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GPS suck indoors? No cell service? Find friends instantly at concerts, movie theaters and more with the world’s dumbest app. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 22, 2014.

GPS suck indoors? No cell service? Find friends instantly at concerts, movie theaters and more with the world’s dumbest app.

About this project

Goal has been reached! Get the App Now! Instant Gratification!

In a world full of smart apps LookFor is by far the world’s dumbest app…but it actually works (and surprisingly well).

What is LookFor? 

LookFor is a quick and easy friend finder. And quite honestly, it’s simple. Dumb simple. 

LookFor Colors
LookFor Colors

Here’s how it works:

Let’s imagine you are looking for your friend in a large crowd:

  • Tell your friend to LookFor a color. For example “Hey John, LookFor Blue.”
  • Open the app, choose the color you wish and the screen will blink that color.
  • Hold your phone over your head and be astounded at how fast your friend finds you. 

As previously stated…It’s the world’s dumbest app...but it works. In addition, LookFor is the world’s only friend finder app that does not require GPS, data connection or any other type of wireless signal!

Works Great For Finding Friends…

  • In movie theaters (Before the movie…don’t be a jerk)
  • At concerts
  • In a crowded airport
  • In bars
  • In restaurants 
  • In stadiums
  • At large festivals
  • On the street (12 out of 12 taxis successfully hailed with Yellow so far!) 
  • While camping 
  • Here, there and anywhere! 

LookFor Today

LookFor is currently a fully functional app, with a Patent Pending design, that is ready for use in it’s current beta state. A copy of this working app is included with each pledge! I will be relying on your feedback for the final release version of the application and will be collecting feature requests. Your support won’t only benefit me, but all future users of LookFor.

LookFor in the Future

LookFor was coded using the limited knowledge I've gathered through self exploration and tools like and While LookFor is great in it's current form, it can be even greater with the help of a professional developer. 

The future of LookFor includes location based push notifications, iBeacons and a slew of other great technologies that I honestly do not have the chops to build myself. Your contribution will allow the release version of LookFor to get the features it will need to become the world's best friend finder.

LookFor Outlook
LookFor Outlook

LookFor Requirements

The current LookFor beta is a downloadable webapp. This means that most modern smartphones will be able to run the app!!  

LookFor has been tested and verified to work on:

  • iOS 5 and newer 
  • Android Gingerbread and newer

While not as throughly tested as the above systems, LookFor should also run on Window’s phone and Blackberry 10 and newer.

LookFor takes up roughly 3mb of space on your device. Tight on space? Try deleting Flappy Bird. 

About the Maker

LookFor is the first app made by Logan Riley of Retroproof, a technical consulting company in San Francisco, CA. While this is Logan's first time  coding an app himself, this guy is no stranger to presenting solutions that help people love technology. After working at Apple for 5 years, he understands how to deliver solutions in a way that is both beautiful and functional and is excited to share his first public app with the world.

When are you Getting Your Stuff?

Once the goal has been reached, a link to download the beta will be emailed to all backers immediately.  Physical perks will be shipped out by May 15th, after gathering the color selections. Please be sure to specify the color you want!

Forget Sexy, Let’s Bring Dumb Back

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the app that’s just dumb enough to work. It is my hope that you will join this journey and give me the feedback I need to take LookFor to the next level!

Risks and challenges

LookFor, in it’s current beta state is ready to go with no major risks foreseeable aside from the normal bug fixes and tweaks.

However, the biggest challenge with the production version of the app will be in the search for the right developer for this project. Finding a developer who truly understands the need for simplicity and user experience is always hard to find. To tackle this, I will only be reaching out to developers who have demonstrated, both to me and the backers of this app, the level of simplicity and perfection needed for this project to truly succeed.

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  • Yes and No.

    YES: In order to initially view and download the application an internet connection is needed.

    NO: LookFor has been designed to download onto your smartphone after it is saved to your phone’s home screen. Once added to your home screen LookFor will work offline, just like a normal app from the App Store!

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  • As stated in the video, “Because you’ve spent more on worse.” :)

    But quite honestly, I do believe with the right development LookFor will be the best way to locate individuals in large crowds. Ever.

    Your dollar is the best way of ensuring that a developer is, at least slightly, enticed to offer their assistance!

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  • The human eye is great at spotting items that “don’t belong”. When a color that contrasts the surrounding environment is within view, your eye is immediately drawn to it. Even when the contrasting color is very small (think of a broken pixel on your phone or computer screen). By adding a blinking element you are giving two different differentiators to the item, increasing the chance of being noticed significantly.

    Though without any actual sciencey statistics…I’d take this explanation with a grain of salt.

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  • One word: Coachella.

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  • Honestly, you’d be surprised. So far there have been hundreds of students and developers who have even expressed interest in helping build the release version of LookFor for free or through a partnership with Retroproof.

    While the money being raised is amazing, the true reason for this Kickstarter was to gain awareness of LookFor in hopes that the right developer would stumble upon it and answer it's call...and maybe for a price that isn’t astronomical. Perhaps because they believe in the power of simplicity and absurdity as much as I do.

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  • Surprisingly, yes. Yes it is. :)

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    DIGITAL AND ANALOG VERSION: Get the digital full featured Kickstarter beta version of LookFor for your mobile phone AND and a special "analog" LookFor color card of your choice. Fits in your wallet!

    (Colors Available: Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Red)

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    (Colors Available: Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Red)

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