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NGS is a rules-light tabletop role-playing game that will unleash the awesome power of your imagination.
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Settings Preview & A Partner Announcement

Posted by Vincent Venturella (Venture Land Games) (Creator)
Yesterday we achieved our original funding goal and we are well on our way to our first stretch goal. As a special preview, I wanted to talk about the 4 base settings of the NGS book. The NGS book will contain these 4 settings PLUS any setting from a backer at the World Builder tier. All stretch goal settings we achieve, such as Samurai Steam, will also be in the NGS book. So every time we add a setting through a World Builder or Stretch Goal, everyone benefits!

When the young emperor Tacitus reformed the ailing empire and restored it to a republic, he ensured it would endure for another 1000 years. Now the great and bountiful Roman Republic has traveled to the stars, spreading colonies to distant systems and worlds. The ever present psychic power of the Roman Oracles connects an expanding nation separated by thousands of light years. Into this period of exploration enters the Players, bold explorers, proud legionaries, powerful psychics and brilliant scientists; ready to give their all for the Glory of Rome! 

The modern age was set to be a time of peace and prosperity. When the 100 emerged, they were like golden gods. They flew above the cities and protected the people, something more than human. Like all paradise, it was quickly lost. Normal people took to the streets, inspired to fight crime. These vigilantes had no training or power, just a lack of common sense and an overabundance of passion. Governments around the world were uncomfortable with the supers, but they certainly didn’t want their people resorting en masse to vigilantism. They beseeched the 100 to aid, and the supers obliged. Those who were trying to be heroes were now criminals. The 100 themselves were no longer the idols of the people, but the puppets of powers and they responded accordingly. Some became amoral, some became outright criminals. The Players must now navigate a world of super-humans where no one is sure who is a real superhero.

The Fracturi setting is fantasy on the edge of the age of man. Rugged peasants and brave knights fight ever longer odds to cling to the last scrap of land left for humanity. In the wake of the collapse of the Last Great Empire, only petty lords and war remained in the vacuum of power. A century of conflict and war destroyed anything wonderful left by the Empire and brought man into a dark age. Now, the last island man claims for his own is raided from all directions, elves from the fae lands of the west, goblins from the wasted islands east. In this world on the edge, a true hero is needed to turn the tide, perhaps your character? 

 You can find the preview map for this setting Here 

This isn't the west you know. In the wake of the Civil War, a group of Robber Barons, led by J.P. Morgan, collected on the money they were owed by the US government in the form of the New Mexico territories. They then proceeded in setting up a nation all their own in the heart of the American west. Just as the US had enough strength to challenge this succession, a new threat emerged from the south, the Aztec empire, returned and more powerful than it had ever been, sent savage warriors fueled by blood magic across the borders of Texas. The US stopped the advance with the help of Morgan’s Territories and their powerful weapons of war. Now an uneasy 3 way peace settles, with all sides knowing war will come again to the West soon and the Players will be caught in the middle. 

Additional Add-On 

As we have achieved our funding, we are also happy to announce a new partnership with Ryan Faricelli who just concluded his own successful Kickstarter for his book On A Roll: Level Up Your RPG. In his own words: 

On A Roll: Leveling Up Your RPG is a book of theories, wisdom, tips and advice for players and game runners of all experience levels. It's an exploration of everything I've learned in my 25 years of gaming that can help you have more fun playing or running your tabletop, LARP or MUSH game. 

This book contains great guidance for story-driven games, and we are happy to be able to offer it as part of our Kickstarter. Any backer of NGS can add a copy of On A Roll onto their pledge as a $20 add-on. So if you missed Ryan’s Kickstarter, this is another chance to get this great book which is a natural companion for your NGS games. 

 You can find more information about the book and his Kickstarter here: (


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