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Update #16

New Efforts


Because of you, the Oceanis has now sold out from the website and I want to thank you again for your help in getting this started. The Oceanis would never been produced without your help.

I want to keep Anstead Watches going. The plan is to continue to grow and expand the line and I have many designs ready to be made. For my next step I was faced with a choice: reorder more Oceanis watches, or create a new design. I decided to create a new watch for women – it’s called the Astria, and it’s inspired by independent, strong women. Part of that decision was to seek out new manufacturing and I’ve identified a top quality Swiss watchmaker to make it a reality.

Believe it or not, even after a good campaign with the Oceanis, I don’t have the money to create this next design. Making the watch in Switzerland means great quality, but it also means more cost.

This time, I’m launching the campaign on IndieGoGo and you can see it here: I learned a lot the first time around and hope to do everything better.

Even if you are not interested in supporting this project financially, I hope you can check it out and consider passing on the link to friends and posting the link on social media.

I don’t want Anstead Watches to end just yet. I’d like this to be the second watch in many more to come!

Thanks again for your original support! 

Tom Anstead

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Update #15

The Kickstarter Experience


The last five months have been quite an experience. A lot has happened since this project went live. Most importantly, all the watches have shipped! I made mistakes along the way, learned a lot, received the support of a lot of great people, and finally delivered on the product I set out to make. None of it would have been possible without all of you! So, thank you all so much. Your ongoing support, kinds words of encouragement and understanding (even with delays) made me feel this has all been worth it.

Here are some of the things I learned along the way:

1. The people on Kickstarter are amazing! To support a project that doesn’t exist takes a leap of faith, and a lot of trust. The people who supported me don’t know me – they only knew I had a plan without the money to do it. So they supported it without really knowing if it could be done. I depended on a lot of great people who were willing to stick with me.

2. The manufacturing process was more difficult than I expected. I thought I had the right vendor. But as it turned out, there were delays, and a lack of communication. Luckily, the watches turned out great. Thanks to everyone’s understanding on the delays, it all worked out.

3. Shipping is hard…and expensive. I didn’t take into account the full cost of shipping. Nor did I understand how much time and effort it would take to set up a business account with a major shipping company. But now it’s going and that’s part of the learning curve of getting things started.

4. I have a great graphic artist/web designer. I think the site is going to look amazing. I also I have a great web programmer. She has made the site work as intended. Both are wonderful communicators and easy to work with.

5. There was no need in creating Kickstarter rewards besides the watch – I had to change that in a hurry once I launched the project. I think a future KS project will be a little smoother.

6. I listen to all feedback and complaints. In the end, all I can do is make the best product I can and reduce mistakes as much as possible.

7. People will lend their support and their help when they can. They are also understanding when things don’t go as planned. I have more faith in my customers than ever.

Complaints are always interesting to deal with. For example, one person recently told me he didn’t like the thickness of the leather band, but on the same day, another said he loved the thick leather. We all have our tastes. As for design, I wanted to create something that had familiar elements, but explored different combinations of features, bezel design, and color combinations. When a person complains about why I would offer a leather band that also has a dive bezel I understand the concern. After all, a “dive watch” should have a band that can go in the water. But I figured a band was so easy to swap out, I wanted to provide a more expensive option that provided a different look. There are, after all, hundreds of dive watches (and bands) on the market. Nonetheless, I have learned a lot, I listened to every point of feedback, and promise you that I’ll continue to make the best watches I can.

The bezel is tight on this watch. It’s something I didn’t notice right away but I’ve heard it from a few people. The prototype was easier to turn and I thought the production watches would be the same. I used silicone watch oil to see if that would give it a smoother feel. (Pure Silicone Oil cs 50). It worked pretty well. It hasn’t made it “easy” to turn, but it definitely made an improvement.

Now that I’ve gone through this experience I will be more prepared for the next watch I make. Only part of making a watch is the watch after all. Things like the website design, boxes, manuals, shipping, etc. will all go smoother. I plan on more designs. For the next watch, I am going to use a Swiss manufacturer. I feel I need to move on to a company that can deliver the quality I’m looking for in the time I expect.

There will not be another run of the Oceanis in the near future. I want to try to make it again in 2015.

I currently do not have the money to create the next watch I’m hoping to make, so I’ll do another Kickstarter project. I’ll do it better! I can’t wait!

Kind Regards,


Update #14



As many of you now know, the watches have started shipping. I’ve been extremely busy with shipping, but I wanted to pause and give you an update on the progress and let you know a little more about the shipping process.

As of now, I’ve sent out about 80 shipments. The rest of the shipments will be going out each day for the next week. There have been some growing pains with UPS, as many of you saw with some international shipments not having a commercial invoice. This may happen again in the next few days but do not worry, it is called to my attention and fixed by the UPS rep quickly. The process is supposed to be paperless so it’s a matter of UPS setting it up properly to work each time going forward.

Now that shipping has started, I’m getting more emails, comments, and special requests than ever. That’s one reason why shipments aren’t going out at a faster rate. Each request causes me to stop the shipping process and respond. Also certain international shipments take much longer than domestic shipments.

I’m giving this brief explanation not to discourage anyone from writing or commenting, but just to know why it continues to take some time. I don’t want to bore you with the details of how long it takes to get a watch ready for shipment, and the checks that are made, but it does take a good bit of time and I’m getting them out as fast as I can. Requests that involve things like change of address should be sent to me right away.

I want to discourage anyone asking if his or her watch can ship next. I’m working through the lists and at this point I see no reason anyone should skip to the head of the line. That just slows things down. They will all ship in the next week. When your watch ships, you will get an email notification.

For international shipments, I will list the price of $250 for all watches.

I know you’re all anxious a this point. I’m so excited to be getting your watches to you. Look for your email notifications in the next week!



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Update #13


1 comment

Good news! I finally got the word from the factory that the watches are complete! I’ve made a second payment and they will be sending me the watches. If they arrive this week, I plan on preparing the shipments to send to you the following week. This has been a long process and it looks like it’s all about to happen. I will post pictures of groups of watches when they arrive.

I plan for the next update to tell say the watches have shipped to you. If any of you have a last “change of address” you would like to send, please do it this week.

I will have everything else ready so the minute I receive the watches, I’ll be ready to pack and ship them. I’ve included an image of a small pile of silicone straps as I prep everything to go out the door!


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Update #12

Images of Production Watches


I was hoping to have an arrival date for the watches, but I think at this point even the manufacturer doesn't want to give a ship date. They have, however, sent pictures of the watches that are in in final testing. It's so great to see them in this phase. You'll see from these images that they look close to completion and it appears that final timing tests are being performed. I believe they will be on their way soon and I'm really looking forward to it!

I will keep you informed the best I can. Thanks again for your incredible patience and understanding in this processes.


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    An OCEANIS watch! You’ll see that the OCEANIS rivals automatics that sell for $800.

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