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A rabbi brings North African and Arabic sounds to world music and Jewish prayer.
A rabbi brings North African and Arabic sounds to world music and Jewish prayer.
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the MAQAM project


Hey Epichorus enthusiasts!

I was reminded this morning by a friend, that part of the meaning in our name is the Epicureans - hedonists of sorts.  In the best sense, I think they were sensualists - appreciating the gifts to the senses as they come throughout our days - sounds, bites, tastes.  I hope you are all bathing in glorious hedonism today - in the best sense.

We wanted to keep you posted on our newest project -  It is a weekly video blog, combining poetry, music, wisdom and video.  There is a new video weekly, so keep coming back for more, or sign up, here.  In the Syrian Judaic tradition - every week's wisdom is associated with a musical mode, which we call Maqam.

Lastly, we don't keep an email list.  If you want to follow us, please do so via Facebook.

Much love.


ps - Our music making is coming along most wonderfully; we hope to head back to the studio for a new record, sometime well into the coming new year.

New Release - Live at Merkin Hall

Dear friends and supporters of the Epichorus,

We are thrilled to be releasing a new live disc, from our recent show at Merkin Hall -

In just a few short months, the band is residing well in its own unique sound, and expanding its capacities to enchant at the contemplative place and to enthrall upon the stage. We are grateful to have arrived here, and are looking onwards to much more. Please take a listen, and then take another moment to pass the link on to friends and contacts who might also become friends and supporters of the Epichorus. At this time, we are in need of connections to those who can help us in these early stages of what is going to be an incredible band.

Thanks for all of your support.


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Those Who Have Ears, Let Them Hear

Hi Friends,

One Bead is making its way into the world.  We have released digitally on Bandcamp, Itunes, and Spotify, and we will celebrate a release of the physical CD in the first months of the coming new year.

We were recently featured on the Huffington Post.  The article is really excellent, and worth a read -

Please continue to share our music with your friends who would get what we are doing.

(If any funders from $25 and onward did not yet receive a CD, it is because you never sent us your address.  Send via kickstarter or email: - and you will get a CD shortly.)

May there be peace.


Here it is!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that One Bead, by the Epichorus, will be available for exclusive Kickstarter digital download - tonight!

Look out for an email, with a download code, redeemable at

The album will be released digitally in the next month, with a full release to follow in January, with some shows.  (The physical cds will be shipped to you much before then; if you haven't sent us your address yet, please respond to the survey we sent you previously).  

Please help spread the word about the Epichorus and One Bead; for future information, follow us on facebook.

And let us know what you think of the record! Thanks for making it.


Thumb Piano in a Piano

Hi Friends!

One Bead is coming along wonderfully!  In the last weeks, we have been in and out of the studio overdubbing, editing, and tinkering with this and that.  Most recently, we stuck a thumb piano inside of a piano, and when the sustain pedal is held down, the piano transforms into a giant set of sympathetic strings which ring at the frequencies played by the thumb piano.  It is a paradox for the ears - something so grand, lush, and big coming from something so timid and small.  

We are mixing next week - and will post some music then, so that you can get a peak at the album.  Physical and digital copies should be ready by the end of August.  Surveys are coming soon; please respond, so that we can get you your rewards.

Thanks again!  Can't wait for you to hear it.


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