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Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Now we need your help to make this game an amazing reality!
Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Stay tuned as we make this game an amazing reality!
Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Stay tuned as we make this game an amazing reality!
12,218 backers pledged $823,704 to help bring this project to life.

Update #15: We're Funded! Stretch Goals Unlocking! Counselor Concepts! New Reward Tier and MORE!!


Project Update

Wow! WE'RE FUNDED! Jason has been unleashed!!

The last few days certainly have been incredible! We hit our goal, smashed a mirror, and now we just CRUSHED HEADS at 750k! We're moving fast now and knocking down stretch goals! We're now over 11,100 strong and less than 25k away from Ripping Hearts Out!

Keep it up! Share, Tweet, Yell and Scream! We're in the final hours of the project, every new backer counts! 

Counselor Concept

We're giving everyone a sneak peak at a new counselor class concept. The Girl Next Door!

So so 80's!
So so 80's!

New Reward Tier (Name A Cabin)

The Team has agreed, and we are adding a fun new reward tier that will let you put your moniker on the cabins used in the game! We're going to have cabins and small buildings sprinkled all over the map, and in Summer Camp tradition they will all need names! Just think, you could be playing the game and players everywhere will be saying your name as they work together to take down Jason. Think along the lines of, we have to head over to search the "Volkman Bunks", I saw Jason entering "Hobbs House", or run and hide in "Keltner Cabin". 

How will people know the name you ask? They'll be on signage on each cabin and marked on the map for reference. We're even going to let you submit a picture of yourself or a family pic to use in your named cabin. (Pictures must be appropriately themed for inclusion and the name of the cabin must not contain any inappropriate language)

The new Tier will be added tonight at 6:45pm EST/3:45pm PST. Be ready as there won't be many!

Stretch Goal Update

We're well on our way to feeding the machete! We've already blown past two killer stretch goals and we can do more. It's speeding up, people are seeing what is being done and hopping on board. All of you out there that backed, thank you so much! Keep sharing the project, tweeting and re-tweeting, and talking about what what is going on.

We're moving on to Rip Your Heart Out!!
We're moving on to Rip Your Heart Out!!

Physical & Digital Add-On Reminder

We're proud to announce that we'll be producing Physical Soundtrack CD's and Artbooks for the game! We're also going to allow for add-ons for the digital soundtrack as well as extra downloadble keys.

Now, this is the part that needs everyone's attention and care. These add-ons can become a little confusing since they need to be accounted for manually by you! All Add-ons are available for anyone pledging at the $15 Tier or above.

Add-On Instructions: To add any add-on or multiple add-ons to your pledge, follow these steps:

1) Press the 'Manage Your Pledge' Button: You'll find this button above. If you haven't pledged yet the button will read "Back This Project".

2) Keep your chosen pledge selected and then increase your pledge in the "Pledge Amount" Box by totaling up your chosen Tier + the additional amount of each of your add-ons + any shipping and handling that needs to be included for every add-on you want.

3) After the Kickstarter Campaign ends, a few days later a survey will be sent to you and you'll be able to choose the add-ons you wanted and how you'd like the add-on money assigned.


If you have already created a second (or third) account on Kickstarter and selected different Reward Tiers on them, please keep those instead of doing add-ons. If you want to select more add-ons though, use your original account and follow the above steps.

The Add-Ons!

  • Physical Friday the 13th: The Game Soundtrack CD - $18 (+$4 s/h for U.S. or $9 for International - Est. Delivery Date Oct 2016) 
  • Physical Friday the 13th: The Game Art Book [Hardcover] - $49 (+$9 s/h for U.S. or $19.75 for International - Est. Delivery Date Oct 2016) 
  • Digital Friday the 13th: The Game Download Key - $30 (Select from either Steam, PS4 or Xbox One per extra key after the campaign ends - Est. Delivery Date Oct 2016) 
  • Digital Friday the 13th: The Game Soundtrack Download Key - $10 (Est. Delivery Date Oct 2016) 
  • Digital Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees Skin - $6 (Est. Delivery Date Oct 2016) 
  • Digital Counselor Clothing Pack DLC Code - $9 (Est. Delivery Date Oct 2016)

Twitch Schedule

We hope you enjoyed the P.T. stream today with Ronnie & Wes!

I (Randy) started a retro gaming streaming spree on Wednesday, and I'll be on tonight streaming Clocktower on PS1. Tomorrow, Friday the 13th I'll be on streaming Friday the 13th on the NES. You can tune in at 7pm EST/4PM PST each day to catch the retro fun. 

Game schedule below...

  • Tonight we will be playing Clock Tower on PS1 (for reals this time!)  - 7pm EST/4pm PST
  • Tomorrow (Friday) we'll end with another round of Friday the 13th on NES (Final Day for KS and an actual FRIDAY THE 13TH!)

Here is the link to the stream -

Why not just follow us on Twitch now so you can get a notification whenever we go live! You really really should...


Tomorrow is Friday the 13th here in the U.S. and in other countries it already is (in Finland for instance!). Celebrate with us and ensure you keep an eye on our twitter and facebook pages as well as the campaign page. We have some more great stuff coming for you!

Jason stalks the campgrounds one again! Keep pressing forward! Rally everyone you can! 

Thank you all! 

-Gun Media

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    1. Bill the Raven on

      Randy got back to my questions about the exclusivity of the $6 Jason and $9 Councilors add-on DLCs. I'll share this here in case anyone else had the same question. :)

      Randy's Note:
      "Yes, they are indeed both the same as the $65 tier. The Jason skin does indeed come with the unique weapon and they are KS exclusives."

      Thanks Randy! :)

    2. Randy Greenback - Gun Media Creator

      @Frank Thames: That's pretty hilarious actually!

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Thames

      Please tell me that someone is going to name their cabin "the stabbin' cabin"!

    4. Sean Michael on

      The counselor looks like Kelly from "Saved By The Bell" I love it �

    5. A. Payne & N. Taylor on

      I'm so happy to see this funded but I'd love even more if single player mode and Tommy Jarvis became available. Is it possible for these to happen in the future? I'd do paid DLC to see it happen.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason O. Polich on

      I have always wanted this game to exist, so when I saw the Kickstarter campaign, I had to help fund. I can't express my excitement enough. Can't wait to play!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pierce Elliot-Looker on

      Well done on smashing the fund goal guys! Looking forward to seeing more updates in future :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel LaGant on

      Love Friday the 13th, PLEASE make this game worth it buddies. I've never done a kickstarter before so that should tell you how excited I am for this. MAKE IT GREAT. :) and long live Jason!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Bartlett on

      May everyone have a HORRIFIC Friday the 13th �

    10. Tim Suetens on

      Make the stretch goal kills paid DLC, please. It's be a crying shame not to get them, and I'd happily shell out some $$$ for more ways to kill those pesky counselors!

    11. Bill the Raven on

      In other words are these two add-ons the same as what is included in the $65 tier?

    12. Bill the Raven on

      Does the Tom Savini Jason character ($6) add on include the unique weapon? Is this add on and the councilor DLC both Kickstarter exclusive?

    13. Missing avatar

      Cory Hobbs on

      Hobbs House sounds awesome...just saying lol

    14. Aaron Price on

      SOMEBODY has to wears some Keds in this game is all I'm sayin'.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Perrone on

      I hope you make this a single player also because not everyone can be logged in online,servers crash and sometimes people are not cool in online game play.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Seiwell on

      Also, I agree with an earlier commenter. Is there a chance that other kills will be released as DLC? What about the other content? All of this stuff does sound really great and it would be a shame not to get to ever use it after seeing it dangling in front of our faces. I know I'd pay money for every last bit of it (except the Twitch capability).

    17. Ben Morse on

      Wow i am really happy they revealed the rest of the stretch goals! awesome and we have some more being added cool! :)

    18. John Mace on

      @ William Ameigh: It's not a new concept. The game is embracing horror clichés.

    19. Koochi on

      I'd love to have that girl next door ^^ who's with me! :P

    20. William Ameigh on

      How is the girl next door a new concept? Isn't she a staple in every horror movie? Like the Jock, the nerd, the edgy guy and the slut. These should be default characters

    21. Missing avatar

      Damon Didcott on

      Coming soon - the 'Pinching Your Face' Kill ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Adam Seiwell on

      Will there be a way to switch from third person to first person? Personally, if I'm Jason, I don't want people being able to see behind them without turning around via the camera. I've tried messaging this question to you guys two days ago, but have received no response.

    23. Missing avatar

      JoseyWales on

      Awesome! She reminds me of Kelly Kapowski!
      She won't be Saved by the Bell this time HAHA!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Matt Sohn on

      Is there a chance if we don't get all the kills unlocked they'll be a dlc later on ?

    25. David Lewis on

      I was just about to ask if the counsellors would be dressed in contemporary fashions, or in the eighties style. Thanks for pre-emptively answering my question!

    26. Phillip Wicker on

      Wish I had some G's to throw down for the "Name a Cabin" reward... :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Waldron Jones on

      Ki ki ki ki, ma ma ma ma