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Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Stay tuned as we make this game an amazing reality!
Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Stay tuned as we make this game an amazing reality!
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Update 24: Item Room Unlocks in the Virtual Cabin on Friday, Dev Updates, and more...

Posted by Randy Greenback - Gun Media (Creator)

Project Update

Hi Everyone,

It's another hot Summer day, and we got a quick update for all of you campers out there sweating it out.

On the development front, the team at Illfonic has been hard at work on the game (as always). We've hit some snags as of late, animations are taking longer than anticipated, acquiring solid Part 6 Jason reference images and props became an ordeal, and we're having problems with UE4 media framework video render to texture features (even workarounds don't work). Development has it's ups and downs, frustrating moments, but balancing breakthroughs and fun team playtests ensure that the morale isn't being affected by the issues being hit.

Now take a gander at the latest updates below.

Last Week:

  • Design – Refined the Higgins Haven Map and populated it with all gameplay objects, updated in-game map to be consistent with changes, testing map scale/size and how that affects player speed and power cool downs for Jason.
  • Engineering – Built out hiding spot system and hooked up Outhouse and Armoire hiding spots assets for design to place in levels, Implemented small items (Firecracker, Flare, First Aid Spray (self), pocket knife), began working on final lobby system, got small items spawning out of cabinets, tightened up door interactions, fixed bugs. 
  • Art - Virtual Cabin Counselor Room, finished display cases for VC Item Room, resumed work on VC Foliage room, provided feedback for in production characters, created loading screens, created inventory icons for small items, created blockout meshes for flare gun, med spray, CB Radio 
  • Animation – Continued getting kill animations in, added rough pass cinematic cameras to kills, recorded new kills for sound team to use as reference, added hiding spot kills for Outhouse and Armoire, cleaned up additional counselor interaction animations (cabinets, doors), rigged Flirty Girl

This Week:

  • Design – Create Tutorial document defining onboarding for new players, update controls and streamline interactions, work with engineering on updating fear system, tune range of interactables, more Higgin's Haven map placement tweaks and balancing
  • Engineering – update fear system backend and add new fear effects, work on item spawner system, work with Animation to update interaction system backend to get more responsive cabinet searching anims, create first pass of in-game dynamic music system, modify backend lobby system and start work on new prematch lobby, get preview mesh cameras working in editor for designers to see item orientation when placing items that will use a spawner, begin building framework for XP and scoring system, hook up bear trap animations and make them able to stun players, and fix plenty of bugs. 
  • Art - Iterate on loading screens, work on first pass of end of match scoreboard, create new Fear VFX, create new Jason morph dissolve VFX, finish work on textures and begin set dressing, create final mesh and textures for CB radio, create TPS-800AX computer for Virtual Cabin item room and the game, give feedback to external artists on 3D characters in production, complete set dressing for Item Room for Virtual Cabin, polish up concept art for new counselor characters unlocked through Slasher Backer
  • Animation – Use new interaction system hookups from Engineering to polish counselor interaction animations, get one hiding spot kill in for each Jason weapon type, work on basic facial expressions for facial animation system, continue cleaning up animations for kills

Virtual Cabin Updates!!!

As some of you enlightened campers know, the Counselor Room unlocked over a week ago and the good news is, we will open up the Item Room this Friday (8/12)!

It's time to meet the fresh meat in person!
It's time to meet the fresh meat in person!


So the last update was pretty exciting as it let players start to get up close and personal with the victi... Err, I mean Counselors.

Meet your camp counselors!!! More to come...
Meet your camp counselors!!! More to come...

The next update unlocks the Item Room and soon you'll see that it's packed full of surprises and objects from the Friday the 13th movies... 

Check out all the props!
Check out all the props!

The Virtual Cabin came about after the Kickstarter as a way to let all of the Backers and Friday the 13th fans following the game come behind the scenes. We really want to bring all of you along for the ride, and do so in an interactive way. 

You can get a taste of what's to come in the full-game, listen to audio dev blogs, hear music from the soundtrack, and explore the mysteries of Camp Crystal Lake from within the cabin. $15 gets you access on Steam and you'll get regular updates as it expands. Pick it up for some amazing Friday the 13th fan service!!

New Counselor Concept Art

With the Counselor room unlocked in the Cabin, we wanted to bring you some unseen counselor concepts in preparation for some new 3D models to start hitting the Virtual Cabin.

Happy, flirty and fun...
Happy, flirty and fun...

A veritable bundle of energy, the flirty girl is good at sneaking around, with a high Stealth stat, and is light enough to run for a long time with good Stamina. She tends to freak out more easily and in general has less in the way of Composure. She's a pretty versatile character, but isn't well-suited for repairing tasks like fixing cars or getting power turned back on in cabins.

We have more concepts and 3D counselor model reveals coming soon and perhaps a couple of surprises as well! We like surprises and we're sure you will too!

Twitch Stream Updates

Join us on Twitch this Friday!
Join us on Twitch this Friday!

We've been on an Alien Isolation kick for the past few weeks, join us again Friday night at 8pm EST/5pm PST as we go back to be tore apart by the Xenomorph.

Here is the link to the stream for safe keeping -

Take a moment to follow us on Twitch now, that way you can get a notification whenever we go live. You really really should. For reals...



We'll return soon with another big update soon... Spread the word on the Friday the 13th: The Game Virtual Cabin interactive experiment and the new rooms unlocking!

Keep up with more regular updates by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, watch our last update on Periscope, and of course joining the Friday the 13th: The Game forums!

Stay safe and watch your back!

- Gun Media & Illfonic

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    1. Gabe Solo on

      Hey guys, if I wanted to get the PC version of the game instead, is this even possible? What's a better way to play it? PC or PS4?

    2. Missing avatar

      Blake Lambert on

      Great job on everything so far guys! Can't wait to see more Jason designs! Does the item room open at a specific time today? I just checked it and it was still locked up (6:37 PM PST). Keep up the great work!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Riley Cominetti on

      From what I've heard UE4 media framework is a pain in the ass to work with.

    4. Missing avatar

      Damon Didcott on

      Despite the frustrating snags on some fronts, that's an impressive amount of development work over last week and this one. Thanks to everyone involved for your time and hard work on the game.

      Looking forward to checking out the Cabin update soon!

    5. Nicholas Brown on

      Nice new info guys! I'm really excited for when this game's released!

    6. Powell Custom Drums on

      oh man can i Flirt with the Flirty Girl? huh huh? (drooling)