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Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters just got home from tour, and just finished recording their new record! Help them master it!

Hey guys, this is Damon Moon.  My band, the Whispering Drifters, and I just returned home from our 5th US tour.  It was almost 9 weeks long, and took us across a huge part of the country.  After we got home, we moved everything we own into a log cabin, close to the city of Tiger, in the mountains of North GA.  We spent a little over two weeks there, recording our new record.

First...  Wow.  What an experience!  The whole idea of being able to take an extended period of time out of your life, to spend in an isolated environment out in the wilderness to record a record, is something that I think every musician dreams about (I know I have for many years)...  For independent bands on a smaller scale though, it's something far easier to dream about, than to actually do.  The whole idea is a huge part of why I got serious about music, and we all feel extremely gratified and thankful to have been able to do this.  The result of the two weeks we spent at this cabin, is a record that we're incredibly proud of.  It's 12 tracks, and we think it's the best material we've ever written.  The whole record has a certain urgency to it that we don't want to lose in waiting around to put it out.

This is our 2nd full length record, and our 5th release all in all.  After 4 releases, and 5 US tours, all on our own, we feel like it's time to take things to the next level.  We want to release our new record properly, with a label's support.  The biggest problem we see is that we don't want to sit on this record for a long time before you hear it.  We did that with our first record, and it completely lost any sense of urgency it had, by the time it got to you.  We regret that, and we want to learn from the past, and do things right this time.  We don't have a label to put out the record currently, and even if we signed something tomorrow, the record could still take months to get out properly.  So, what we want to do, is release the record digitally, as quickly as possible...

This is where you can help!  We're currently mixing the record, and that process should be finished in a few weeks.  Once it's mixed, it has to be mastered before we can really get it out to you, even digitally.  Mastering can get to be pretty expensive, especially for 5 guys who just spent 9 weeks in a van, and a few more weeks at a cabin, with no paychecks coming in for a solid 3 months.  Let me say, it's really hard to ask our fans, who have already shown us so much love and support for the past 3 years, for help.  We wouldn't be doing this though, if we didn't truly believe in everything we're doing, and if we didn't sincerely believe that you're going to love this record.

Basically, the more you can pledge towards our goal, the more we can offer you in return.  We spent some time and really tried to come up with some fun, creative, and generous rewards for you.  We want to make this as personal as possible though, for everyone involved.  If you can think of something that you don't see, please get in touch with us, as we'd love to give you what you want.  Anything will help.  A pledge of even $5 will get you a digital copy of the record as soon as we get the masters back (that's before the digital release, which will be months before the physical release!)...

Also, if you don't think you'd be able to pledge money towards this goal, you can still help us immensely just by spreading the word about this project.  Effectively getting the word out about your art is one of the toughest things about being an independent artist these days, and it would be impossible without the support of great fans, like yourself.

In closing, I want to sincerely say thank you for taking the time to check out our project, watch our video, and for reading this.  We're all extremely excited about getting this record out to you, and I, personally, have never been more proud of anything.  Thanks again guys!



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    We love postcards! We've been collecting them on tour for quite some time. Pledge $1, and we'll write you a personal thank you message on a random post card, and mail it to your door!

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    Pledge $5, and we'll mail you a post card, and you'll receive a download link for a digital copy of our new record as soon as we get the masters back! This will get you the record as soon as possible! Before the digital release, and months before the physical release!

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    Get all of the above, plus copies of our first record (Meridian Road) and The Holy Noise EP!

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    Pledge $20 and get everything from above, plus whatever DMATWD tank top or t-shirt you like!

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    Pledge $30, and get all the good stuff from the smaller pledges, plus a disc full of DMATWD b-sides, demos, and live recordings that will probably never see the light of day! Also, you'll receive a physical copy of our new record IF/WHEN it's released!

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    Wow! Pledge $50, and you get it all, plus, you get to pick any DMATWD song (old or new, or even a cover we've done in the past), and I'll make you a personalized video, performing the song by myself, and send it to you digitally, and on disc with the rest of your rewards.

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    Jeez! Thank you for even considering this option! You'll get everything from before, plus a physical copy of EVERYTHING we've ever released, as well as a physical copy of ANYTHING we ever release. We'll also come cook you dinner on tour (we'll buy the food), give you a private show, etc. Whatever you want!

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