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A documentary about Shekhinah Clinic, which offers free healthcare and meals to the mentally ill and handicapped of Tamale, Ghana.

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Meet Dr. David Abdulai.

 Dr. David Abdulai was born in Tamale, Ghana as one of 11 children, all of whom eventually died from curable diseases related to malnutrition. As an adolescent, he hitchhiked to southern Ghana to work on a farm and finish senior high school. Through the aid of scholarships, Dr. Abdulai was able to put himself through medical school. After studying and practicing medicine in the United Kingdom and Austria, Dr. Abdulai returned to his hometown of Tamale with his wife, Doris, to start Shekhinah Clinic, a free clinic for anyone who cannot afford medical care. Together, David and Doris Abdulai, along with a team of volunteers, provide healthcare and daily meals to over 200 of the city's destitute.

The Abdulais take a loving, holistic approach to medical care. Dr. Abdulai strongly believes that love and friendship are equally as important as medicine and surgery in the process of healing. He is not afraid to literally and figuratively embrace the social outcasts of his community: the mentally ill, handicapped, and lepers who are often marginalized. 

Doris Abdulai runs the food program at Shekhinah Clinic, and with a team of volunteers she delivers over 200 meals per day. The clinic owns one truck that hauls the meal deliveries over rough dirt roads each day.

The documentary will show Dr. Abdulai on his rounds at the clinic as well as show Doris and the volunteers on the meal delivery route to show how their incredible joy, humility, and dedication are changing lives.

Meet the Team

Katrina Moore (director) is a graduate student in the Food Studies program at New York University. After getting a BA in theatre and an AA in culinary arts, she is excited to bring her love of storytelling and food together in this project. Katrina travelled to Ghana last summer to study global food security and the cocoa supply chain, which is her main squeeze in the Food Studies program. The documentary will act as her Master's thesis. Katrina lives and works in Brooklyn.

Charlie Ainslie (videographer) is a commercial photographer and videographer from Seattle, Washington. Her passion for photography, specifically photojournalism, developed on a photography/volunteer trip to Cambodia after graduating from the University of San Francisco. From then on she decided to devote her career to photography with an emphasis in working with non-profits. Charlie went back to school at the Art Institute of Seattle, and received a degree in Commercial Photography. Since graduating she has taken her photography around the United States, South East Asia, and Africa. The overall mission of her work is to inspire social change. In addition to photography and travel, Charlie also enjoys theatre, yoga, and has a minor obsession with pugs.

How we're using the funds

I know $10,000 seems like a lot, but it's a shoestring budget for a film project. The funds we receive from this campaign will toward:

  • Two round-trip plane tickets to Tamale, Ghana
  • Equipment rentals for the three-week shooting period
  • Translator services for the three-week shooting period
  • Travel, food, and accommodations within Ghana
  • Travel visas and immunizations

Thanks for your contribution! We need YOU to make this project happen!

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Acknowledgements and Attributions

Thanks to all of you who are making this project possible! Most of the images in the video were shot by the director, Katrina, but it was also made possible with content permitted by:

Music from Free Music Archive:

"Kopeika" by et_ from the album Agency of Missing HeartsCC BY-NC-SA 3.0

and "Paulemond a Ye Nsinga Ndinga" by Njembe Gwet Paulemond.

Images by Shekhinah-Hilfe e.V., from the Shekhinah Clinic website.

A big thank you to Catherine Luu for the use of her video and photo of Dr. Abdulai and Shekhinah Clinic!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Any project requiring travel involves some element of risk. From food poisoning to missed flights and dropped luggage, we're experienced travelers that have seen it all. We have both travelled to the African continent: Katrina to Ghana, Charlie to Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa, and we are prepared for the difficulties we might encounter.

Another challenge is the hesitation of many Ghanaians to be filmed by foreigners. We have permission to film the Abdulais, the volunteers, and the clinic, but we may encounter difficulties when filming in the city of Tamale, in areas such as the bustling market or while on the food delivery route. We don't yet know if we will encounter hesitation from citizens of Tamale, so we plan to prepare for this challenge by going on the food route without equipment first, to introduce ourselves and speak with each potential subject about the project.

Overall, we are confident that we will be able to problem-solve any difficulties that come our way.


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