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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 25 2014
Game Atelier USA, LLCBy Game Atelier USA, LLC
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Game Atelier USA, LLCBy Game Atelier USA, LLC
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pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 25 2014

Introducing Monster Boy

Posted by Game Atelier USA, LLC (Creator)

Hi beautiful backers,

We've got a very important news regarding our Flying Hamster II project. Many things have changed or evolved since we canceled our Kickstarter campaign and decided to make it happen through our collaboration with FDG Entertainment. So let's recap it with some shiny bullet point lists:


  • The game has a new name: Monster Boy
  • Monster Boy will be an all-new adventure and as we closely work together with Ryuichi Nishizawa (creator of the original Monster World) it can be considered as an official part of the series. Since the trademark is owned by SEGA we had to pick a different name
  • No more hamsters but a new hero with a story matching with the Monster World universe 


  • Tons of new hand-drawn graphics and an improved art style
  • Two new transformations replacing the bear and the hamster
  • While the game still has a huge open-world, some of the environments have changed for fitting more with the Monster World universe


  • As a Flying Hamster II backer you'll still get your free copy of Monster World when it will be released (please refer to KS Update #12 for more information)
  • Michiru Yamane is still supporting this project and currently works on several amazing tracks
  • The gameplay remains exactly like what we initially planned
  • Our hard-working team, more dedicated to this project than ever!

So we're thrilled to announce that this beautiful project is no more just a Monster World clone but a real new official part of the series. Once again thanks to both our publisher FDG Entertainment and Mr. Nishizawa who pushed this project in the most incredible good direction.

And of course: thank YOU for believing in our team and contributed to make this game happen.


Fabien and the MONSTER BOY Team

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    1. David Asselin on

      Any news on this?

    2. Thousandone (1001) on

      Am happy to see this update, but wanted to see more about the art, gameplay, and etc.

      Looking from these few pictures, it does show things have been downgrade quite a lot.

      The art is not that attractive and not cute in a sense. love to see Monster Boy going Flying Hamster's style & art, because it is good and thats what been attracting me. XD

    3. Missing avatar

      Roxanne Rocha on

      I am looking forward to it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Well, congratulations!!
      Personally I really liked the Hamster, so I am sad he's gone tbh :p
      But looking forward to the rest :)

    5. Teppic on

      Great news! The game looks great. I think the switch to monster world works in the games favor. It was already a monster world clone to begin with. It was what made me back the game in the first place.

    6. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Hamster no Hamster, still looks awesome.

      Everyone should chill on the subtitle until we know more about the game.

      Lastly I still am stoked about the free copy, but I hope it's offered on more than Steam as I'm sure I'm not the only backer who doesn't use it, and while nice makes that offer null and void to those of us who prefer DRM-free options.

      Looking forward to seeing progress and finally come out to play.

    7. Santos on

      I will admit, I am disappointed. I was looking forward to another Flying Hamster game. Games where we get to play as a critter are too few and far between these days. :/

    8. Diorm on

      No! I was really expecting a cute hamster game with a coop mode to play with my girlfriend... I'm sorry but I'm really sad about this news. :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Tony Martin on

      Sounds great. But I agree, that "Wizard of Booze" subtitle sounds lame and not in keeping with the series. Just call it "Monster Boy".

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lipschultz on

      I, like many others in these comments, will greatly miss the hamster aesthetic. But most of all... I'm just really baffled by the "Wizard of Booze" thing. I mean, we have Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Monster World IV... Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze? It's the kind of name you'd expect from indie shovelware, and somewhat cheapens what could otherwise be a widely appealing property. I'd strongly suggest changing the name to something a little classier, as "Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze" just seems like a bad choice to me (especially as a non-drinker!).

    11. CosmosJester on

      As much as i was looking his this as a hamster game, a new msonter boy is a huge news

    12. cactuslick on

      I miss the hamster though. :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Hamtaro08 on

      I am a bit disappointed about this development. No more hamster :(

    14. ArchGeek on

      So stoke to read this update. Awesome news, keep us posted!!!

    15. Petran Markou on

      Congrats for the new development!
      Just one question: will the contributors (12 $ and above) of the cancelled project also receive a free copy of the game or only those who did the step with Tweeter as described in Update #12?

    16. Thom Snow on

      Is the goal to get the Wizard to sober up and get his life together?

    17. Missing avatar

      Shawn Driscoll on

      In regards to update 12: so does everyone get a free copy who backed the project? Or did we have to share it?

    18. Esper on

      " as we closely work together with Ryuichi Nishizawa (creator of the original Monster World) it can be considered as an official part of the series"

      I freaked out A LOT with this O_O

      Still, I will miss the Flying Hamster, it was really cute and charming. I hope that he appears as a cameo or some kind of transformation...

    19. giga-ganon on

      Thank you so much for this update! I can't wait to play this game, monster world was amazing and i'm sure that monster boy will too! I'm a bit sad about the cute hamster, but still having michiru yamane for the soundtrack is great news!

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lee on

      Hmm, that's fine and all, but I going to miss the charm of the original designs. Oh well... Please tell me you'll at least keep all the glorious game mechanic ideas intact! That was the main selling point for me!

    21. Missing avatar

      Konner Kercher on

      It looks good, but I still feel strongly that I would of liked it so much more if it was the still Newton in his cute, funny world!

    22. Seth Brown on

      This is lame. I love Monster Boy and all, but I would much rather have Flying Hamster 2.

    23. madGamer on

      You could put the hamster a boss :P

    24. madGamer on

      Great News! Good luck! :)

    25. Nick Evans on

      So this is essentially a new Wonder Boy game? Best news ever!

    26. David Asselin on

      Great to hear news about this! I forgot about it for a while, even though it's one of the games I'm most looking forward to in the future.

      Also, is Sega fine with you guys saying that it's part of the Monster World series?

      Finally, is this going to see a 2015 release?

    27. Jon Olsén on

      It sounds great. Keep up the good work =)

    28. O. House on

      I do still kinda wish there was something of the hamster in there. He was cute, what can I say?

      Also that dapper tie wearing dragon was what drew me in in the first place, so I hope that's not gone now.

    29. Jaryd Weiss on

      I mean... okay. As long as the systems you showed in the original kickstarter video are still in tact. The idea of using a ice sword to freeze water, and the transformations, and such. All of these ideas you had were going to be amazing. So I hope the concept remains the same!

    30. Pat1986 on

      wow! i'm so excited!

    31. janju on

      Thats amazing and exactly the game i want!!!

    32. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      I will be a little rude : that looks f**king awesome :D I'm just a little sad for the poor hamster that won't even make it to the new game but well, I'm still eager to see more about it :)

    33. Chris on

      Congrats. :)
      But why didn't you include the YouTube-video?…

    34. Dreamprism Press on

      Amazing news! Looks fantastic!