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NGS is a rules-light tabletop role-playing game that will unleash the awesome power of your imagination.
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Stretch Goal #1 Achieved & NGS goes On the Air

Posted by Vincent Venturella (Venture Land Games) (Creator)

We have hit our first Stretch Goal, and that means the Samurai Steam setting is included in the final NGS book. You can find the full description below.

The thousand islands of the Shotoku Nation are a place of honor, tradition and war. The Empress and her powerful Shogun are the guardians of an ancient nobility stretching back to the Sun Goddess Herself. The world of Shotoku has given birth to great wonders of technology, marvels of steam power that advance society and produce change as fast as they belch smoke. Not all are so easily accepting of these changes. Mystics, focused on harmony with the spirits of the world above all else, have retreated to their mountain temples and drawn many of the Shogun’s Samurai to their side. They agitate to reject this change as a false idol and return to the old ways. Into this clash of ideals comes the players, balancing the wonders of technology against the wonders of nature, and hoping that where the two meet, war is not the inevitable outcome. 

NGS is On the Air! 

Also tonight, our Lead Designer Vince Venturella is going to be on the GG Internet Radio show on tonight between 6:30 and 7 PM EST. We are going to be discussing NGS, our settings, story-driven gaming, our video and anything else we can fit in. Tune in tonight!


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