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Alaric DeepBy Alaric Deep
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Alaric DeepBy Alaric Deep
First created
pledged of £20,000pledged of £20,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, March 8 2019 5:09 PM UTC +00:00


Dear Kickstarter Community,

I trust this message finds you well.

“ If God would ever took upon human form it would be a Black Woman ”

When I first read the above statement to my friend and business partner Bernice she couldn’t agree more being a young, goal driven and beautiful black female.

“Speak it” she voiced passionately and her attention returned back to scrolling through countless Instagram posts.

Well, we all do a lot of scrolling nowadays and I’ve been doing it too. I was truly inspired by the beauty of singers, Instagram influencers, bloggers and make up artists who all fall to the same category of celebrities and self made divas. My aesthetic mind couldn’t possibly think the same about their Outfits. I saw boredom, sameness and lack of creativity. Too familiar designs under too similar branding.

The image of our logo flashed on the screen of my mind that same night. 

Badgodiva was born.

Brand inspired by a liberated, mentally and physically fit woman. Confidently stepping on conventional wisdom and freely expressing herself. She comes in peace and yet her demeanor let’s you know that danger isn’t alien to her. Dark beauty, sex-appeal and shape that draws you in like a moth to a flame captured in our iconic adoptable logo."

It’s not about becoming a Diva. It’s realising you are One"

There are many generic fashion labels women of colour wears: Chanel ,Versace, Prettylittlething, Fashionnova etc. We’d like to make clothes and apparel with a view to women of colour and create a brand identity that communicates and relate to a broad audience:

  • Women of colour (Afro-american, Black, Hispanic) Accordingly to Catalyst prediction woman of colour will be the majority of all woman in the U.S by 2060 now consisting of over 40%
  • R&B and Hip - Hop music industry, accordingly to Nielsen Music report from 2017 Hip - Hop passed Rock to become the most popular genre in the country. 
  • Recently released and designer approved music video by Dreezy And Kash Doll "Chanel Slides" it's a perfect example of collaboration between high-end fashion brand and influential rising rap artists. Ironically, no Chanel slip-on sandals actually appear in the visuals, but there are plenty of vintage pieces by the French fashion house to fill that void. Other stylish Chanel pieces to catch throughout the video: those iconic suspenders from Spring '97, a mini skirt and cardigan set from '03, a logo choker necklace, and a baseball jersey from Spring 1991. There's also a mix of high-end fashion and affordable brands, with one outfit even consisting of a vintage Chanel puffer jacket and a Fashion Nova romper. 
  • Plus - size woman: Accordingly to Marketresearch old stigmas about Plus-Size shopping are melting away. This is bolstered by a cadre of shapely models and public figures from Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, advocacy from plus- size bloggers, and fitness trends - whose adherents have larger body shapes that do not fit into ordinary sizing.

Western civilisation being in a leadership position in many fields of our life create trends the rest of the world follows. We’d like to enter and dominate fragmented fashion industry and observe geometric growth by targeting mainly United States based clientele. Our long term goal however, is to contribute to human well being in fashion, entertainment and healthcare sectors.

Standing where we are now we're building our team, made our first sale running an online store (print on demand) and raising capital for promotional purposes. We'd like to utilise Instagram "influencer marketing" by growing our page and producing samples to be posted to collaborators. Currently being in touch with up to 20 influential Instagram users (models loves the idea and are exited about becoming a brand ambassador) with a following up to 100k lack of capital is the only obstacle.

I thank in advance all those who decided to contribute financially. I'd like to also use this opportunity and invite professionals on all levels of expertise to collaborate on creating what I believe is truly iconic brand in the making.

Please see attached copies of Badgodiva logo and some of our products.

Risks and challenges

1) Competition
2) Maintaining Customer Loyalty
3) Returns and Refund
4) Competing on price and shipping
5) Data Security

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