on

      Wow, that background looks impressive!
      Sure hope you'll meet your goal this time around. I already thought the game looked very promising in the first campaign.

    10. CORE.Axiom on

      Sounds like fun!

      Regardless of the outcome, I am proud to be a part of something cutting-edge in the gaming industry. It is only a matter of time before this method of game creation is a viable option for developers, and I will be able to say I was with the studio who pioneered it all - Precursor Games! Thank you for this opportunity. :)