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A 6 day festival produced by the 3rd year MFA Actors at NYU. Graduate actors, designers and filmmakers uncut and original. Feb28-March4
A 6 day festival produced by the 3rd year MFA Actors at NYU. Graduate actors, designers and filmmakers uncut and original. Feb28-March4
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Freeplay2012 is produced, directed, and performed by the third year Graduate Acting students at NYU's Tisch School for the Arts. Since its inception in 1987, Freeplay has given students the opportunity to evolve beyond the prepared curriculum, develop new work, and collaborate with their peers in the Tisch School and beyond. 

“Freeplay—as it suggests—is a project that gives the students the chance to play freely—choosing what to do rather than being given the play to act in, the role to inhabit, the scene to work on, the assignment to fulfill,” said Zelda Fichandler, former chair of the Graduate Acting Program. “Out of their lives, out of their imagination, out of their personal vision of the world, they choose what they want to find for themselves and for their partner, the audience. Wonderful and unexpected work comes out of this possibility.”

Tues FEB 28th to Sun MAR 4th and remember, Freeplay2012 does not charge admission! It is free for you to watch but not free for us to create. Donate now and make all these projects possible...

***for tickets, showtimes and more visit or email (the smarttix server has been down)

OPENING NIGHT PARTY Join us Tuesday February 28th at 10 30 pm for wine, beer, and all the latest 2012 news. Get more info about the festival and the fabulous class of 2012!

Bardo by Ruibo Qian and Ross Cowan (featuring Calvin Dutton, Julian Cihi, Anne Troup, Ross Cowan and Ruibo Qian, with design by Yuki Nakase and Ika Avaliani) 

Unidentified female spirit loose in the bardo. One agent down. One agent missing. 

Send help.

The Devine One-Sassy Swings Tokyo by Laurence Maslon (featuring Marinda Anderson and David Lam, with design by Kristen Kopp, Rebecca Philips, and Anshu Bhatia)

There are jazz singers and there are jazz divas--and then there's Sarah Vaughan. Join "Sassy" as she swings her legendary 1973 comeback concert in Tokyo and a poignant glimpse backstage of the heart and soul of the woman who looked for love in the eyes of her man, but found it instead in front of an audience.

Dwellers in the Marshes by Calvin Dutton (directed by Aaron Costa Ganis, featuring Calvin Dutton, Robbie Williams and Stephen O'Reilly, design by CiCi Ramirez, Ellen Moore and Brittany Vasta)

Dwellers in the Marshes is a coming of age story between two teammates Chino and Fame, who play Texas high school football. There only goal is to one day play in the NFL but now they are force to make a decision in order to maintain that goal.

Golem by Neal Bell (directed by Scott Illingworth, featuring Aaron Costa Ganis, Rachel Mewbron (NYU '11), Rafi Silver and Andrew Hovelson, with design by Laurel Haac, Amy Rubin and David Bengali) 

"If you see something, say something."

Hello, Red! by Christy Escobar (directed by Christy Escobar and Laurence Maslon, featuring Christy Escobar, with design by Kristen Kopp, Drew Florida and Ika Avaliani) 

An impressionistic exploration of Katharine Hepburn's fascinating early life: her optimistic spirit of survival, her independent voice as a pioneering actress 1930s Hollywood, and the tragedy behind her unwavering determination.

Move by Natalie Paul (featuring Natalie Paul, Robbie Williams, Sean Turner, Bryce Gill (NYU '10), and Marinda Anderson, directed by Alicia Dhyana House

This is Lorraine Hansberry, of Chicago, Illinois. She is attempting to write a play.
This is Natasha Pierre, of Brooklyn NY. She is attempting to write a play.

It's a fine line between ancestor and ghost; pain and inspiration; loss and renewal; past and present as we follow these two women on an epic, fantastical journey of the heart and mind in MOVE, an original play by 3rd year actor Natalie Paul.

Nocturne by Anne Troup (not to be confused with Adam Rapp's play of the same title, featuring Anne Troup, with design by Angela Harner and Alex Fabozzi) 

one woman and infinite possibility

Paplooey a clown show (featuring Ben Mehl, Julian Cihi and Stephen O'Reilly, with design by Amy Rubin) 

13.7 billion years ago, our universe was born. Today, Paplooey.

You're It by Genevieve Angelson (adapted from the work of Clifford Odets, featuring Genevieve Angelson and Rafi Silver, directed by Cat Miller, with design by Drew Florida, Mikaela Liakata and Erin Shultz) 

A romantic fantasia sprung from the imagined mind of Clifford Odets; featuring the best of Odets' plays and unforgettable rock songs woven together into a powerful new story of real grown up love.


"Bend" by Natalie Paul (directed by Natalie Paul and Terence Nance, DP-Matthew Bray, featuring Natalie Paul, Ohene Cornelius, Marie-Line Paul, Brittany Bellizaire) 

bend' follows a lady out on a date with a guy. 

pam grier, parents, and presto all somehow find its way into this simple, intimate journey. 

"Bright Morning" Directed by Ethan Goldwater & Annie Escobar, Featuring - Christy Escobar, Calvin Dutton, Anne Troup, and Megan Ketch, Cinematography – Annie Escobar & Ethan Goldwater, Editing – Ethan Goldwater, Art Direction – Jean-Baptiste Sankara, Sound Design – Kaitlin Prest, Composer / Sound Engineer – Salmak Khaledi, Cello – Jacob Cohen 

In order to reveal a secret, Sophie has to learn how to face herself amidst a fractured relationship and her recent diagnosis of depression.

"The Rapture of 1863" created by Andrew Hovelson and Stanton Nash, written by Stanton Nash (directed by Dave Quay, DP-Rafi Silver, featuring Andrew Hovelson, Jonas Goslow, and members of company "K" 67th NY Volunteers with original score by Santino Fontana and Stanton Nash) 

In 1863, President Lincoln called for the first ever civilian draft.

That same year, a small church in Pennsylvania predicted the end of days.

Sgt. Alpheus McComb finds himself caught up in both events after waking up to find his entire town has disappeared.

"Short Films by David Lam" by David Lam

Longing to work at American Attire, a hip and classic clothing store, Phoebe Hart has submitted sweaters for the last 8 years to their annual sweater contest.  This year, she just might win!  But met with a devastating discovery, Phoebe must now deal with the deterioration of her artful and fantastical world and ultimately, the loss of her innocence. 

Explored through a Sinead O'Connor song, London Bridgette (a drag queen) finds the courage to face abandonment and the necessary split from her parents.  A tribute to all Youtube sensations out there that lip-sync and fume over the World Wide Web, making their voices heard.

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