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Morally Casual is a show based on three friends trying to navigate their way through life while keeping each other on the right path.

"Meet Josh, Andrew, & Tessa... three roommates who are trying to navigate their way through life. They may hit a few bumps on this journey but always live life to the fullest! They love & protect each other, make no excuses & above all else live by a simple motto: "there's nothing wrong with being a a little morally casual"

Hey everyone! We are excited to finally have this project under way! Everything is set: crew, production equipment, cast, set design, script, the works! 

The biggest problem we ran into is financing the equipment to make it look great. We don't want to just make some web series that looks like it's been shot with a flip cam. We fully intend to make this project in order to present it to network studios as a TV show pilot. We have set the financial goal here on Kickstarter as $3,000 which would be our bare minimum to achieve our goal however our ideal budget is closer to $6,000. The value on our series is going to be something you don't see with many web shows right now, and that's our biggest objective- to make sure you enjoy every second!

With this goal to be reached, we can surely make a tasteful work of art. And we would love for you to be a part of it.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page and our twitter profile (@MorallyCasualPr) where we'll be keeping everyone updated on all the news to come as well as with updates from right here on Kickstarter.


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    A listed "Special Thanks" on our credits page along with a listing on our IMDB in your name.

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    A Special Thanks credit along with access to behind the scenes footage- The making of our sets, bloopers, etc. On top of that, we'll give you HD access to all of the episodes in Season 1.

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    Same rewards as $25 along with a DVD copy of the whole first season! Signed by the cast of course.

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    Same as $50 but we will name a character after you in the second season of Morally Casual!!!

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    Same as $100 along with a Morally Casual T-shirt and signed MC poster!

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    Same as $250 but we credit you as an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on the season! So that's: special thanks credit, behind the scenes footage, bloopers, HD access, Signed DVD copy, Character named after you in Season 2, MC T-shirt, MC Poster, Producer Credit.

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    Everything included in all the above packages, plus you get to join the cast and crew during the wrap party this summer! On top of the wrap party. You and a guest will have spots reserved at the Morally Casual Premiere, on which we will be thanking you in person for your contribution. Travel and lodging won't be available, unfortunately.

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    The coup de grace' weekend with the cast of Morally Casual! Not only do you get everything we offer, but we take you on a truly Morally Casual Vegas weekend. Since the three of us lived in vegas, we would love to treat you to an event filled trip. This includes the flights (inside the US), hotels(2 nights), meals, drinks, and parties for you and a friend to experience a Sin City vacation with the cast of MC!

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